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This page gives you a direct source on the Free NCS Past Questions and Answers and if you have been looking for pages with information regarding the Full download of the Nigerian Customs of the Nigerian customs service recruitment.

You should follow our guidelines to get the Free NCS Past Questions and Answers as one way to contribute greatly is to offer the past questions and answers for all those applicants that have been shortlisted to get the Free NCS Past Questions and Answers pdf.

Free NCS Past Questions

Free NCS Past Questions

Did you know?

That there is no particular syllabus and official structure for the NCS examination that has been given , but just with the NCS past question and answer pdf, you will have an insight on how the exams looks like and hence we encourage to get your on NCS recruitment past questions and answers.

We are aware that numerous candidates who have been Shortlisted Don’t have the funds to make a complete purchase of the past questions and answers and that’s why we have provided this Free NCS Past Questions and Answers at least to give an insight on how the aptitude test questions and answers look like.

All that desire Success in exams and want to make it to the Final Shortlist of Nigerian Customs Service needs to study with this material

Download Free NCS Past Questions and Answer

The NCS screening past questions can be downloaded from our site and we have given you the necessary guide to help you download the past questions and answers.

We are aware that the Nigeria Customs service recruitment comes up in a short time and hence we want you to check how to get the NCS past question free download.

If you wish to pass the Nigerian Customs service recruitment examination, then you will find this post useful for the past questions and answers.

The step by step guide on how to download the past questions has been given in this post and b following this post, you will know how to get NCS Past Questions and Answers.

From our previous research, we saw that more than 60 persons of all shortlisted applicants in the last concluded Nigerian Customs examination recruitment were those who prepare effectively with the NCS Past Questions and Answers.

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The Nigerian Customs Service P.R.O has also confirmed that for candidates to make it to the final list, then such candidates should give into the study of the past questions and answers.

As you can see, that this online material is only available on a pdf file and thus when downloading NCS past questions, please bear in your in that you are downloading the free pdf .

In most cases, the study of the NCS past questions pdf download has been a proof that the Nigerian customs service still don’t really set fresh question, but repeating the old questions has been it’s nature.

Download Nigerian Customs service Recruitment past questions

Just by clicking the post as shown below in this post you will get the downloaded information regarding how to download this page easily.

This content is what you have been looking for to download the past questions and answers and hence you will this on NCS past questions useful for you.

Lot of people have trust us to be providing them with the updated past questions and answers especially when it comes to education and recruitment past questions and answers.

The main of purpose which this post on NCS questions  is to effectively help you as you prepare for the forth coming examination.

Nigerian Customs service examination has never been an easy one and hence we will provided and updated guide for you to obtain the NCS Past Questions and Answers.

The Past Questions and Answers has never been released since the inception of the Nigerian Customs recruitment examination and hence we were able to source for the best place to source the questions from NCS past exams.

Our NCS Past Questions and Answers is a vital tool to be used for the smashing of the NCS aptitude test and we have various testimonies to back the good news of the NCS past question pdf.

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We will encourage that you should not only make the purchase and drop, but you need to effectively and efficiently prepare for the examination that is forth coming for the Nigerian Customs recruitment.

You can always download Free NCS Past Questions and Answers and other related material from this page as we promise to update this page from time.

NCS past questions pdf free download contains free questions and answers on the Past questions and answers.

Complete Free NCS Past Questions and Answers

  1. The Nigerian Customs service was established in the ______________

a) When Buhari was the Military head of state

B) pre-colonial era of Mr. T.A Wall

C) Post-Colonial Era of Mr. T.A Wall


  1. The First Chairman of Bord of Customs and Excise is _____________


a) Mr. Taiwo O.

B) E.P.C langdon

C) Mr. S.G. Briton


  1. Who was the First Appointed Director of Department of Customs and Excise

a) Taiwo

B) Alhaji Shehu, Musa

C) Alhaji Musa Taiwo



  1. The Act of parliaments which Created CIBP was promulgated on

a) Decree 14 of 11th January

B) Decree of 11th of 14 January

C) Decree 12th of 14th January


  1. What is the Full meaning of CIPB

a) Customs Immigration and Police Board

B) Customs Immigration Protection Body

C) Customs Immigration Prisons Board


  1. The Director of Customs Partake in the African Union Sub Committee Meetings True/False

a) Somehow True

B) True

C) False


To get the full Questions and answers, please download the NCS Past questions and Complete Answers


  1. ____________ Is not a department bellowing to the Nigerian Customs service

a) Finance, Administration and Technical Service

B) Enforcement and drugs

C) Trade policies


  1. Who heads the various department of the Nigerian Customs service

a) The Deputy Comptroller Generals

B) The Comptroller General

C) The Custom Departmental head


  1. Which of this is not among the Functions of Nigerian Customs Service

a) Anti-smuggling activities

B) Control of Foreign Exchange

C) Giving statistics for Budget


  1. The NCS was established in what year

a) 1990

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B) 1981

C) 1891


Select Words nearest in meaning to the Italics on Free NCS Past Questions on English


  1. He played the ball with so much dexterity

a) Skills

B) Pride

C) Force


  1. Your proposal and plans is not feasible

a) Practicable

B) Advisable

C) Clear


  1. My grand Parents 90th Anniversary _______________ for a celebration

a) is called for

B) Calls for

C) Call for


Few Free NCS Past Questions on Arithmetic


  1. ________________ is the Formula for simple interest

a) [{P×R×T}/100]

B) [{P×T×R}/10]

C) [{P×R×T}- 100]


  1. Taiwo sales and deliver 405 copies of Books in a whole day, How many books will he sell in 5 days

a) 2025

B) 2045

C) 4055

Get Full questions and Answers on NCS here

Answers on this NCS aptitude test past questions and answers are answers written in bold are in italics. These questions were correctly solve with answers provide and you will find it interesting for you to download.

If you want to ask any question or make any humble request, please we will love you to use the comment box and ask your questions and we will give you an answer.

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