GOTV Customer Care Number Kenya 2021

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GOTV Customer Care Number Kenya 

GOTV is one of the best Pay TVs in Africa. It is under the Multichoice television company that also owns the popular known DSTV.

The GOTV happens to be in many countries in Africa and is also spreading wide. Their services are unique as they have established themselves in many homes.

They have also upgraded the standard of their services and this has made it more acceptable and loved by many.

One of the many countries in which the GOTV has successfully established itself is in Kenya. Kenya has accepted the GOTV and most of the homes there are using this Pay TV.

GOTV has a lot of various interesting packages in Kenya and also, the Multichoice television service company has also affected much change with GOTV in the lives of Kenyan citizens.

Everybody who lives in Kenya enjoys super good services from the GOTV service. Kenya is also one of the countries with the best packages.

Their channel list, packages, prices of packages, subscription prices and lots more are very splendid in Kenya.

The great country of Kenya and its great citizens are enjoying great benefits from GOTV. They are grateful and wish to have more of the GOTV packages.

GOTV is still making plans for more packages for the Great people of Kenya. In no distant time, all Kenyan homes will be using the GOTV.

Their subscription charges are relatively low in Kenya and they have succeeded in taking over Kenya as they are the most used Pay TV available in Kenya.

GOTV also has a customer service team in Kenya. This customer care team is very reliable. They are always ready to attend to the needs of their customers.

To know more about the GOTV series in Kenya, GOTV Customer Care Number Kenya and other needed GOTV details, read this post carefully.

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After reading this post, you will on your own purchase a GOTV package for yourself without wasting time.

GOTV Customer Care Number Kenya

GOTV Customer Care Number Kenya

GOTV Kenya Packages

In Kenya, GOTV has provided a lot of good packages and at an affordable price. This has enabled people of any category to easily get access to GOTV.

GOTV has not just made itself affordable to the least Kenyan personnel but also with channels many will not believe.

They do not just take away all channels when you subscribe for a lesser package but they leave quite a number of interesting channels for you to make yourself comfortable with.

Below is the list of GOTV packages for Kenya;

  • GOTV Max gives 49 channels and at a very cheap and affordable price at 12299.00 Kenyan Shilling
  • The GOTV Plus gives 40 channels and at the rate of 749.00 Kenyan Shilling
  • GOTV Value gives 23 channels and at a very cheap rate of 499.00 Kenyan Shilling
  • The GOTV Lite for monthly subscribers gives 17 channels at the rate of 260.00 Kenyan Shilling
  • GOTV Lite for annual subscribers gives 15 interesting channels at the rate of 150.00 Kenyan Shilling
  • The GOTV lite package for quarterly subscribers gives 16 channels at a low price of 590.00 Kenyan Shilling

Note that the list of above GOTV packages prices is in the Kenyan National Currency and not in any other Country’s currency.

This price is not applicable to other countries only Kenya. If you try it out or want to subscribe for such amount, you are only just deceiving yourself as you will end up wasting your money.

In some countries, the prices are higher than this while in some it is lower than this. All this depends on the value of each nation’s currency.

Get to know how GOTV operate in your area and work with it that way. If you want to use the above prices, endeavour to relocate to Kenya.

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GOTV Customer Care Number Kenya

GOTV is not known for having problems. Nevertheless, their services may contact one or two problems due to either low network availability or other sorts of problems.

Nevertheless, all problems have solutions. Every problem you encounter with your GOTV package can be solved as there is a team that is on standby to get your call and immediately move to action before the solution gets out of hand.

When the solution gets out of hand, it does not mean that the GOTV customer service team will not be able to solve it. It simply means that you may incur extra expenses in fixing the problem.

GOTV has different customer care details for different countries. Each country operates different contact services and that is why every country has its own customer care details.

The GOTV Customer Care Number Kenya is for only citizens of the Kenyan countryside. GOTV Customer Care Number Kenya is very fast and responds to their customer’s complaints without wasting much time.

This customer care service is one of the best in Africa and it is also one of the fastest GOTV customer care service in every country GOTV is situated in.

The various contacts details you can use to issue all your complaints if ever you come in contact with any in your GOTV decoder;

  • GOTV contact number: 0711 066 000, 020 423 6000, 0711 066 555, 020 423 6555
  • Website: GOTV Website
  • GOTV Facebook page: GotvKenya
  • The GOTV Twitter handle: GOtvKenya
  • GOTV Head Office: Multichoice Kenya Ltd. First Floor, Sarit Centre,
    Westlands, Nairobi

All the above contact details are only for GOTV customers living in Kenya. If you ever want to try it out, you can easily relocate to Kenya.

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You can use Opay Services to get to renew your GoTV Subscription for 2021. Please note that GoTv offers the best and the cheapest subscription

GOTV Dealers Contacts for different parts of Kenya

  1. Nairobi Region:
  2. Location 1: Fancis Mwangi Opposite Naivas Supermarket along Kasarani- Mwiki Road, Kasarani
  3. Contact Number: 254 020-2023335, 254722-810076
  4. Email Address:
  5. Location2: Moses Wahome Piazza Arcade, 1st Floor next to Kobil Petrol Station
  6. Contact Number: 254 0020-719-44040, 254 020-2010360
  7. Email Address:
  8. Coastal Region
  9. Location: Musa Ramadhan Old Malindi Road near Tuskys Mtwapa
  10. Contact Number: 254 718-466889, 254721-929199
  11. Email Address:
  12. Western Region
  13. Location: Diten Chavda Kenyatta Avenue next to Franka Hotel
  14. Contact Number: 254 752-925777, 254720-600521
  15. Email Address:

The above information is necessary for all Kenyan citizens. To know the GOTV Customer Care Number Kenya, GOTV dealers in Kenya and also different packages, prices and number of channels they offer in Kenya, read this post carefully.

Now that you are done reading, you won’t wait for anyone to tell you to get the GOTV decoder if you are in Kenya.

To enjoy these special services that GOTV offers to all its Kenyan customers and how cheap they are, grab your own GOTV decoder now.

Endeavour to share this information with others and drop all questions and comments concerning this post in the comment box below.



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