Internet Writing: How to Write for Online Publication for readability and high traffic

Internet writing : How to write for online for readability and traffic

Internet writing or Writing for the internet could just be as easy as it could. Many people have ended up writing like a professional journalist on the internet. I don’t doubt their proficiency. Did you know?

That various aspect of writing have its own style and format? The same way a biography is written cannot be the same way a news report is written. The duo has their unique distinctive features.

Internet writing
internet writing

Why do people hates reading your post on the web?

Yes! Because you failed to avoid those things which make a bad post on the internet when writing for the internet. When writing for websites and blogs avoid the following:

Over Used Punctuation 

Overused punctuation can make a reader bored and off the leave your write up. I’m not saying you should not punctuate your work but avoid the incessant use of punctuation especially the comma.

Look at these examples:

Instead of Writing:

“It is assiduously, extremely and fabulously important to consider three things in mind when, buying a shoe; comfort, material, and occasion”

Consider writing it this way

“Comfort, the type of material and occasion are things to consider when buying a shoe.”- Less punctuated.

Overused “But”  “Yet” and “Also”

So many “but” and “yet” spoils a blog. Many “also” should be avoided too. If you are linking a concept to a previous paragraph consider using “However” instead of many But, yet and also.

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Avoid hasty Generalization in Internet Writing 

in the internet writing, Giving analysis or statistics can make your content look real and mind blowing. However, have you consider the other side of it?

Using facts and figures especially the ones that are not true spell you a lier and readers may lose that confident in you.

In case you did now know:

Statistics, facts, and figures are liable to change year in year out, but the post on the internet remains permanent and will not change as the statistics changes


Limit Acronyms in internet writing 

It is pertinent to limit acronyms even when you feel that your audience have prior knowledge of it. Put up the interest of the minority too. Out of 100% visitors on your site, 80% percent may be familiar with it and guess what will happen to the remaining 20%. They will leave your site after being annoyed.

What happens when the 80% of your readers are not longer reading it?

Of course, new visitors will want to visit the site.

To write the  internet way, these are what is require  of you :

Use related Subheadings

In internet writing, Use related subheadings. Possibly subheadings related to the keywords. Subheadings help you to:

v  Prevent redundancy and unnecessary repetition.

v  It makes a write-up brief and rich in contents.

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v  When subheadings are applied to any write-up, self-comprehension is made easy.


This is cool:

When typing, apply headings 2 for subheadings for your headings. It is not right for an internet article to have its subheadings all in capital. It is advisable to use capitals only the initial letters of the headings.

Use Bucket brigades

Bucket brigades are one of those tools in writing which make an article for the websites good and easy going. I know you are asking, what are bucket brigades?

If you should notice I use the colon sign (:) after the question mark (?) mark often. This is what we call bucket brigades. Bucket brigades aim at showing clarity in an article for the web; it also makes an article easy to locate on(SEO) the internet. Writing could be interesting with bucket brigades.


Use Short Sentences in internet writing 

Many people show how bad they are by making use of longer words. Visitors of the blog are liable to leave instantly when you employ so much superfluous in your write ups. Short sentences are essential in writing the internet way because it drops the readers in suspense and there are always looking forward to reading more.


The APP Style

App is a popular acronym by Brain Dean which means:

A-    agree

P- promise

p- preview.

Consider these sentences below:

I Agree- it is true that many people don’t know how to write for the internet though they may be professional in writing.

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I Promise: The problem of writing for the internet is enormous and should be tackle one after the other. This is the solution.

I Preview: One important cure for this is the use of APP style.

From the above, I agree that people don’t know how to write for the web, I promise of giving them the solution and I actually gave them the solution in the preview.

The APP style keeps your readers in suspense and enhances their burning desire to react more.

In Internet Writing, Understand SEO 

 SEO simply means Search Engine Optimization. It is what keeps many post on the internet. Google search engine will always rank sites with good SEO organization first. Take a good lesson online on SEO and apply it to your writing.

Conclusively, the world is emerging into a paperless world and at such a time will come when all vital information will be stored online and not anymore in the self of the library. Make a good use of the internet, applying all unique techniques mentioned above and then you can become a writer who writes well. Ghost writers are professional writers writing according to the internet way. We are good that’s why you need to hire a writer. Was this article helpful? Kindly drop your comment at the comment box. is poised to serve you better.


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