Nigerian Army Recruitment 2021 Form 81rri Application Portal

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Nigerian Army Recruitment 2021 Form 81rri Portal 

Once again, the Nigerian army is set to recruit another batch of candidates who are willing to join the Army force.

The Army is one of the departments of the Nigerian Armed Forces. It is charged with the responsibility of protecting the lives and properties of Nigerian citizens from external attacks.

Nigerian Army Recruitment 2021 Form

Nigerian Army Recruitment 2021 Form

Basically, the army is doing its duty effectively as they serve not only the government of Nigeria but also the citizens of Nigeria.

Nevertheless, every year the Nigerian Army offers other citizens a chance to get recruited and be a member of the Armed forces of Nigeria.

This year is no exception as this is going to be the Nigerian Army 81 recruitment intake. And as always, the portal and all strategies for the recruitment to be successful has been put in place.

The Nigerian army recruitment this year will be an exceptionally spectacular one as different facilities to aid the easy recruitment process from the registration to the final stage of the recruitment are already in place.

Also, its portal has been designed in such a way that people will not be stressed out as before while going through the recruitment process.

After the online registration of persons who are willing to join the Nigerian Army, a shortlist will be out. When the shortlist is out, the examination will be taken before finally recruiting.

Many will think that the number of people who will partake in this recruitment will not be much but to everyone’s surprise, the outcome of a person’s queuing up for this recruitment is always outrageous.

The Nigerian Army Recruitment 81rri portal for the 2021 recruitment was opened on Monday the 15th of February 2021.

This looks as if the Federal government was waiting for all to finish celebrating the Valentine period with their loved ones before they stress them out with the recruitment.

This post will guide you on how to have a safe recruitment process as we will give you details on the portal and other necessary information you need to know.

Read carefully and we guarantee you the becoming of a new Army recruit.

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What to Know About Nigerian Army Recruitment 2021 Form

The Nigerian government has released a new recruitment form for qualified interested persons to fill and get recruited.

This form happens to be no other than the Nigerian Army Recruitment 2021 form. This form is an online form.

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It can be found in the Nigerian Army’s recruitment portal and the processes of filling it are also there.

This recruitment does not require much. It is unlike other recruitments that usually ask for any personal details. Not much information regarding you will be needed but you need to fill them correctly the one being requested.

This form as already stated will not be given to you in any office or gotten from any other place to be filled. It will be filled directly from the portal of the Nigerian Army which is meant for this recruitment.

Do not let anyone deceive you into buying any form to do the registration process except it is from the cyber café that will later fill it online for you.

Now that this recruitment is out and the registration is ongoing, many will seek various means to fraud people to make money for themselves during this period.

This recruitment form can be filled personally. All you need to do is to log in to the Nigerian Army recruitment portal that will be given to you in this post.

If you can’t fill the form by yourself, then it is advisable to go to the nearest cyber café to you and do it.

Note that this form is entirely free if you are doing it on your own but if you are doing it from a cyber café be sure that you will have to incur extra charges as the café will definitely charge you.

Requirements for Filling the 81rri Nigerian Army Recruitment 2021 Form

The NA form was release also with the Nigerian Airforce recruitment form

Filling the Nigerian Army Recruitment 2021 Form is not just done anyhow. There is certain information that will be necessary for you to input while filling the form.

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This information is mostly known as personal documents. The essence of this document is to access you and know your capability to ascertain which department of the Nigerian Army you will perfectly fit into.

Also, these documents will help the Nigerian Army to know if it is really you that is filling the form.

Some of these documents include;

  • Birth Certificate
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Original University Certificate
  • A passport photograph of yourself
  • Your original NYSC discharge certificate
  • If you did not participate in the NYSC programme then you will need to put in your NYSC exemption certificate.
  • A valid email address. The purpose of this email is to contact you and also send information regarding the recruitment to you.

Once you have succeeded in inputting these information/documents concerning yourself alongside other information that will be required of you then you are sure of getting recruited into the Nigerian Army.

How to Apply for the Nigerian Army Recruitment 2021 Form 81rri Portal

The application for the Nigerian Army Recruitment 2021 Form 81rri Portal is not a difficult task. although, many people do not know how to go about it.

nevertheless, you do not need to worry about that as this section of this post will guard you through it. just follow the steps you will be given and you are sure to have a successful recruitment process.

Below are the steps you will have to follow to complete the registration;

1 Log in to the Nigerian Army recruitment portal at

2 Fill in your required details

3 Check properly to ensure that you have not made any mistake or omitted any information

4 Click on submit and your registration is over.

5 You can also print out the required information needed to be printed out from there.

Nigerian Army Recruitment 2021 Form 81rri Portal

The Nigerian Army Recruitment 2021 Form 81rri Portal is now open for qualified and interested candidates to now register and gets recruited into various departments of the Nigerian Army.

The portal met its opening on Monday the 15th of February 2021. Since then, it has been active and interested people can now apply to get recruited.

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Many usually think that because it is the army and their duty is one of the toughest if not the toughest among all the other members of the armed forces.

Nevertheless, many brave men and women have taken it upon themselves to join the Army and serve their great country from external aggression.

The turnout of people since the opening of this portal has been greatly unpredictable as many have already registered through the recruitment portal.

This portal is very easy to access as many other people have already accessed it and have completed their registration.

The official portal for this recruitment process is Any other portal you will see for this recruitment exercise is fake.

Be wise and don’t get defrauded so as not to incur extra expenses when there is no need for such.

This post main purpose is to guide you through the Nigerian Army Recruitment 2021 Form 81rri Portal.

Now, you can successfully do the registration and complete it with the assurance that you will pass each stage of the recruitment process.

Many are willing to get this sort of information, help them by sharing it with them. You can also guide them here to get the details of this recruitment by themselves.

All comments and questions in correspondence to the above information should be put in the comment box below. 



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