NAFDAC Salary Scale and Structure 2021

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NAFDAC Salary Scale and Structure 2021

NAFDAC is the abbreviation for the National Agency for Food and Drugs Administration and Control.

This agency is a governmental agency which is to supervise the importing exporting and also the manufacturing and distribution of food and drugs.

Every food and drug in Nigeria has the NAFDAC registration number. To get this number, your goods must be inspected by this governmental agency.

Any food or drug that does not have the NAFDAC registration number is referred to as contraband goods.

If anybody is caught in possession of goods of this sort, he or she will have to face the consequences of possessing such goods.

The NAFDAC registration number can be seen on substances as both sachet and table water, can foods, all types of drugs, and many more.

If you happen to buy any product and the product does not have the NAFDAC registration number, do not make use of such a product.

This number not appearing on that product means that it is not licensed to be used but has probably been smuggled into the country.

The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control has several duties which they perform.

These duties help to protect the citizens of Nigeria from having contact with fake products. During this post, we will get to see the functions of this governmental body.

Also, we will see the main reasons for its establishment and the NAFDAC Salary Scale presently.

In this governmental body, there are various workers and these workers are in various hierarchies.

The NAFDAC Salary Scale is mainly on the status of the workers. New workers earn lower than other experienced staff.

This is the order until they also upgrade to the next level in the organization. In the NAFDAC Salary Scale, there are also allowances that each staff earns.

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Read down to know more about this governmental body and its salary scale and structure as they are all in this post.

NAFDAC Salary Scale and Structure 2021

NAFDAC Salary Scale and Structure 2021

Brief History of NAFDAC

NAFDAC is a governmental body that operates under the Federal Ministry of Health in Nigeria. This agency was established in 1993.

The reason for its establishment is for it to stop the distribution, importing, exporting, and marketing of fake goods.

These goods include cosmetics, food substances, drugs, and even water. Before any goods in the range of any of the mentioned come into Nigeria, it has to pass through NAFDAC.

This has been the case since 1993 and is liable to go on for many more years.  Many fake products which people would have brought to Nigeria can no longer pass through the Nigerian borders.

Its establishment was as a result of the various problems the country was facing as a result of the distribution of fake goods

This governmental body also stops the manufacturing and also importation of fake medical equipment and even chemicals.

Before the importation, exportation, manufacturing, distribution, and even marketing of any good in Nigeria, it has to pass through this agency.

This agency has been in operation and works with the federal government to stop the spread of illicit products in Nigeria.

Once any product in Nigeria passes through the hands of this agency, it will receive the NAFDAC registration number.

Do not use any product that does not have this number as it is liable to be a fake product. Every day, this agency is discovering more fake products which people smuggle into the country.

The manufacturing of some of them are in the country and thereby, the work of this governmental agency increases as it has to track down those manufacturing these goods.

Functions of NAFDAC

In Nigeria, everybody knows NAFDAC as a governmental body that helps to stop the distribution of fake goods from moving around the country.

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The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control has other several functions apart from just monitoring false goods.

Its various functions are the reasons why it was established as the federal government needed another body to help the ministry of health with some functions.

As this body came to existence, it was assigned to perform certain functions which the Federal Ministry of health usually performed.

These functions are numerous but have been grouped collectively. The functions of the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control are below;

  1. Administrates the manufacturing, importation, exportation, distribution, and also the marketing of all types of products
  2. Conducts investigation of fake drugs and also importation and marketing of hard drugs in Nigeria.
  3. It investigates the manufacturing process and the raw materials of all products available in Nigeria
  4. Does not allow fake goods to enter Nigeria as it tests all goods to ensure that they are good for people to use.
  5. Ensures that all goods that are in circulation in Nigeria are standard goods and not below the normal specification of the product.
  6. Helps to maintain the standard of all laboratories and medical facilities in Nigeria
  7. Registers all products that venture into the Nigerian marketing system.
  8. Ensures the keeping of the specification standards and guidelines for the manufacturing of all goods in circulation in Nigeria.

These functions are the reasons for the establishment of the National Agency for Food and Drugs Administration and Control.

This governmental agency is also making sure that it executes all these functions and stops the circulation of illicit products.

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NAFDAC Salary Scale and Structure 2021

In the National Agency for Food and Drugs Administration and Control, there are various rankings. These rankings are according to the experience of people in the agency.

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The NAFDAC Salary Scale is also according to this ranking of officials in the organization. Individuals who are new staff members usually get the lowest pay.

In recent times, this pay has so much increased as the task handled by this governmental agency becomes more tedious.

Individuals who have more experience in the work at hand usually get higher pay and these individuals are of different ranks.

Just like other governmental agencies, there are various grades in the National Agency for Food and Drugs Administration and Control.

Once you happen to have experience in this organization, you will move higher to another level and your salary scale will also increase.

The salary of all NAFDAC staff members usually comes with additional allowances. These allowances will help their staff members to possibly resolve certain unforeseen issues.

The salary of new NAFDAC workers is between N70, 000 – N100, 000 in a month. Grade 7 workers earn N89, 434 in a month.

A NAFDAC worker at grade 8 earns a total of N103, 987 in a month. The allowances of these workers are also according to their rankings.

Share this information with those who do not know about the NAFDAC Salary Scale. Drop all comments regarding this information in the comment box below.



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