Jamb 2020 Physics Questions and Answers – 100 Random Jamb Physics Questions

Jamb 2020 Physics Questions and answers are out, and you can check out the 2020 physics questions and answers before the examination has been written.

There are a guide and essential information which you need to know about the Jamb questions 2020, and thus we have written this post to give answers to 2020 Questions and answers.

If you have been expecting a possible way to find the updated and recent questions and answers, then you will find it here, and by studying the questions and answers, you will know and see how to answer Jamb questions 2020.

Jamb 2020 Physics Questions
Jamb 2020 Physics Questions

After much consideration, we give you more than 100 questions and answers for you based on this; all candidates will pass the 2020 examination with this past question and answers.

Aside from the questions and answers, it would help if you get updates on how to pass the examination apart from the questions and answers, and that’s why it is necessary to get updates here on the 2020 Jamb questions.

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If you have been looking for possible ways to pass your examination, then find this post useful to solve your physics problems and answers for 2020.

Accordingly, all those who studied and got information in Jamb Physics questions and answers made good scores in the examination. Because what is good for the goose is good for the gander, then we have source Jamb 2020 Physics Questions for you.

Follow updates for 2020 here, and all information will be given here when you sincerely follow this post to the end.

Jamb 2020 CBT Examination

Jamb 2020 Physics Questions in the Jamb 2020 examination is not a child’s play and therefore, to excel I your review, you can updates regularly and study the questions which we have updated in this post below.

It is no news that the 2020 CBT examination is not a child’s play and hence the importance of focusing on the major topics which are associated with the core subjects.

We will try our possible best to updates you with the questions and answers and, therefore this post on Jamb 2020 Physics Questions.

People have seen questions they did not expect in the 2020 physics questions and answers and which is not the right thing. Knowing the right questions and providing the right solutions is crucial and essential if you want to pass the examination.

On these questions and answers, all candidates who have not gotten the full updates for the answers should drop their email address on the comment box below and they will get updates on the various answers provided.

Accordingly, the examination started on the 14th of March and it is expected to last through the 4th of April where candidates will get their result once the test has been over.

Please note that the use of National Identification card Number for the writing of Jamb has been scrapped out, and there are items that you are not to bring to the examination venue as all defaulter will bear the consequences.

These questions are the real questions, and answers have been made available for candidates to help them to pass the examination.

Complete Jamb Physics Questions

You will find the comprehensive Jamb questions and answers here and we want you to download the questions and study.

Please do not take this Jamb 2020 Physics Questions to any of the examination venues as if you are caught, you will have the law to face.

To avoid doubt and issues, we will encourage you to study the examination effectively, and therefore, updates on the questions and answers are necessary.

Please do not confuse these questions and answers with other questions and answers as all updated questions should be studied.

You can also download the questions an also study it privately, or you can bookmark this page as we update you on the possible problems and answers.

Please note that this questions are random questions as questions 10 might be question five in your own batch and question 30 might be question 50 in another batch and do not focus on the numbering but rather focus on the questions, which is very important.

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If you had printed out your slip and your jamb print out includes Physics, then download and study the Jamb 2020 physics questions and answers just for you.

Unlike Jamb Mathematics questions, the physics questions and answers is not a severe bone to break, and by studying the questions intensely, you will seen answers to them, and you will pass Jamb 2020 with flying colors.

How To Answers Jamb Physics Questions

  1. Be Fast in solving

When solving some Jamb 2020 physics questions and trying to provide answers to them, be as fast as you can in giving correct answers.

Since there are other subjects to answer, like Chemistry  please do not dwell too much on this subject when you can always move ahead.

  1. 2. Ensure you Use the calculator

For questions that involve solving, use the calculator to explain your answers and don’t do guesswork or spend time trying to the calculator with your hands.

Calculators are accessible on the home screen of the computers, and by clicking on it, you can effectively use it.

  1. Go to the next question

Since there is no time, you urge you to move to the following questions when it seems one item is too tricky to answer despite using the calculator.

Don’t spend too much time on particular questions when there are other questions to solve.

Area of Focus for Jamb 2020 physics questions

  • Measurements and Units
  • Capacitors
  • Electric cells
  • Equilibrium of Forces
  • Force on Current Carrying conductor
  • Friction
  • Current electricity
  • Characteristics of Sound waves
  • Heat transfer
  • Dispersion of Light and Colors
  • Electrostatics
  • Motion
  • Magnets and Magnetic Fields
  • Sound Waves, Propagation and Characteristics
  • Simple Machine
  • Thermal Expansion
  • Light Energy
  • Pressure
  • Gravitational Field
  • Temperature
  • Reflection of Light at Plane and Curved Surfaces
  • Refraction of Light through
  • Optical Instruments
  • Vepours
  • Quantity of heat
  • Work energy and power

Sample and Likely Questions and Answers on Jamb 2020 physics questions

  1. In a tip of Moving tire, Particles of Mass 10^-2KG rotating 100rad-1 a its velocity what is the centripetal force if the radius of tire is 0.2
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(a)  20 N

(b)  30 N

(c)   40 N

(d) 400N

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  1. A basketball of mass 0.1Kg is thrown directly to the basket through a speed of 10ms -1 in which disregarding air flow via a resistance taken that it has a total energy of g = 10ms -2


(a)  25 J

(b)  15 J

(c)   30J

(d) 10 J


  1. The Surface tension decreases when temperature of a liquid substance ________

(a) Increases  

(b)  Decreases twice

(c)   Decreases

(d) Reduces


  1. On a thread is a stress of 10 7NM -2 being that the thread is expanded on the length of 10.00cm to 10.05 cm what is the Young’s Modulus of the thread

(a)   8 . 0 x 104 Nm-2

(b)  2 . 0 x 109 Nm-2

(c)  8. 0 x 309 Nm-2

(d)  4 . 0 x 109 Nm-2


  1. When the velocity of sound in space ranges from 3.0 x 108Ms -1 and 2.0 x 108ms-1 serially if it has a refraction angle of 30o what is the sine of angle of incidence

(a) 0.75   

(b)  0.85

(c) 0.57

(d) 0. 65

Complete Jamb 2020 physics questions and Answers

  1. A vector has two components which are

(a)  Northward and Westward

(b)  Southward and eastward

(c) Northward and Southward

(d) Southward and Westward


  1. Infra-red rays are electromagnetic waves that is ________


(a)  More Energetic

(b)  slightly energetic

(c) Least Energetic

(d)  Gamma rays


  1. In a house, a 3000W electric kettle which is meant to be connected to a 200v mains circuit to avoid accident, what fuses can be used

(a)   40 A

(b)   30A

(c)   20 A

(d)   10 A

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  1. A 10H having a reactance of 2000Ω? What is the frequency

(a)  200/πHz

(b)  100/πHz

(c)   π/300Hz

(d) 400/πHz


  1. In order to reduce the heat produced by eddy current, the core of Efficient transformer should include ________

(a)  Laminated Pieces

(b)  Radiant Pieces

(c)   Transformed Pieces

(d)    heated pieces


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