JAMB CAPS Admission Status 2021 – How to Check Jamb CAPS Admission

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JAMB CAPS Admission Status 2021 

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has a site from which their candidates can check their admission status.

This site is known as the Central Admission Processing System (CAPS). The function of this processing system is to enable all JAMB candidates who registered for the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination and has finished writing it to check their admission status.

This admission status will enable you to know if you have gotten admission into any tertiary institution of your choice.

The JAMB CAPS helps all JAMB candidates to know if actually, they have an admission. Now, instead of going to the JAMB office to check if you have been admitted into your chosen institution you can stay at home and check it.

Many do not know how to check their admission status in the JAMB Central Admission Processing System (CAPS). This post will help you to do so.

There are also some important facts one must note before checking their admission status in the JAMB CAPS. These facts will help you to know how to operate the portal so as not to just click on any icon you see.

Any mistake in this portal can end up getting you to where you don’t expect. You can even end up rejecting your admission offer if care is not taken.

This Central Admission Processing System (CAPS) is very simple. See simple facts that will guide you to successfully check your admission status here.

All JAMB candidates should take note of every detail of this post as it is very important as long as admission is concerned.

JAMB CAPS Admission Status

JAMB CAPS Admission Status

JAMB CAPS Admission Status Portal

Before one can successfully access the JAMB Central Admission Processing System (CAPS), they must first have proper knowledge of the portal.

How it works, what to select and how to check your admission status are very important facts you have to take note of.

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Any mistake in the portal can cost you your admission. The portal has several sections each created to serve different purposes.

In the JAMB Central Admission Processing System, institutions can also buy candidates that have reached their cut off mark.

This section of the JAMB CAPS is known as the JAMB market. This section of the JAMB CAPS portal can only be accessed by institutions.

The portal serves other purposes. Even the uploading of the O’level result that will be used for the admission process is also done here.

The process to complete the process is very simple. Many people usually find it out to work with anything relating to the internet. If you can’t access this portal by yourself then you can do it in any JAMB accredited centre.

Many have successfully checked their admission status in this portal. You can also check yours. All you need to do is check it out at the JAMB eFacility portal.

Check your admission status in this portal that JAMB has created for you today before you miss your chance of getting admission today.

Steps to Login to JAMB CAPS

Many people usually have difficulty when they want to login to their JAMB CAPS. This is mainly because they don’t know the required information to activate the login process.

Before you progress to the JAMB CAPS Admission Status, you will have to first login. This logging in has no difference from logging in to check your JAMB result.

As long as you have an active profile with JAMB, you can always log in with ease and access your JAMB CAPS Admission Status.

The only thing that will be required from you is your JAMB registration number, email address and password.

Once you can provide this information when you are about to log in to view your JAMB CAPS Admission Status you are now free to access your admission status.

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This portal is stress-free. It does not require much as we have already seen. Provide the above information when you are about to log in to your JAMB profile and it is done.

Don’t stress yourself going to gather all your personal information when you want to login to the portal. This information is enough.

How to Check your JAMB CAPS Admission Status

The method of checking your JAMB CAPS Admission Status is a very simple one. The JAMB CAPS portal does not need much before you can check your admission status.

Checking the admission status does not also take time. It can be done within the space of not more than five minutes due to the fact that the portal does not have problems.

To check your JAMB CAPS Admission Status, follow the steps below;

1 visit the JAMB eFacility portal

2 login to your JAMB profile with the same username and password you used during your registration process.

3 After logging in, look for the icon bearing the title “Admission Status” and click on it.

4 another page will pop up after clicking the icon. Spaces for inputting your year of exam and your JAMB registration number are in this new page.

5 fill it adequately. After filling it in, scroll down.

6 below, you will see the icon bearing the tag “Check Admission Status”. Click on it to see your admission status.

The power of either accepting or rejecting the admission lies in your hand. Anyone you feel is good enough for you that you are to choose.

Choose wisely so as not to choose what you will regret in future and be careful while choosing so as not to mistakenly click the wrong option.

Before you can check your admission status in the JAMB CAPS, ensure that you have uploaded your O’level result.

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Reasons for the JAMB CAPS Admission Status

Due to much queuing when it is time for people to check if they have gotten admission into an institution of their choice, JAMB in collaboration with all tertiary institutions decided for a portal to be open.

This portal helps to give people admission first before they get admission from their various tertiary institutions.

This site has lived up to its expectation as it has successfully released the number of people who usually queue at different institutions.

Now, people get admission from JAMB before being called up by their various institutions for their admission letter.

Now, if you don’t get an admission letter from JAMB, just know that you don’t have admission for that year, no need to go seeking an admission letter from your chosen institution.

This post has successfully delivered all details concerning the JAMB CAPS Admission Status to you. You now know how to login to the site, check your admission status and more.

Also, the reason for this site is also in this post. Read carefully and successfully check your admission status.

Share this post with your friends also. Let them know the processes to check the JAMB CAPS Admission Status. Drop all your questions and comments in the suggestion box below.



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