JAMB The Life Changer Questions – 2021 JAMB English Novel

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JAMB The Life Changer Questions

Every year, people usually want to venture into the university so as to study the course of their choice. To venture into the university and study the course of your choice, you will have to go through certain processes.

These processes are what will ensure that your venture into the university successfully. One of these processes is the taking of the JAMB registration.

JAMB being one of the admission boards in Nigeria gives an exam to all those who wish to venture into the university.

This examination is the unified tertiary matriculation examination. Every year, many people from various places around Nigeria participate in this exam.

Without participating in this examination, you will not be able to venture into the university. In the JAMB exam, one of the subjects which people participate in is the Use of English.

This is one of the most important aspects of this exam as everyone both arts and science students will have to participate in it.

During this English section of the exam, there are always questions from various English topics. Also, JAMB usually gives a novel each year for its exam.

The JAMB Novel for this year’s unified tertiary matriculation exam is The Life Changer. This is the first time that JAMB is going to use this novel.

There will be about ten to twenty questions that will arise from this novel in the JAMB English exam. All who are participating in this exam will have to take note of this exam.

It will help them to know the JAMB The Life Changer Questions that will come out in the English exam. Also, they will be able to use the questions in this post to prepare for the exam.

With the JAMB The Life Changer Questions in this post, you are sure of successfully going through your JAMB English exam.

Endeavour to take note of all the questions you will see in this post as they will surely appear in the JAMB English exam this year.

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Read down to know more about the JAMB The Life Changer Questions as there are lots of information regarding it in this post.

Do not miss any detail of this post so as not to miss out on important information regarding this post.

JAMB The Life Changer Questions

JAMB The Life Changer Questions

The Life Changer Summary

This section of this post is very important as there are some people who cannot read this JAMB novel. The information in this section will help them get information regarding this post.

In the JAMB English novel the Life changer, there are lots of events that turn out in the novel. The novel centres on an undergraduate by the name of Salma.

Ummi who happens to be the mother of four children of a boy and three girls happens to tell them a story.

This story is a result of the admission that Omar her son has to study Law at the university. She tells them the story of her university colleague and friend by the name of Salma.

Salma happens to be a very beautiful girl who usually dresses in a manner by which the opposite sex can get easily attracted to her.

During her university life, she happens to have an unforgettable experience. In the university, her roommates were from various places.

One was a Muslim as she was while the other two were Christians. At first, Salma did not like them but as time went on, they became like sisters.

Salma had a very good relationship with them and even when their friendship almost ended, they found a way around it.

During this time of her university, she happened to cheat in an examination. This examination was the final examination in her final year.

Due to this act, she faced expulsion and had to start over again. This was how she met Ummi and they eventually became friends.

During her second university education, she met a guy who changed her life. From then, she stopped dressing as she used to.

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Read the novel so as to prepare well for the JAMB The Life Changer Questions.

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Facts about JAMB The Life Changer Questions

JAMB The Life Changer Questions will definitely be about the book but from places, no one will even think about it.

This section of this post will open your mind to possible places in which the questions from this English novel is likely to be from.

After reading this section of this post, you will know where to concentrate on during your study of this novel.

Below are facts about JAMB The Life Changer Questions;

  1. About the Author
  2. Who Ummi is
  3. Ummi’s Children
  4. Zak and the quiet neighbour (Talle)
  5. The honourable
  6. Salma’s story
  7. Salma’s friends and roommates
  8. What led to Salma’s expulsion
  9. Salma’s Life changer
  10. Bint and her Friend teacher
  11. Salma and Ummi’s meeting place
  12. Ummi’s experience with the HOD.
  13. Omar’s admission process
  14. Omar’s expectation from his dad
  15. The religion of Salma’s friends
  16. Ummi’s occupation
  17. Talle’s life story
  18. Doctor Dabo and Salma
  19. State of origin of Salma,s friends
  20. Salma and Kola

JAMB The Life Changer Questions

This is the main area of this post as we are going to see more about the questions that will come out in the upcoming JAMB English exam.

Many are looking for JAMB The Life Changer Questions so as to prepare well for the upcoming JAMB exam.

The English section is very important so all usually strive to go through it. Below are JAMB The Life Changer Questions and answers

  1. What is Ummi’s full name? – Ummi Ahmad
  2. Which story was Bint telling her sisters? – The story of her experience with her social studies teacher
  3. Who is Omar? – Ummi’s son
  4. Why is the life changer in the novel? – Omar’s admission
  5. What was Ummi’s experience with the HOD? – she happened to think that the HOD was one of those who defiled their students
  6. How many children does Ummi have? – Ummi has four children
  7. Who paid for the Zobo? – Ummi
  8. What is Bint’s age? – Bint is five years old
  9. Which course did Omar get admission to study? – Law
  10. Who is Salma? – Ummi’s college friend
  11. What are the names of Ummi’s friends? – Tomiwa, Ada and Ngozi
  12. What is Tomiwa’s Ambition? – to become a singer
  13. Who is Talle? – Talle is an orphan from Lafayette
  14. Where did Salma and Ummi meet first? – they met at the faculty registration office
  15. What was Omar’s expectation from his dad? – Omar’s expectation from his dad was an Android phone
  16. Who is Kola? – Kola is Salma’s colleague in the university who she asked for help during her final exam.
  17. What led to Salma’s expulsion? – Salma faced expulsion due to her cheating in the university
  18. Who is Labanke? – Labanke is Honourable’s childhood friend and driver
  19. What crime did Talle commit? – he joined in kidnapping
  20. Who is Talle’s accomplice? – Talle’s accomplice is Zaki
  21. what is the name of the author of The Life Changer? – the author of The Life Changer is  Khadija Abubakar Jalli
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