Laspotech Part Time School Fees: laspotech school fees for hnd and ND part time

Laspotech Part Time School Fees
Laspotech Part Time School Fees

This article has been written on Laspotech Part Time School Fees and has been compiled to help you proffer solutions to problems related to Laspotech Part Time School Fees Having the Knowledge of Laspotech Part Time School Fees. Through our article is necessary for you that’s why you have to follow it to the end. If it your desire to Laspotech Part Time School Fees, you have to read this article now which we have compiled on Laspotech Part Time School Fees and will help you a long way.

Laspotech Part Time School Fees: laspotech school fees for hnd and ND part time

Lagos State Polytechnic is One of the prestigious polytechnic in Nigeria and they have continued to maintain a its standard of high moral standard , Peaceful learning environments as well as the academic standard.

Laspotech has long maintained this pedigree and that is why it is being rated as one of the best polytechnic s in Nigeria.

There are many programmes and courses offered   in Laspotech and they include; Post Graduate Course/ programmes, Undergraduate programme as well as Part time programmes offered in the School.  The part time Programme in LASPOTECH is suitable for everyone both workers and non workers who may find it needful to acquire knowledge without any embargo.

The programme is open for everyone both indigenes and non indigenes. Recently, the Part time programme of the Lagos State University witness is modification and new things were introduced into the System and other ones which were detrimental to students were taken off.

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Laspotech as a whole has played vital role in making Lagos to be known as an academic up any c friendly environments for all. This citadel of learning has bread many prominent people in the country and have contributed vitally in national development.

Before picking up any Part time course, there is need to consider the school fees paid for any course before settling for it. In Nigeria, most part time programmes are often expensive especially when it has to do with one of the prestigious courses. People complain of the high fees paid unlike the normal undergraduate programme.


There is no course for alarm, of course those who are probably business men, salary earners as well as entrepreneurs hence the  hiigher fee schedule for these persons. However, Laspotech is one of the cheapest Polytechnics in Nigeria.

Laspotech School fees for ND 1, ND II and HND for the 2017/18 academic session has been released for all part time students of the school.

Those who were offered admission in the admission List should proceed to accept their admission by paying an accept fee at the bank after which they will proceed for a screening exercise set to be conducted by the school; The screening does not involve any payments. Newly admitted students are expected to be properly carried out the registration process before settling to pay their fees.

However, Payment of fees should be made early enough to avoid additional charges for late payments.

One of those things people consider when they are choosing any polytechnic in Nigeria is the school fees, which should be paid by any student who have just gotten admission. Another thing prospective student should know is in a school is the courses offered as well as the cut off mark of the institution.

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All of these factors mentioned above should be considered as a working tool by both the Students and their sponsors.  This factors will aid your effect gaining of admission into any polytechnic . In all of these factors the most important on is the school fees.

Though  it is ironical to say that most of the polytechnics that have actually been regarded as the best in the country actually bill less for a school fees even cheaper than those institution that are mostly recognized.

Lagos state polytechnic (LASPOTECH) school fees for ND and HND students as seen below has been broken down into component parts, based on the level and programme offered.

Below is the breakdown of Lagos State Polytechnic School fees for ND and HND PA

At the end of this post, you should have knowledge of the following about LASPOLYTECH;

  1. LASPOTECH School fees for part time students ND I
  2. LASPOTECH school fees for part time students ND II
  3. LASPOTECH School Fees for part time students ND III
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LASPOTECH School Fees For Part Time Students 2017/18

Laspotech School Fees For Freshers (ND1)

School fees = ₦27,950
Result Screening = ₦2,000
Acceptance = ₦10,000
Clearance Exercise= ₦2,700
Exam fees= ₦500
Annex Due= ₦5000
Matriculation= ₦1,500
Laspo mobile = ₦500

TOTAL = 50,150

Laspotech School Fees for ND11 students

School fees = ₦25,810
Exam fees = ₦5000
Laspo mobile = ₦500

TOTAL = 31,310


Laspotech ND111 School fees

School fees = ₦27,110
Exam fees = ₦5000
Laspo mobile = ₦500

TOTAL = 32,610

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