Latest Current Affairs 2021 Nigeria Updates

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Latest Current Affairs 2021

In Nigeria this 2021, various events have taken place. This events are of various categories. Some of the events that have taken place includes the death of top government officials.

Also, various recruitment processes which some are about coming to an end. Medical events are not out of the list of various events as various medical events have come into Nigeria.

All these events have taken place within the space of January to March 2021. Many do not even know that things like these happen.

The essence of this post is to update you on the Latest Current Affairs in your country. It will also help you to know what to say when you are outside.

Outside people talk whatever they like without even knowing what they are saying. By this, they end up spreading false information to those who hear them.

Do not be among those who believe all these false information. Always verify your information that you hear outside from us.

With this post, you will discover many things which you did not know. Also, you will have a glimpse of Nigeria this 2021and know what to expect from every angle.

Know more about the Latest Current Affairs in your country today. Entertainment updates are also in this post.

This year, many entertainment objectives have been carried out and more are still to come out. Many do not also know about this.

All the various updates regarding what is happening in this country are in this post. To know more about the Latest Current Affairs in Nigeria, read down and don’t miss any detail of this post.

Latest Current Affairs

Latest Current Affairs

Latest Current Affairs 2021 – Economic Updates

In Nigeria, there have been various recruitments of people into various governmental departments. Some of these recruitments are still ongoing and some will soon come to an end.

These recruitments is a federal government means to give jobs to those who do not have one and also alleviate poverty from the country.

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With the ongoing recruitments, one is sure of getting a job as long as he or she meets the necessary recruitments requirements.

The ongoing recruitments which one can presently register for include; the Nigerian army recruitment, airforce recruitment, NDLEA recruitment, Nigerian Liquefied Natural Gas (NLNG) recruitment.

Some others which are ongoing but have passed their registration stage include the State Secondary Education Board recruitment.

This recruitment is ongoing in almost all the states in Nigeria. The Npower Batch C online test is also at hand as people are successfully taking it.

If you did not know about these recruitments, you can now register for the one that is within your reach.

The federal government is also giving out grants at various levels. These grants are to also improve the life of Nigerian citizens.

Many applicants completed their registration for these grants and are waiting for the grant to be released.

The grant is possible to be out very soon and those who have qualified to receive it will do so. Some of these grants include; MSME Grant otherwise known as survival funds and the COVID 19 loan.

The MSME grant registration has come to an end but the COVID 19 loan is still ongoing. You can register for it in the portal meant for its registration process.

Latest Current Affairs in Nigeria – Education

This year, the education aspect of Nigeria has suffered great loss. Due to the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic, many have not received quality education.

This is as a result of the haste in which schools are to round up teachings and move the students to a new educational level.

With this, many areas of the educational syllabus are left untouched. Some of them which have been touched are touched very lightly as there is no time to go deep into them.

Also, considering the educational aspect of Nigeria, JAMB form is not yet out. This development is very new to the Nigerian educational system.

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All these happenings are as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic. The admission process which was to be in 2020 did not hold and as such, those who were to get admission did not.

The educational board of Nigeria is trying to push those who were to receive admission to do so before the JAMB form is out.

Various tertiary institutions are presently giving admission to various admission candidates. This admission status is very much available in the JAMB portal.

The NYSC programme is also at hand this year. Many are already in the orientation camp. After the NYSC orientation stage that is to last for a period of three weeks, the NYSC senate list will be out.

This NYSC senate list will carry the names of those who will move on to various locations to begin their service in.

Those whose names are not in this senate list will have to leave camp and register again in the next NYSC batch.

Latest Current Affairs – Medical Updates

In Nigeria and in the world today, the only medical update is of the Corona virus disease. This disease has put the world under lockdown for sometimes now.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has taken various measures to stop the spread of this deadly virus but has not seen a means yet.

In a bid for people to continue their various businesses, education and lots more other things, they have come up with a vaccine.

The essence of this COVID 19 vaccine is not to stop the disease or eradicate it but to help people to liv with it without dying.

This vaccine is presently in various African countries of the world of which Nigeria is inclusive. Various Nigerian leaders of which the president and vice president is inclusive have taken this vaccine.

Presently, this vaccine is in many states of Nigeria. Some governors are taking it while some refuse to take it.

There is also a portal which one can register for this vaccine through. This portal is very open as all those who want this vaccine can request for it through this portal.

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Latest Current Affairs – Entertainment

This 2021, there have been various series of entertainment processes. These processes range from entertainment awards, commencement of various entertainment shows and lots more.

This year, the Nollywood movie has produced lots of movies for Nigerians citizens to view. Many of these movies are out and once can download them from any movie site.

Nigerian artiste have also come out this year with a list of various songs. People are downloading these songs on a daily basis and are listening to them.

Awards shows of various categories are also out. The Headies awards show has come and has gone with Fire boy DML going home with most awards than any other musician.

Also, musicians of the likes of WizKid got the Nigerian Artiste of the year and also Mayorkun, Simi, Omah Lay and others took home various awards also.

The Grammies award is also out and Burnaboy and Wizkid once again brought some awards back to Nigeria.

Very soon, the Nigerian Idol competition will soon begin as application is ongoing. The Big Brother Naija show will also commence very soon.

Catch more of the fun surrounding it here with us. Share this information with others and let them know the Latest Current Affairs in Nigeria. Drop all comments regarding this post in the comment box below.



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