Glo Amebo Code Subscription and Migration Code 2020

In case you don’t know how to go about the Glo Amebo Code, please read this post and get informed about the Glo Amebo Code and how to migrate to the Amebo code and enjoy some easy and amazing packages.

 Glo Amebo Code
Glo Amebo Code

Please we will show you the necessary code which you will have to use to ensure that you have check ed the if you are already in the Gl Amebo subscription.

You should try the various code to check Glo Amebo bonus and other benefits which we will let you know in this post about Glo Amebo. This plans allows you to also browse at night with the Glo night plan

There are various reasons why so many people need to migrate to the Amebo codes and you can talk as much as you want with the right subscription you can talk as much as you want with the Glo Amebo Code.

Please before might want to migrate to the code please ensure that you are not already in the Glo Amebo before you proceed to migrate to the Glode Amoebo Code. You will enjoy amazing Glo Amebo call rate be charge nothing for the migration and you can enjoy Glo free data with this migration code

Glo Amebo Migration and Subscription Code

With the Glo Simcard, the migration to Glo  Amebo does not work without the Glo sim and your line should be fully registered before trying to migrate to Glo Amebo.

The necessary steps to follow are seen in our post on Glo Amebo. We will give you a guide on the Glo Amebo Code with the migration code which we have shown in this post on Glo Amebo.

There are different tarrifif plan which you can enjoy with Glo, but in most case, our readers are really bent on having to know how to migrate to Glo Amebo for free without any cost.

This post gives you the necessary guide on how to activate Glo Amebo and activate the Glo Amebo cheat for browsing.

There is different browsing code which you can use to migrate to different tariff plan, but according to our review, the Glo Migration Code for Glo Amebo is very simple and that’s what this post will guide you to do.

Once you have load your Glo card, the next step which most persons always find it difficult to do is to use the Glo migration codes to migrate to various Data plan.

Whether you are looking for Glo Amebo data bonus for calls or you are in need of the Glo Amebo Code for call talk by dialing the migration code you will migrate to Glo Amebo with a very cheap rate.

You can also check your data bundle and other Glo bonuses with the Glo Amebo code to check your balance.

Benefits of Glo Amebo When you subscribe with the Glo Amebo Code

  • Local Calls, that is call within Nigeria at 60k/Sec
  • International Calls to India, China, Canada and others at 60K/Sec
  • You are also given N20/Sms regardless of the Network
  • You are also entitle to receive N5/MB

Glo Amebo Code for 5X Bonus Code

With the new Glo Amebo code you will receive up to 5 times of your recharge on your device. You will have an important update and information regarding Glo Amebo and how to migrate to the plan and enjoy the amazing bonuses which is given when you subscribe to Glo Amebo.

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You should check the Glo Data plan and get updates on the different data plans available on this post. You will have to know the exact and the approved code to be able to know and recharge and subscribe to the latest glo plan.

You can know the different subscription code which we have for Glo in our previous post, but for now, this post will really focus on how to activate the Glo Amebo  and how to activate the Glo data balance.

Glo is ana mazing plan which offers its host, Nigerians amazing data system exciting tariff plans like the Glo Amebo.

How To Migrate to Glo 5X Bonus

  1. Ensure that you are using a glo sim for this
  2. Recharge your phone of any amount
  3. When you want to recharge, dial *555*PIN#
  4. You will receive an sms with the recharge bonus which you have accumulated
  5. The SMS which you have receive gives you a guide on how you can migrate to the 5X bonus
  6. You will have your main account balance converted to your account balance

You can use your call card of 5X bonus to make and receive calls within and outside the country. One amazing thing which you also have to take note is that the Glo 5x bonus allows you to make calls to US,UK,India China and Canada at just 60k/Sec

Glo Amebo data plan

There are basically two tarrif plan which one can migrate to enjoy unlimited data plan and aside from the Glo Amebo code you can also enjoy a  similar offer with the Glo Amebo plan and migration code.

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We have notice that the two tarrif plans has become the best or ne of the best ways which you can enjoy Glo network to the Fullest.  Not only will you have the activation code, but you will also know and have the benefits of subscribing to this plan here in our post.

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Are you looking for best Glo tariff plan for calls?

Then we recommend that you give it a try to the Glo amebo with the Glo Amebo Code and Amebo migration code.

 Glo Amebo Code
GloAmebo Code

How to Check Glo Amebo Balance

  1. Go to your dial pad on your device connected to your Glo sim
  2. Dial *5555*5# for you to check your 5X Glo balance
  3. Allow for a notification from Glo on your SMS
  4. You will receive a message containing your Glo balance including the expiration date

How Migrate Out or Opt Out from Glo Amebo

To opt out from Glo Amebo, you should know that there is no special opt out code for Glo Amebo and if you want to stop dial the normal recharge code and you will no longer receive 5X recharge on your line. Even without dialing the Glo Amebo Code Again.

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