Isa Pantami Biography, Audio, Son Networth, Age and News

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Isa Pantami Biography Son Networth, Age, and News

Since the ongoing problem about the Minister, we have written this on Isa Pantami Biography which gives you the complete view about this Isa Ibrahim and we have also stated here in this the various reasons why he is so much in the news.

This is a profile post giving you all detailed information on the honourable minister of communication and digital technology and the reasons why he was bashed recently by the entire public.

Isa Pantami Biography

Isa Pantami Biography

There has been a certain uproar demanding the resignation of the Minister due to certain sins in the past which have been uncovered in 2021.

This profile and biography state the main reason why Isa Pantami has been on the news recently and why he was bashed for the crime he committed in the past.

Isa Pantami is in Government!

Many have believed that the sitting president should do something about the recent findings of Isa Pantami and below this post is the president’s reaction about his cabinet member and the presidency viewpoint.

Let’s take you first through the Isa Pantami Biography age, education, marriage, and religious view.

Isa Pantami Education

Pantami even before climbing to such a standard post as the Minister of Communication and agency is said to be educated and he is a core Fulani who had almost all his education from around his present community.

He started schooling traditionally acquiring basic education just like every other typical Fulani child. In Tsangaya School, Isa Ali learned how to memories the Quran before proceeding to a primary school in Pantami.

His quest for education did not stop as Isa Ali proceeded to attend a Government secondary school in Gombe and he performs outrageously well.

After the completion of his primary school, Pantami took some years to learn more about the ways Muhammed seek more religious knowledge.

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He got admitted to study Computer science in 1999 into the Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, Bauchi, and bagged BTech in computer science in 2003.

Isa Ali Ibrahim (Pantami) took a very long time out to gain knowledge by studying informally and religiously. It was during this period that Isa discovered his religious stand.

In 2008 Pantami successfully finished his MSc before proceeding for his PhD in Robert Gordon University Aberdeen, Scotland.

From Isa Pantami Biography, we should note that Isa never stopped learning and he has spent years gaining formal, information, and religious education around the world.

Other Isa Ali Qualification includes:

  • Harvard University – Degree in Digital transformation
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Degree Management Strategy
  • Institute of Management Development in Loussaune, Switzerland – Degree in Management Strategy and Science

Isa Pantami Biography; Age and Career

Writing on Isa Pantami biography without mentioning the real age of the Honorable Minister of Communication and the digital agency will be incomplete and hence we should solely state that Isa Ali Pantami was born in October 1972 and he is currently 48 years.

Isa Pantami started his career early in life first as a lecturer in the Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University where he taught Information Technology for more than a year before he becoming the head of Technical writing at the Islamic University of Madinah.

In 2016 Isa Pantami was appointed as the Director-General of the National Information Technology Development Agency and he carried out some stunning projects in NITDA

Isa Ibrahim was later appointed as the minister alongside 12 other people. He was sworn in as the minister of communications and Digital Economy with the stroking mandate to revive the destroyed ICT structures damaged by Boko Haram Insurgency.

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Isa Pantami Religion and Pantami Audio

Pantami is a core Moslem and also a devoted Moslem who also serves as a Jumu’ah chief Iman and he has been a leader of Jumu’ah prayers for many years in Nigeria and another part of Nigeria.

He is a senior member of the Sharia board of Jaiz Bank he is a ranking member serving as the deputy secretary-general of the Supreme Council for Shari’ah SCS in Nigeria.

It is worthy to note that Pantami has been taught by great Islamic scholars of all time like Muhammad Umar Fallatah Muhammad in thaymeen and Abdulshin ibne Abbad.

For now, on Isa Pantami biography we will give you the above information which is about the great scholar.

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Isa Pantami Crime and Audio

Dr Pantami is on the news for the past sins and most especially for some outbursts and religious extremism depicting violence and riot.

The speech he made as though in the past, but led to the murder of prominent Christian individuals like the former Governor of Kaduna state who was the first Christian governor of Kaduna.

Pantami was the Chief Iman of the ATBU Mosque where Prof Samuel Achi was murdered by a group.

Dr Isa Ibrahim was also linked according to a report by Wikipedia; he was listed by the American Government under the terror watch as one of those linked to the Boko haram insurgents.

However, these are all rumours and publications.

According to Wikipedia, Pantani had expressed strong support for the Taliban and the Al-Qaeda group referring to them as better Moslem. He also made an expression that All Moslems especially those in Nigeria should take Jihad as an Obligation.

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News on Isa Pantami and Buhari

Despite the above mention cases linked with Pantami, President Muhammadu Buhari at first refused to address the situation.

The pressure was much by Nigerians calling on the honourable Minister to resign from his seat. Recently, prominent individuals like Tony Elumelu of UBA bank also called for the resignation of Pantami.

Governor Nyesom wike of Rivers state also said that no reasonable government will have Pantani in his cabinet.

Despite the outcry by Nigerians, the president has paid deaf ears and saying that Pantakmi has now repented as he made past public violence incurring statements in the past as a youth.

Day in and day out Nigerians are saying one thing or the other about Pantami’s case but our only duty is to keep you updated on posts like Isa Pantami biography and another post regarding Dr. Isa Ibarahim Pantami

What is your own contribution to this post on Isa Pantami’s biography, we will love to have you comment with the comment box below?

As a Nigerian or someone who is concerned, what will you love the president to do?

Please share this post to get other people informed.



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