Kings Flour Mill Recruitment 2019: Application Form Portal and Closing Dates

Kings Flour Mill Recruitment 2020 is up and the just about to tell you that they are looking for qualified applicants that can fill in some important vacant positions in the newly inaugurated flour mills.

Kings Flour Mill Recruitment 2019
Kings Flour Mill Recruitment

The Kings Flour Mill recruitment 2020 will employ thousands of workers across Nigeria and all applicants will fill in to work at the Kings Flour Mills which has open it recruitment portal has invited all applicants to apply for the Kings Flour Mill recruitment portal 2020.

The Kings Flour Mill is will make record of the highest employers of staff in the flour mill companies in Nigeria.

There are different positions which applicants can apply for the Kings flour mills and work with the flour mills recruitment. You should ensure that you have read the application guideline before applying for the Kings flour Mills recruitment 2020.

You will get important updates regarding the Kings Flour mills recruitment and you will see the application guidelines and method of application for this recruitment exercise.

The application form can be obtained for Kings Flour Mill Recruitment at the application portal and please fill in all the necessary spaces before applying and clicking on the submit session for this recruitment.

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Kings Flour Mill Recruitment Portal 2020 and Application Guidelines



The application from is obtainable at the Kings flour Mill application portal and please read the instructions carefully before setting out to apply for any position for the kings recruitment.

Kings Flour Mill 2019
Kings Flour Mill 2019

The application page can be seen at the Kings Flour Mill careers registration portal for application and all applicants should apply for this recruitment exercise with the instructions from our page.

You should read more about the company and the different positions which they can offered at the application portal.

All those who have been shortlisted for this general recruitment will have to check their mail for a message stating if they have been considered for the recruitment exercise and the interview dates.

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The Kings Flour Mill recruitment process is not really intense as the company is a new company that is currently recruiting. All applicants who applied through the application portal which be subjected to a mil screening process and interview which will demand the presentation of original copies of certificates.

You should follow the application guidelines at the kings recruitment portal nd apply successful for the kings recruitment.

The necessary steps and application guidelines which you will follow in our post will guide you on how you can successfully apply for the kings recruitment in Akwa Ibom state.

Like the Dakkada refinery recruitment,  The application portal for the Kings Flour Mill recruitment 2020/2020 is open for 24 hours and please be informed that the managements will not ask for any financial consideration to be employed at the Kings flour mills recruitment.

About Kings Flour Mills

Akwa Ibom is emerging Africa’s industrial hub with this strategic innovation of its leaders like Governor Udom Emmanuel who has brought in to bear in the life of Akwa Ibom people some life changing and transforming projects, creating more employments opportunities in Nigeria.

The Governor Emmanuel’s administration has open the channel for the industrial growth of Akwa Ibom state. One of the neck breaking projects initiated by the Governor which has employed lots of applicants in and outside the state is the Ibom airline.

The recent airline, in its list of shortlisted applicants has employed numerous young persons to work in the Ibom air recruitment.

The Akwa Ibom Kings Flour Mills recruitment will not be left aside as the white elephant project will employ thousands of Nigerians across the nation.

This industry is not totally owned by the state Government, but it has been attracted to the states through the public and private partnership is conducting her first Kings Flour Mill Recruitment 2020 to employ staffs.

Kings Flour Mills is located in Mkpok of Onna LGA I Akwa Ibom state.  It is amazing to note that the Flour Mill factory is 4.892m2 of closed area with 47.406m2 of open area and will deal in mass production, supplying globally.

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The new Kings Flour Mills factory has a capacity of about 400 metric tonnes of flour and 500 metric tonnes of wheat.

The factory will deal basically on large-scale production of wheat and flour and this will lead to a reduction in price and increase in quantity of flour and wheat produced consumable products.

Why Kings Flour Mills will bring a Major Economic growth in Nigeria

  • The Kings Flour Mill Onna, Akwa Ibom State is a bold and courageous step towards the realization of Governor Udom Emmanuel’s Completion Agenda.
  • The factory which is ranked one of the best in West Africa has a production capacity of 5000 tons of wheat a day and 4000 tons of flour a day. It also has a silos of 15,000 tons capacity.
  • With the gargantuan nature and capacity of the factory, it’s apposite to note that it promises to significantly reduce unemployment in the state and country while resulting in the establishment of complementary firms and industries.
  • Okechukwu Nnodim notes on the Punch Newspaper of May 10, 2020 that the flour industry in Nigeria generates about 10 million jobs annually. “The bakery or milling industry generates close to 10 million jobs on an annual basis. So this is something that is very close to our heart.
  • This is because when the wheat is produced we make flour, the flour is being consumed by the biscuit sector and other bakers.
  • Statistics also shows the enormity of the jobs to be created and poverty that would be alleviated in the state and country

Kings Flour Mill Recruitment 2020 and Salary structure

Kings Flour Mill Recruitment
Kings Flour Mill

The Kings Flour Mill recruitment 2019 is set to employ only suitable and qualify applicants to apply for some distinct positions available at the site and all application should be directed to the kings flour mill recruitment portal.

Please do well to complete the application form when applying for the Kings Flour Mill recruitment 2019.

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If you had applied for the Ibom airline recruitment and probably not given the job, this is another golden opportunity to apply for this flour mill recruitment 2019 and work with the Akwa Ibom state government.

Kings flour mills is said to pay more than golden penny flour mill when it comes to salary structure.  This flour mill recruitment 2019 is the first ever conducted by kings and therefore all applicants are to expect a god start-up salary.

Kings Flour Mills recruitment is said to be a public and private partnership and thus in partnership with the Akwa Ibom state company, the company will pay its workers high.

There are other Kings Flour Mill subsidiaries will be introduced and more KFMLtd recruitment 2019 openings will be up for application.

Newly recruited workers at the KFMLtd recruitment 2019 who applied through the Kings Flour Mill recruitment portal will be paid liken government workers.

How to Apply for Kings Flour Mill Recruitment 2019

To successfully apply for Kings Mills recruitment, peace follow the instructions below to apply for this latest recruitment opportunity available in Akwa Ibom state.

  1. Visit the official Kings website to apply for the Kings recruitment
  2. At the top right hand corner of the post, click on apply now.
  3. Complete your form with the necessary required details needed
  4. Ensure you specify the post which are applying for and apply
  5. Please read the application requirements in our post before applying for Kings Flour Mills.
  6. Uploaded the necessary required forms and click on submit to submit your application
  7. All application should be directed to the Official web application portal and not offline office for Kings flour Mill.

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