FRSC GIFMIS Code Number for Remita Payments : FRSC GIFMIS Offence Code

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You should Probably be asking of the right code to use to complete payments and to answer this question, we have decided to bring you FRSC GIFMIS code and all which you need to know about the code and how to activate this code.



Following this guide, all the required information which you need to know is given here and you will also see how to use this code to make payments.

The importance of this code can never be overemphasized as it helps you to make all payments and hence this information is vital to help you with payments.

The payments link once clicked on it will refer you to page and on this page; you will have to provide the necessary details which are to help you to make payments for offence and others.

Through this post, you will see how to make payments for the Federal Road Safety Corps and hence your FRSC GIFMIS code for payment of offence and others.

For those that have been asking questions on how to process their payments for offence and others, this is the right information which you need to access the payments for the offence which you committed.

Follow our guide here in this post to get the up to date payments details for the Federal Road Safety Commission.

Below is all you need to know about Remita FRSC GIFMIS code

FRSC GIFMIS Code ; What is GIFMIS Code

This is the most of the different payments like offence payment and other payment de to the Federal Road Safety Corps and your payment situations are resolving when you pay with  FRSC GIFMIS Code.

The code is available for you to make payment and when using it most times, you will be required to use this code to make your payments through the remita platform and you must use the code ton make all payments.

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This code which is Government integrated and based is generally accepted as the main payment code for Remita when paying for offence and other payments made to the Federal Road Safety Corps.

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FRSC GIFMIS Code for Remmita Payments

This arose as a matter of concern to provide actual management of public funds and finances made by each ministry and its introduction have helped to curbed public fund theft.

The code stands for Government Integrated Financial Management Information System is used in remita platforms and generated online for payments.

Through this code, you can track the amount of money generated by the Nigerian Government based parastatals on payment mode.

The FRSC GIFMIS Code was introduced to the Federal Road Safety Corps just like it was introduced to other vital government institutions across Nigeria.

Please you should note that the GIFMIS code is not more than or less than 10 digits number and it also mostly called GRRN/GRR code.

With this code, you can be sure that your payments have been made, but knowing the right code according to your state is vital and hence this post.

Introduction of GIFMIS code

GIFMIS code was introduced by the Federal Government of Nigeria through the Federal Ministry of Finance and the goal of this GIFMIS code is to help payments transparent and easy and it is a quick way to track the finances generated by given parastatals.

This code was introduced earlier in the Muhamadu Buhari’s administration and since it’s instructions, this code has remained effective in solving the ministry financial problem in balancing.

From our review, we have realized that this code was introduced by the ministry of finance and since it’s an introduction, nothing like false have been spotted from the accounting system.

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Functions of GIFMIS code in Government Parastatals

Here are some of the major functions which we can state as the usefulness of and Function of the FRSC GIFMIS code.

  1. The FRSC GIFMIS Code is used to get money into Government Purse
  2. This code is used to check the balances and check how a particular ministry performs and how much they can be generated
  3. The code helps you ton ascertain which particular state generates an amount of money for penalties.
  4. The Federal government can secure payments based on penalties and this fund is used as a tax
  5. Use to complete payments for federal Road safety and others

How to Process NYSC FRSC GIFMIS Payment for Remita

Follow the steps below to process with your Remita FRSC GIFMIS Code

  1. Ensure that your phone or computer is connected to the internet
  2. Visit the remita platform and on the search icon, search for FRSC
  3. Follow the link which displays on your screen to process your payments.
  4. Complete the form with all your details correctly and click to submit.
  5. When asked to provide GiFMIS code, use 1000027503 in most cases where you cannot get the right code for your state.
  6. Click on submit to generate RRR number before making your payments.

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This post now provides adequate information regarding the FRSC GIFMIS Code as we have answered and solve the major problem on how to generate the FRSC GIFMIS code through this our post.

By following the full details above, you must have known how to generate and activate the code for FRSC as without this code it is seemingly impossible for you to make payment for any offence committed.

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In most cases, you should contact the state MD for FRSC to be able to process your FRSC remit payments the FRSC GIFMIS Code is different according to a different state.

Once all information has been provided, you are sure to make your payment on the remit portal anytime. Before attempting to make payments, please ensure that you have gotten a physical receipt and permit to help you process your offence payments online.

Your MD has the full detailed code for your states according to the FRSC Sector and units.  This code can be used to make payments for a various offence such as drivers license violation, spare tire violations or any other offence found guilty by the Federal Road Safety corps.

Note that you will be required of your driver’s license and other basic information about your vehicle before submitting it with the FRSC GIFMIS Code

For questions and Contribution, please use the comment box below to drop a comment on this post on FRSC GIFMIS code for remita.

If you want to ask any question or make a contribution on this post on FRSC  GIFMIS Code, then you can now use the comment box and drop your comment on what you think of the code.

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