FIRS Salary Scale and Structure in Nigeria

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FIRS Salary Scale and Structure 

The Federal Inland Revenue service is a governmental agency that deals with the taxpaying of Nigerian citizens.

This agency was established in 1943 and was under the Department of Inland Revenue. It has been for many years and has successfully gone through its duties.

This agency has several functions which it carries out on a daily basis. All who pays tax to the government of Nigeria are given certain privileges by this agency.

Also, this agency helps to monitor all activities regarding the tax payment by Nigerian citizens and the tax usage by the government of Nigeria.

Many people do not even know that an agency of this sort exists and also carries out certain functions.

Sometimes, people usually see certain happenings and do not even know how they come about.

They do not know that there are lots of agencies in Nigeria that looks into the affairs of Nigerian citizens.

This is one of these agencies and they help to look into the affair of Nigerian citizens who pay their taxes.

The staff members of this agency usually receive payment at the end of every month. This is the reason for the FIRS Salary Scale.

Many graduates and others who wish to work in this department usually ask for the salary scale and structure of this agency.

Also, youth corpers who are looking for places to perform their primary duty of service to the nation.

They often ask if the FIRS Salary Scale is good enough so as to also be a part of the staff member of this agency.

This is the essence of this post as it will bring all the details of this agency to your notice. You will also get to know the FIRS Salary Scale and Structure for all grades.

If you miss any detail of this post, you are capable of missing an important detail of this information.

To see more about this agency, read down and do not miss out on any detail of this post.

FIRS Salary Scale and Structure 2021

FIRS Salary Scale and Structure 2021

Functions of the FIRS

The Federal Inland Revenue Service has several functions which they carry out. Many at times, citizens of Nigeria do not even know why they enjoy certain benefits.

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They are some benefits which citizens of Nigeria enjoy that this government agency allows them to enjoy.

These benefits are part of the functions of the Federal Inland Revenue service. With the tax that citizens pay to the government, the FIRS have its functions.

The functions of the Federal Inland Revenue Service are not much but they are what every citizen of Nigeria should know.

Their knowledge about these functions will help them to appreciate the Federal Inland Revenue Service. Below are the functions of the FIRS;

  1. FIRS enable citizens to have legal grounds and request for the accountability of the task they pay.
  2. It helps to generate revenue that the government can use to improve the economic standard of the country and also provide public services.
  3. This agency also provides citizens with the civic responsibility of paying their taxes.
  4. FIRS helps to redistribute wealth and maintain the standard of living in the country
  5. It also helps in measuring the growth state of a state or the country’s economy.
  6. The FIRS uses the rate of compliance which people or business organizations pay their taxes to estimate privileges they should have access to.

With these functions, we can now all see how the Federal Inland Revenue Service works to help in the economic growth of the country.

Also, how this agency allocates privileges to citizens who pay their taxes and perform certain duties for the benefits of the citizens of Nigeria.

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FIRS Salary Scale and Structure for Corps Members

The FIRS Salary Scale is at various grades. These grades are according to the experience of staff members of this agency.

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In this section of this post, we want to see the FIRS Salary Scale and Structure for national youth service corps members.

Some of these corps members usually look deep to find out the salary scale of this agency so as to know if it will be good enough for them.

Sometimes, they cannot find any reasonable result for their search. In this section of this post, we will let you know the FIRS Salary Scale and Structure for corps members.

This information will enable you to know if the salary structure of this agency will benefit you as a corps member.

It is very clear that the Federal Inland Revenue Service is one of the government agencies that pay youth corpers very well.

The Federal Inland Revenue Service pays corps members between N34, 000 to N46, 000 in a month. For this reason, lots of corps members usually book job spaces in this organisation.

You can be among the national youth service corpers that can venture into this agency and earn as much as this.

Many people do not even know that this agency pays as much as this and by this, they end up missing the opportunity to serve in it.

The salary that this agency offers is suitable enough for corps members as they can even end up being new members of the agency if they perform well.

Do not miss out on this opportunity to earn this much during your service period. Apply for a position in this agency as a corper and fill all vacancies before time runs out.

FIRS Salary Scale and Structure 2021

The Federal Inland Revenue Service has workers who work hard to ensure the growth of this agency. These staff also need to carter for themselves.

For this reason, they receive payment at the end of the month. Some people usually want to work in this agency but seek to know the salary scale of the agency.

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The FIRS Salary Scale and Structure is according to the grades of staff members of the agency. This staff ranges from the new workers even up to the chairman of the agency.

Those who want to work in this agency should take note of this section of this post. This section of this post will enable them to know if the salary of this agency is suitable enough for you.

The higher you happen to move in this agency, the higher your payment. Some people usually find it difficult to get a promotion in this agency and this is because they do not get enough experience to move to another level in the agency.

Below is the FIRS Salary Scale and Structure monthly in 2021;

  1. Youth corper – N34, 000 – N46, 000
  2. Assistant manager – N310, 000 – N331, 000
  3. Tax Administrator – N360, 000 – N342, 000
  4. Counselling and development – N279, 000 – N298, 000
  5. Inspector of taxes – N382, 000 – N412, 600
  6. Accounting clerk – N67, 000 – N73, 000
  7. Accountant – N198, 000 – N211, 000
  8. Human resources generalist – N479, 000 – N517, 000
  9. VAT officer (corper) – N24,000 – N26, 000
  10. Tax officer – N289, 600 – N310, 000

Share this information with those who do not know about the FIRS Salary Scale and Structure. Drop all comments regarding this information in the comment box below.



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