Free NDLEA Past Questions and Answers 2021 Pdf

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We want to ensure that all those that are looking for Free NDLEA  Past Questions  have the past questions and answers therefore, we are to provide the right link to download the past questions and answers.

Free NDLEA Past Questions

Free NDLEA Past Questions

We know that it is mostly very difficult for most persons to afford the NDLEA past questions and answers and hence in a bid to show help, we have provided a means which persons can get to download the free pasts questions.

This is exact four months since the NDlea Recruitment from was released and it was just in December  2019 that the Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agency thought it wise to provide and update applicants on the NDlea List of Shortlisted applicants.

The most important thing is having the past questions and answers for free as to be a guide towards meriting the Job.

Basically this recruitment was up for several positions and we have thus provide the past questions which applicants will have to download and study for free.

It is important to note most shortlisted applicants are applying for this recruitment for the first time hence they are ignorant of the examination format and the nature which the examination takes.

Through this post we will deliver free ndlea past questions and answers for you to have and through this post, we will encourage you to proceed to get the free past questions and answers.

Where to download NDLEA past questions?

If you have been asking of where to download the NDLEA past questions and answers, please be specific in your answers as there are many online resources that makes available different past questions and answers, but the question is not where to download the past question, the concern is where to get ndlea past question pdf for free.

The Free NDLEA Past Questions can only be obtained from our site and NDLEA Portal  alone and by following the right download link, you will just know how to download the ndlea past question and answer pdf for free.

We won’t ask you to download from another source as we have given you directly the past questions and answers which will help you to smashed the NDLEA recruitment examination.

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Use the ndlea past questions pdf free download on this post to get the updated past questions and answers through the above mentioned link, you will have the Free NDLEA  Past Questions.

Please note that this is the only place where you can get the updated past questions and answers as other materials apparently happen to be fake.

The ndlea aptitude test past questions which you will have here in this post are ndlea recruitment past questions gotten from the right sources of the Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agency.

How to Download the NDLEA Past Questions and Answers 2019?

Since the Free NDLEA Past Questions and answers is totally free, you wil not have to make any payments for any download.

You will have the past questions and answers for the ongoing NDLEA recruitment and through the past questions and answers which we have provided her, you will just the settings and the guide for the past questions and answers.

It is very simple to download the ndlea past questions and answers pdf as there are two sides to this. You can either read the full extracts from the main past questions from this post or you can either decide to follow our next link to have the complete recruitment past questions for the Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agency.

You will get a link which you can use for the download and within two seconds you will get to the next page where you can download the past questions and answers for free. Always remeber to print the NDLEA Confirmation slip before going for Interview

Are NDLEA past questions and Answers free?

Most persons have decide to sell the past questions for several amount but in a way of contributing to humanity, we have made the NDLEA Past questions for free.

In the nutshell, we can say that if you need the Free NDLEA Past Questions  and answers pdf, then you can get the material for free from this site.

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The download guide for NDLEA recruitment past questions and answers is here on our post and instead of going to download ndlea past question and answer from other sources, we will encourage you to go for the past questions and answers here on our post as though we make it free other sites don’t.

Just use the download link and download the Free NDLEA  Past Questions and answers pdf

20 Free NDLEA Past Questions and Answers 2019 Pdf


  1. The main Feature of the coat of arm is _______

a.) The Shield

b). The flag

c.) The three horse

d.) Motto of the Nation


  1. One of this is not among the situation where the National Will be flown at Half Mast

a.) The Nation Mourns the loss of a Natural resources

b.) The Nation Marks the day of independence

c.) There is war in the country

d.) The Nation mourns the death of Past Serving leaders

  1. Who is the principal officer in NAFDAC

a.) Mr. Godwin Emefiele

b.) Mall. Ibrahim Magu

c.) Mr. Ekpo Una

d.) Prof Moji Adeyeye

  1. Which of this is not a parastatal in the Federal ministry of Information?

a.) National Orientation Agency

b.) National Television Authority

c.) African Independent Television

d.) Voice of Nigeria

  1. When was NDLEA Formed

a.) January 5th 1966

b.) January 1st 1999

c.) December 1st 1966

d.) January 1st 1990

Free NDLEA Past Questions and Answers 2019 Pdf  for Last recruitment

  1. Who is the Field commander of Multi National Joint Task Force

a.) Air Marshal Rare Ekpu

b.) Inspector General Victor Okochukwu

c.) Maj. General Leo Irabor

d.) Maj. General Tukur Yusuf

  1. The Chief of Defence Intelligence (CDI) is _______

a.) Air vice Marshal Mohammed Saliu Usman

b.) Mr. Benedict Oliseh

c.)  Air Chief Marshal Mohammed Bakindo

d.) Justice Zainab Adamu

  1. Which of this is not part of United Nations Organizations and Agencies
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b.) UNN



Free NDLEA Past Questions and Answers 2019 Pdf  on Drugs and Drug Abuse

  1. Which is the Parent Agency of NDLEA

a.) Federal Ministry of Aviation

b.) Federal Ministry of Justice

c.) Federal Ministry of Agriculture

d.) National Orientation Agency

  1. Which of these drugs are often abused by cultist

a.)  Cocaine and amphetamines

b.) Paracetamol and Antibiotics

c.) Canom and Kacham

d.) Ampicilin

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  1.  NDLEA is not concern in _________

a.)  Combatting drugs smuggling

b.) Regulating Food Smuggling

c.) Fighting against drug trafficking

d.)  Making drug laws

  1. NDLEA responsible for the destruction of Narcotics

a.) True

b.) False

c.) Non

d.) True/False

  1. Which of these is not True

a.) NDLEA works with NAFDAC

b.) NDLEA works together with United Nations

c.) NDLEA is concern with drugs produced in Nigeria alone

d.) NDLEA punishes anyone guilty of drugs related offences

  1. NDLEA is concern with the Manufacturing of drugs

a.) True

b.) Seemingly true

c.) Almost True

d.) False

  1. Who is the Executive head of UN

a.) Banki Moon

b.) Queen Elizabeth

c.) Albert Chan

d.) Margaret Thatcher

If you need more of this questions you can download the complete Nigerian Drug law enforcement agency questions and study them for free

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