Jamb Change of Course and Institution 2020/ Jamb Correction of Data

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Jamb Change of Course and Institution form is out and in case you were not able to meet the required jamb scored, it is time to change your institution or course to the institution which matches the required score for Jamb.


Jamb Change of Course and Institution 2020 / Change of Date

Jamb Change of Course and Institution 2020 / Change of Date

It is therefore important that you follow the guidelines which we have listed here in this post as it will help you to successfully change your course and institution.

One of the major things to take note of when doing Jamb Change of Course/Institution is that this is only done at the appropriate date.

You will not be able to complete the Jamb Change of Course/Institution when the portal for this Change of institution.

Before changing your institution b sure that your new choice of School has benched its cut off mark to meet your Jamb result.

Several Courses has several Jamb cut off point and you should check to ensure that your course matches the requirements.

We will take you through the application guidelines and how to successfully change from one institution to another or how to successfully change your name or correct any kind of data at your e-facility profile.

Please note that you are to pay a non-refundable fee of N2,500 (Two thousand five hundred) as the main payments.

Payments can be made through direct bank payments or an online platform like remittance with your ATM card and details.

Jamb Change of Name/Institution

The Jamb Change of Course and Institution is also called Jamb correction of data and the 2020/2021 form is out and you should make a purchase of the Jamb correction of data.

At various CBT Centers Nationwide, you should have your data and correct your data online and hence this information on Jamb correct data.

If you are not comfortable with your present data with Jamb, you can now change your data or correct your data online.

Though some cyber café has started to process the Jamb change of institution, the best advice is for you to change your institution and course with the accredited CBT centres.

Changing your Institution and correcting your data is advisable to be done at the various CBT centres and this proves that you are you doing the right thing.

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There is a price difference between changing your course in Cyber café and changing your course in accredited Jamb centres.

Your new form which is printed is a piece of evidence that you have completed the Jamb correction of data and this new slip is now your valid slip.

Jamb Change of Course Form

You will be given a form to fill with relevant data and you should provide your data and information to correct your data.

If you attempt completing the Jamb Change of Course and Institution yourself, you may encounter several errors and hence, we want you to go to the cyber café and change your course and institution from one to the other.

All payments should be done straight to Jamb through direct bank payment or RRR number and this gives you access to the portal.

It does not take a whole day to correct your data for Jamb Change of Institution and Course and within very short moments, your institution will change.

Please don’t do this alone, we will rather advise that you change your course/institution with the help of various CBT centres across the states.

Changing from one course to the other can be done as many times as possible and for each of this time, you will still have to make your non-refundable payments of N2,500.

Be sure that you have cross-checked your data before making a final submission on the portal.

Unlike most people will that for each data which you correct, you make a payment, but truth is that you can change your data, institution and correct your D.O.B once you are changing your institution to another.

Requirements for Jamb Change of Course/Institution

  • Your ATM card for Online payments
  • Candidate’s Jamb Registration Number
  • Your email address and your profile code
  • Login details to Jamb e-facility site
  • Old examination/registration slip for confirmation and cross-check
  • Jamb Slip print out 2020

How to process Jamb Change of Course and Institution

Visiting an accredited Registration Center

  1. Log in with your email address to the Jamb e-facility website
  2. Before doing this, you should ensure that you have all your details ready like the Jamb registration number and profile code.
  3. Ensure that you are also with the correct amount of money to pay for your data to be corrected.
  4. Tell those in the CBT centre that you want to correct your data
  5. Make your payments and you will be attended to
  6. Ensure you cross-check your details before clicking on submit.
  7. You will be given a printout contains your new data for 2020/2021
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 By doing it yourself

  1. Ensure you have all the mentioned requirements with you
  2. Login to your Jamb profile and click on the box which has UTME Correction of data
  3. Follow the link and make your payment online through Remita or direct bank deposit
  4. You may have issues printing and proceeding after making your payments
  5. Visit the CBT centre for the actual correction.
  6. You will ve charge an extra amount for the correction of your data

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Jamb Change of Date 2020 Closing Dates

We are not yet certain when the Jamb Change of Course and Institution 2020 will end, but once your preferred institution conduct it’s aptitude test examination or closes date for the purchase of its form, you may not be able to change to that institution.

There is no actual closing date for Jamb correction of data as this process continues for a long period. Currently, the Change of institution portal is open for candidates.

Please note that you can correct your data as many times as possible, but in this case, you will pay for each time you correct your data.

We recommend that you change to your preferred institution now before the portal closes for 2020/2021.

You are to ensure that you have followed the instructions above to be able to successfully change from One institution to another.


Jamb Change of Institution and Course

Jamb Change of Course and Institution 2020 / Change of Date

Conclusion on Jamb Correction of Data 2020/2021

It is not a very difficult or a herculean task to change your school within a short time you can change from one institution to the other.

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After you have successfully corrected your data you should be given a new slip containing our new institution or your new course of study.

One other to note is that you should be able to change your institution while the portal remains open as the portal might be close in any moments.

Please avoid doing a one stand change of institution at stand up registration centres as Jamb Change of Course and Institution is only done at accredited registration centres.

You can check out the various lists of Jamb accredited centres Nationwide to change your institution and correct your data.

Please ensure that you change and correct only the affected place on your profile and the change should reflect on your new slip immediately.

In conclusion, you should note that Jamb correction of data or Change, of course, can be done as many times as possible so far as the portal remains open for this.

Your new profile should be sent to your mail immediately and hence your old slip becomes invalid for Jamb and your choice institution.

If you have any question to ask or concern which you may want to share regarding Jamb Change of Course and Institution, you are free to drop it via the comment box below.

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