Npower Biometric Capture – Steps and Procedures

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Npower Biometric Capture – Steps and Procedures 

The Npower is a federal government empowerment scheme that is for all Nigerian youths. As of now, we ate in the Npower Batch C programme.

This is the third batch of the Npower programme since the beginning of the programme in 2016. The Npower Batch C has successfully moved from one stage to another.

As of now, this government programme happens to be in one of its last stages. A lot of people registered for this programme back in July 2020.

Nevertheless, not all these people have been able to move from the first stage up to this stage. The present stage of the Npower programme is the verification stage.

As of now, some people are going through this verification process while some do not know how to go through it.

For this reason, we bring to your knowledge the information that is in this post. This information will help one go through this verification process with ease.

During this verification stage, there will be a Biometric capturing. The Npower Biometric Capture is the problem many people are having.

They do not know how to possibly go through this process as they usually face hindrances while going through it.

The Npower Biometric Capture is very simple and with the information, you will come across in this post, you will go through it with ease.

You will also be among those that will successfully go through this Npower Biometric Capture with ease.

Read down to see more about this Npower verification process as there are lots of information regarding it in this post.

Npower Biometric Capture

Npower Biometric Capture

Npower Batch C Verification

The Npower being a federal government programme has certain stages that one has to possibly go through.

Many people usually do not make it through all the stages of the programme due to various hindrances they face.

Also, some of them do not see their names on the Npower Shortlist or do not pass the Npower test to move to the next stage.

As of now, the Npower programme is in another stage. This present stage of the Npower programme is one of the last stages.

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The stage is called the Npower verification stage. Many people are presently going through this stage as of now.

They intend to successfully qualify for the government youths empowerment programme. To go through this stage, you will go through certain processes.

One of these processes is the Npower Biometric Capture. It is at this point that many find the verification difficult.

Some are wishing for an easier means that they can use to possibly cross over this stage. As we move on, we will know how to cross this stage with ease.

Npower Verification Portal

Over the time of the Npower programme, many do not still know the Npower portal that they can use for the Npower verification.

This is very important as one will have to successfully go through this portal before going through the verification process.

A lot of people who cannot presently access this portal have the issue of not being able to identify the correct Npower portal.

There is only one portal that one can use to go through the Npower verification process. This portal is very much active as of now.

Once you get to know this portal, you will be able to possibly go through this Npower process with ease. Many people have been tricked into using the wrong portals for their verification process.

When this happens, they end up thinking that they have successfully gone through their Npower Verification process.

They also get to think that their Npower Biometric Capture is successful. With this act, many people have been duped of the money they are to use for their Npower Verification process.

The Npower Verification process is the same portal as the Npower test portal. This portal is

Any portal outside this is wrong. Be wise and do not let anyone dupe you for your money because of your ignorance.

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Steps and Procedures for the Npower Biometric Capture

One of the stages that one has to go through during the Npower programme is the Npower Biometric Capture.

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This process is very important as it is meant to prove that you are actually the one registering for the Npower programme.

It will help to verify your bank details, credentials and other information you have input into the Npower portal during the previous stages.

Many people usually find this stage difficult due to the fact that their information in the portal is not correct.

The steps to go through the Npower Biometric Capture Successfully are not much as one can easily go through them with ease.

All one has to do is to use the steps below to successfully go through this process.

  1. Visit the Npower portal at
  2. Click on NASIMS verification
  3. Download and install the required Npower biometrics software on your device
  4. After installation, click on Launch to start the programme
  5. When the software opens, enter your NASIMS ID and password to log in to your dashboard.
  6. Connect your biometrics device to your computer
  7. Follow the instructions you will see and complete your Npower Biometrics Capture.

Npower Verification Biometrics Capture Failed

Many people are presently experiencing various problems from the Npower verification process. These problems are caused by certain factors.

Unless these problems are successfully verified, you will not be able to completely go through this verification process.

If you are among those facing this problem, you can easily go through this process with ease. All you have to do is to follow the information you will see here.

We will try to highlight the cause of certain problems that one can possibly face during the Npower Biometrics Capture.

From this information, you will check back to see why you are faulty and try to take care of the problem.

The Npower Verification Biometrics capture can fail due to the following reasons;

  1. Incorrect information is given in the portal
  2. Wet fingerprints can also cause biometrics capture failure.
  3. Dark face and the biometrics capture is to be in a bright environment
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If you are facing any of these problems, move on to verify it and complete your Npower Biometrics Capture.

Npower Biometrics Capture with Mobile Phones

Many people do not want to go to the cyber café to possibly complete the Npower Biometrics Capture. They want to go through this process with their mobile devices.

With the information they will come across here, they will be able to go through this Npower verification process with their mobile devices.

It is important for all to note that there is no how one will be able to go through the Npower verification process with the mobile Phones.

This cannot be done with android phones, IOS devices or even window devices. One can only possibly go through this process with the computer system.

The Biometrics programme you will download and install is not an app but software and software only open on computer systems.

If you do not have a computer system, move to a cyber café to complete the Npower Biometrics Capture.

The reason why you are reading this post is that you want to successfully go through your Npower Biometrics Capture successfully.

I hope you find the above information useful. We have taken out time to highlight certain important factors of the Npower Biometrics Capture.

Share this information with other Npower applicants going through this verification process. We will love to have your feedback regarding this post as there is a comment box below.



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