Nin Status Check – Check NIN STatus for All Networks

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Nin Status Check

The National Identification Number is a number that all citizens of Nigeria must have as a means of national identification.

All citizens of Nigeria who do not have this number will not have access to certain places where those who have this number will have access to it.

To have the National Identification Number, one will have to go through certain processes. These processes are not much as one can easily go through it.

As of ending of 2020, the federal government gave an announcement regarding the NIN registration. The announcement was regarding the linking of this identification number to one’s communication line.

This announcement is very much applicable in all networks as every person in Nigeria who has a SIM with any of the communication networks will have to process the linking.

To link your NIN to your SIM, you will have to submit your NIN to your line and from there, they will commence the NIN linking to your SIM.

The NIN registration process requires one to go to any NIMC accredited centre to commence the NIN registration.

Once you complete this NIN registration process, you can go on to link it to your communication network so as to not get your line blocked by the government.

Another important piece of information regarding the National identification number is the NIN Status Check. This is very important and not many people do know about it.

Many usually wish to check if they have successfully linked their National Identification Number to their line but do not know how to.

This message will bring to your notice the NIN Status Check for Glo, MTN, Airtel and as well as 9mobile. Once you get to see this message, you will know how to commence your NIN Status Check.

To know more about this NIN Status Check, read down as more information regarding it is below. Do not miss any detail of this post as they are very important regarding the NIN Status Check.

Nin Status Check

Nin Status Check

NIN Status Check for MTN Users

This section of this post is very important for all users of the MTN network. It will enable them to know how to check if the linking of their NIN is successful.

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The MTN network being one of the largest telecommunication companies in Nigeria has so many customers.

During this NIN linking process, sometimes the NIN linking usually stay very long before one can possibly do it.

When this occurs, some people usually wonder if their NIN has successfully been linked. This is the essence of the information in this section of this post.

Some people have been wishing to come across this sort of information but have not been able to do so. This section of this post will help them to easily do so.

To check your NIN status using the MTN network is a very simple process for anyone to carry out. All you have to know regarding it is the requirements as well as the guidelines involved.

These requirements include; you must be using an MTN line and also you must have already submitted your NIN for linking.

Once you have done these processes, you can move on to complete the NIN Status Check for your MTN line with the guidelines for doing so.

To check your NIN status using the MTN network, use the steps below;

  1. Dial the USSD *785#
  2. Choose 1 which indicates check NIN status
  3. You will receive a message that will say that your NIN submission is successful if you successfully linked it.
  4. If you did not, the message will be the otherwise.

NIN Status Check for GLO Users

This section of this post is very important for all those using the Glo network. It will give them the necessary information regarding their NIN which they do not know about.

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Glo is one of the largest and most used telecommunication networks in Nigeria. It is most common in the western part of Nigeria because of its good network there.

The Glo network is known as the grandmasters of data due to their extremely large data bundles they offer to their users.

Some people have submitted their national identification number to their Glo lines but do not know if the linking is successful.

Through the information they will see in this section of this post, they will know how to successfully commence the checking of their NIN status with the Glo network.

Once they have knowledge about it, they will be able to successfully go through the NIN Status Check process without wasting time.

The processes for the Glo NIN Status Check are below;

  1. Dial *109#
  2. Choose the NIN status Check
  3. You will receive a message that will show you if the NIN linking is successful or not.

NIN Status Check for Airtel Users

There are various telecommunication networks in Nigeria and the Airtel communication network happens to be one of them.

This network company in Nigeria is used by many people in gained the hearts of many Nigerians back in 20217 due to the introduction of its free Facebook.

Over the years, other communication networks in Nigeria have tried to copy this particular service that Airtel provides to its customers.

These people have submitted their National identification number to the Airtel network. They still receive the NIN linking message and want to know if the NIN submission was successful.

This section of this post will help people of this sort as it will open their eyes on how to commence their NIN Status Check.

To commence this process, one does not require much. One must only be an Airtel user and also must have submitted his or her NIN.

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Once the person has these requirements, he or she will now follow the Airtel NIN Status Check process. This process will help in checking if the NIN submission process is successful.

The Airtel NIN Status Check Processes are below;

  1. Dial *121#
  2. Click on check NIN Status
  3. If the NIN submission is successful, you will see it in a message. If it is not successful, you will also see it through a message you will receive.

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NIN Status Check for 9Mobile Users

This is another of the five communication networks in Nigeria. 9mobile does not have many users as other networks.

Its users definitely enjoy a good network and data service which even some of the other communication networks cannot offer.

Gradually, the users of this mobile network are increasing. These users have submitted their NIN and wish to check if the submission is successful.

The steps below will help 9mobile users to complete their NIN Status Check;

  1. Dial *200*8#
  2. Choose NIN Status Check
  3. You will receive a message which will show if the NIN submission is successful or not.

Share this information regarding the NIN Status Check with others. Drop all comments regarding this information in the comment box below.



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