How to Convert Data to Cash : A Comprehensive Guide for 2024

Convert Data to Cash : You  can now convert your Data to cash following the simple steps which we will show you in this page and we hope that you carry out all the instructions as stated on this page.

Convert Data to Cash
How to Convert Data to Cash

In this post, we will answer the question on whether is possible to convert your Data into cash. Through this post, you will see how to convert your Data into cash and get this cash in your account.

There are so many software that promises easy conversion, but the truth remains that most of this software are scammed and some give you much lower than the value of your Data.

You will see the step by step guide to follow to have this data conversion successfully done without much ado.

It s important to convert data to cash most times. People can send you numerous data that might be useful for you at that moments while some people are financial constraint that the only thing they may have at a particular time is Data.

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In today’s economy, you really don’t have to look helter-skelter for ways which you can convert your data to cash when this post will show you a systematic method to get this done easily.

Introduction and Understanding Data Monetization

Data Monetization involves owing a large unit of data but want to change it to cash. The process can be done cheaply and without much downloads or numerous applications installations.

Please note that the following are types of data monetization

  • Data to Cash
  • Data to airtime
  • Data to cash for some else account number

Once you engage in any of the above type of data conversion, you can have your data as cash in your bank.

Methods to Convert Data to Cash

To engage in this conversion, there are different methods which you need to employ for the conversion to work effectively like magic.

  1. Selling Data Manually

This involve manually selling data to a third party around you. It means that you will verbally ask the person to send their number which you do the transfer for them just for cash.

This people could be your phones, loved ones and other people which you can trust. Once they receive the data, they should be able to make use of it for browsing and for other purpose which you have set it for.

2. Selling Data to Third Parties

The Data Marketplace is a booming market place that allows you to sell your data on existing platforms for data conversion.

One of the ways to send data is to check on these platforms and ensure that you register. After registration you will select the option that allows you to sell directly to their phone number.

This option gives you a phone number for you to send your data to and after which an amount will be credited into your wallet. Please do well to make us e of the money send.

Platforms for Data Reselling

  •     VTUng
  •      Paynoc 
  •     Airtimenigeria
  •      Naira Data
  •   Mighty Data

You can compare this data based on their amount and their percentage offer. Some of this platform offers and entirely different amount while others offer an higher charge as the amount you get when you purchase data from their app.

In most cases, you are to look at the trust scores of these platform  to ascertain things like the number of age there have been in existence and the review which they have gotten

Affiliate Commissions and Purchase

You can earn affiliate commissions when you invite other people to sell their data with these apps. Though the affiliate commission is not much but there are some platforms that offers good amount for data purchase and each of these platforms have their terms and conditions which must and should be adhere to.


By inviting other people to join the platform, you earn a commission. Another business side to this is by purchasing these data from other people and reselling them on these platforms. You can make profit from the cash generated from selling this data.

You can establish a business and become a sure data plug for anyone who wishes to sell their data. Data reselling business is a cool business that can fetch you a good amount of profit depending on the company you are affiliating with.

Please while purchasing this data from people, you should however know that not all data can be used for general purchase. Ofcourse there are some social bundles that should not be shared or purchase so you need to know the kind of data you are buying.

How to Convert Data to Cash – Step by step Guide

We Mentioned that one of the easiest ways to convert convert data to cash is through some apps which you can use this is another method where we automatically purchase this data ourselves

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Here are the instructions to follow to sell data to us

  1. Ensure that you have activated MTN share and sell for data share
  2. Alternatively, ensure that you have downloaded the MTN mobile App
  3. After meeting the above requirements, please do well to Chat us on whatsapp indicating that you want to sell your data
  4. Our whatsapp Number is 08141291174
  5. We will respond and provide the number for which you should send the data
  6. Before you send your data, we will show you all the plans and the amount you get for the data you choose to send.

FAQ on How to Convert Data to Cash

How do I convert my data to money?

The conversion process is very simple and easy, by following the instructions stated above, you can convert your Data to cash in a very easy way. We have state the two methods for Convert Data to Cash which you can follow

  1. The Manual Method
  2. Selling via the app
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Can I convert data bundles to airtime?

You can as well convert your data to airtime with several methods. The method to do this is different from the method of converting your Data to cash.

Your conversion is easy just like converting data to cash. You can read more about it here:

How to convert MTN data to credit?

Yes! Infact it is easier to convert data to airtime than data to cash

How to mobile data converted to money?         

There are different Methods which you can do this

How can I sell data on MTN?

Hi John, You can download the MTN D2R App from the App Store or google play and earn about 4% commission on every data/airtime you sell. You can also dial *502# and follow the prompts to set up a MoMo


Conclusively on Convert Data to Cash, your data should not waste. When you don’t have any need for it, selling it makes more sense than allowing it to get expired.

We have shown you the two vital and key ways which you can use to Convert data to cash and not let it waste. We have shown you the various apps that can make the data reselling very easy.

Things should not be as difficult as it seems, MTN and other network providers have made sharing data convenient for anyone and with just one click the money could be yours and the data could be ours.

If you have been scared of selling your mobile data, you no longer have to let it waste, you can get your data purchase by us.

Please let us know if you have any question or contribution. Our comment box is open and by dropping a comments, you can make your transaction successful.

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