LNSC Rank And Salary 2023 – Update and Review

LNSC rank and salary – The Lagos State Neighbourhood Safety Corps (LNSC) Salary Structure 2023 is a vast and extensive chart that includes the salary for all officers.

LNSC rank and salary 2023 - Update

This website also offers information regarding benefits, overtime compensation rates, and other aspects of working for the business.

How much does an LNSC officer make?

LNSC rank and salary – The LNSC pay is pleasantly high. They pay their employees more than any other task officer. This organization offers a variety of pay grades and payment systems, so we’ll go over them all.

The beginning salary for new recruits at LNSC is determined by their educational level. For example, you cannot compare the pay of someone with a WAEC certificate to that of someone with a Master’s degree. As a result, the compensation varies.

However, depending on how long you’ve been with them, there may be incentives based on performance reviews or working overtime hours – but these are rare as well because most employees don’t get any extra cash outside of their monthly salary till they’ve been here for more than two years.

The LNSC in Brief

LNSC rank and salary – The Lagos State Neighbourhood Safety Corps is a new security body established by the Lagos State administration in order to combat crime in the state.

This security group is tasked with policing the state and maintaining the safety and security of the citizens of Lagos.

They are active in Lagos State’s 56 Local Council Development Areas (LCDA) and 20 Local Government Areas (LGA). Currently, it has produced 7000 jobs in Lagos State since its founding.

Job Description Of the LNSC (LNSC rank and salary )

Arrest Criminals

Daily patrol of area of duty

Bring justice to lawbreakers

Safeguarding people’s lives and property

Providing vital information on organized crimes

Salary Structure for LNSC

LNSC rank and salary – What sort of monthly salary should you anticipate receiving if you join the Lagos Neighbourhood Safety Corps (LNSC)?

Many Lagosians who want to work for this security company have this query. The fact is that LNSC officials’ salaries have never been made public, and there is no official data on the typical monthly income of LNSC employees on the official website of Lagos State.

However, there are unofficial estimates that we shall address below that many people feel represent the wages Lagos State pays its LNSC employees.

According to multiple websites, the monthly salary for the Lagos State Neighbourhood Safety Corps (LNSC) ranges from about 19,500 Naira for SSCE certificate holders to more than 53,000 Naira for bachelor’s degree and HND diploma holders.

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People with an Ordinary National Diploma (OND) are reportedly paid by the LNSC around 25,000 per month. Certain stipends and bonuses significantly increase salary.

Official Rank LNSC

The ranks of the Lagos State Neighbourhood Safety Corps (LNSC) would resemble those of paramilitary organizations such as the police and military. The chain of command for LNSC is comparable. In the military, Assistant Cadet is at the bottom and Commandant General is at the top.

Level 8 candidates are those with a bachelor’s degree, while level 7 candidates hold a higher national diploma. Lawyers and those with master’s degrees are typically classified as level 9, while medical doctors are typically classified as level 12.

General LNSC Requirements 

Candidates must;

  • Possess a government medical officer’s certification that you are healthy enough to join the service both physically and psychologically.
  • Not suffering any kind of physical or mental impairment
  • Avoid any type of financial disgrace.
  • Being a citizen of Nigeria by birth or descent
  • Not younger than 18 years old nor older than 35 years old
  • Males and females must be at least 1.7 meters and 1.64 meters in height, respectively.
  • Possess a fully inflated chest measurement of 0.87 meters or more.

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Academic Requirements for LNSC Recruitment

  • ND: National Diploma, earned from a reputable institution.
  • Any nationally recognized institution’s National Certificate of Education (NCE)
  • Advanced Level General Certificate of Education with two subjects passed in a single sitting or three subjects passed in two sittings.
  • General Certificate of Education/National Examination Council (GCE) Ordinary Level with passes in four subjects earned in a single sitting or five subjects, including the English Language, obtained in two sittings.

The Mandate After The New Shift

The newly approved shift and hazard allowances should be seen as incentives to work harder, according to Chief Tunde Aboyade, the LNSC’s representative for the Ikeja Division of Lagos State.

Apostle Victor Oshinfade, the Commander, was with him.

In order to motivate them to perform their duties more effectively, they offered a warning during their visit to the Oshodi-Isolo zone.

The corps leaders emphasized that showing diligence and enhancing performance would demonstrate to the government that members valued the added benefits.


Please note once more that the information regarding the statistics is unofficial as there is no mention of the wage on their official page. Instead, it is based on the opinions of those who are familiar with the workers or staff who provided their comments anonymously.

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