Glo Night Plan Code – How to Activate Glo Night Plan

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Glo night plan: Like the usual data by Glo, the Night browsing and data is not different has tit has offered the best of data plans for all Glo and with the normal midnight data plan, you can enjoy browsing to the peak even if you don’t have normal data.

Globacom is an amazing network for Nigerians and Africa and those that are not using Glo for browsing are missing out a great deal as there are amazing bundles and one of it is the amazing Glo night plan.


Unlike other data night plan, Glo data plan is amazing as it is fast and reliable and convenience even at night. When the network is congested, you can actually have the best of browsing without network congestion.

Without having any issue in your browsing and you will have the best data bundle for browsing, download and it is very affordable even without stress.

This is specifically good for all those that want to get the best of browsing and download of large files and by paying less. This plan is affordable for all those on a relatively low budget. This is an amazing offer for all Glo users.

You can use this data plan code to migrate to the midnight plan if you have any large file to download without enough data and you can use this data to stream on youtube and other videos on the internet.

Please ensure that you have enough battery power on your device if you are using it to make long download as this data plan offers credible data plans for download.

Here are the different types of data that can be obtained.

Glo 1GB N100 Night Plan for 5 Days 

Currently, after much comparison, we have realised that the MTN Midnight plan remains the best among other plans as it gives you more data among other networks.

You can have up to  1GB for just 100 and you can use it to browse, download and you can also use it for socials.

Did you know!

That the Glo data plan bundle last for more than 1 day up to five days and you can use and this is an additional bonus package that is not obtainable elsewhere aside from Glo.

The night data bundle makes Glo stand out as an effective and one of the best data plans for night browsing and performance of other known that that might be done online.

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Knowing fully well that you still have enough data plan makes one stress and stay up and complete your browsing when you can actually.

You will enjoy the Glo midnight plan from 12am and it stops by 5am every day for five days as long as your subscription remains.

Once it is 5 am you may not be able to use the data plan until you wait for another night. Unlike MTN Midnight plan which gives you only 2Gb in total, Glo data plan.

The plan also gives you 5GB for just N500  and it can be used for browsing all through the night depending on how you used the data bundle.

With the Glo night plan, anyone is permitted to browse the internet and enjoy amazing data bundle available. Whether you are using an old Glo sim or a newGlo line, you too can enjoy this offer by Glo Nigeria.

How To Subscribe to Glo Night Plan – How do I Activate Glo Night Plan?

The Glo subscription is up for everyone and to subscribe to Glo night bundle, please follow the prompt instructions in this post and get the full information.

  1. On your mobile phone, dial *127*60#
  2. Follow the prompt instructions on your screen after you have dial the code.
  3. You can also send a text with your Glo line, that is 60 to 127
  4. wait for a confirmation message stating that your subscription is successful
  5. You can also dial the code *777# and follow the instructions on the screen to subscribe

Upon subscription, you will get a confirmation message on your line and this tells you whether your activation has been successful.

You should wait until you get a notification from your glo lone before you start unlimited browsing on your device. The confirmation message sent to you shows that you have successfully activated the Glo data plan.

The MTN night plan will allow you to browse from 11pm to 5am while Glo only starts from 12am and last from 5 am for five days. With the fives hours on the internet for a non-stop browsing, you can credibly achieve your set out goals.

2020 Glo Midnight Plans

Glo has made browsing cheaper with a reliable and dependable data bundle offer for all those that are stunt Glo users. Glo a product of Globacom have to change the perspective of browsing the internet to make browsing swift and enjoyable.

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If you are one of those that loves staying up all awake to browse the internet, instead of using your data bundle, you can save more by subscribing to a night plan and enjoy the best of it.

The night plan on Glo will help to save data and gives a reduction in the data budget.

MTN data browsing is good, 9mobile is better, Airtel is very good but the best remains Glo you will have an exhaustive data plan for browsing all through the night at a low cost.

How to check Glo Night Browsing Data Balance 

To check your Glo balance, you should either use your data usage on the settings of your phone or you can dial the normal code use for checking the data bundle on Glo.

The two options started here in this post, will help you to check your data plan. Please note that this is not part of the Glo free browsing cheat. Instead of migrating to  Glo cheat data plan, please ensure that you take advantage of the Glo night plan.

Other Glo Night Plan

Glo night plan Code for N25

Among all the Glo data plan, one amazing data plan which you can enjoy at a modest price is the Glo night plan of N25 and it gives you 250 MB to browse the internet for a whooping period of 5 days.

You may not want a whooping 500MB, then we recommend that you g0 for this plan as it works for streaming videos, browsing and downloading with just 250 MB.

Unlike the 5Gb which last for five days, the 250 MB is just for the night and it works between 12 am to 5 pm for a non-stop browsing.  The data plan expires by 5 am and unused data is hot refundable.

To migrate this plan and stay connected to the internet, then you should dial the *777# on your phone and follow the instructions

Glo USSD Tariff Plans Migration Code – Different Types of Glo Night Plan

  1. Glo 11k/s Prepaid Plan –  *211#
  2.  Jollific8 – *123*PIN#
  3. Glo Infinito – *100*9*2#
  4.  G-BAM Glo – *100*5*1#
  5. GLO bumpa bonus – *100*10*1#
  6.  TWIN BASH – Dial *223*PIN#
  7. Glo Yakata – *220#
  8.  Bounce –  *170*4#
  9. Glo Free Tomorrow – *300#
  10.  Generation Glo code – *170*5#
  11. Glo Formula – Dial *323*PIN#
  12.  IDD Packs for Glo – Dial *777#
  13. Glo BiiGy Packs – Dial *170*1#
  14. Glo Jolof N25 – Dial *0805*25#
  15.  Jolof N50 –   Dial *0805*50#
  16. Glo Flexi –  *123*PIN#
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Important Notice Glo night Plan – How can I get 1Gb for 200 on Glo?

In most cases, before you enjoy a night plan, you will first have to migrate to another tariff plan, but this is totally different from the Glo data bundle for night plan browsing.

Despite the current plan, you can still migrate to any Glo data plan and enjoy all night browsing. For example, if you try activating the night plan available, it will mean that you migrate to MTN pulse out of your current tariff plan.

With Glo amebo, Glo yakata, Glo yafun, Glo started sim, you can migrate to any Glo night plan as stated above.

You should also note that you can subscribe again and again to any night plan once you have exhausted your data bundle for the night. Glo will never use your normal data plan when you are on a night plan between 12 am to 5 am.

You can always use your normal data plan once your subscription expires.



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