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Currently, the ongoing federal recruitment is up and application is done through the 2020 Federal Teachers Recruitment Portal for candidates who wish to work with the federal civil service under the auspices of the federal Teachers recruitment.

Federal teachers recruitment portal

Federal teachers recruitment portal

One thing which most people have encountered is having the right application portal to process your recruitment and this information will help you and put you through in your application.

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The question and the problem of knowing the right application portal are answered here in this post as we give you all vital information regarding this post.

This post answers the question on how to apply for the 2020 recruitment and all vital information which should be observed in the recruitment exercise.

In summary, knowing the right Federal Teachers Recruitment Portal for the Federal Teachers recruitment is somewhat important as, without it, you will not be able to apply for the recruitment.

There are steps to apply for the ongoing recruitment and the step by step guide is seen in our application portal and this post deals directly with the UBEC application.

After a long time, the UBEC thought of recruiting with her application portal being open for eligible candidates.

About UBEC – Federal Teacher’s Recruitment Scheme

The Universal Basic education is under the Federal Teacher’s recruitment scheme and this body was established in the year 2006 by the then Olusegun Obasanjo administration with the main aim of employing and recruiting candidates who have met the basic requirements of the application. This scheme is for NCE degree holders who are not employed and place them on a two years service.

All Federal Teachers recruitment shortlisted candidates are eligible tow or under any public school which such candidate will be posted to for two years.

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Shortlisted candidates will be shared among various primary, nursery and Junior secondary schools.

One of the major goals of FTS is to ensure that young graduates are further exposed to more teaching practice in their various fields.

Another goal of FTS under the Universal Basic Education is to mould and have a standard education for the young ones who are still shuttering.

This scheme over the years has employed about more than 5, thousand applicants since it was established.

The coordinator, recently spoked on the basic things needed for the application and this he said in a statement communicated to candidates online.

All shortlisted candidates will be monitored during the two years scheme while teaching and this brings about efficiency.

Federal Teachers Recruitment  2020

This application invites all those that are eligible to apply for the ongoing recruitment and the recruitment exercise is scheduled to last for just a few weeks after which applicants will receive a notification for screening.

Please note that applicants of FTS will be deployed to different states across Nigeria especially states of origin.

The National Coordinator has stated that the Federal Teachers recruitment scheme is not fake and admonished all applicants to apply before the closure of the application portal.

There is strict application regarding requirements for the federal Teachers (UBEC) recruitment and it is not just Apply through the federal teacher’s recruitment portal.

Here are the Recruitment Requirements for FTS

  1. Applicants for this recruitment is open for all candidates who obtain their NCE certificate not earlier than 2013
  2. Applicants for UBEC applying through the Federal Teachers Recruitment Portal UBEC Application Portal should be less than 35 years of age
  3. Candidates who are enrolled in the ongoing Npower programme or currently completing the compulsory 1-year NYSC programme will be disqualified
  4. Only those NCE holders who have specialization in English education, Mathematics, Vocational education, Early Childhood Education, Computer science and computer studies  Foreign languages/any Nigerian languages and special education, integrated science, chemistry, physics and other science education will be selected.
  5. Throughout two years of service, applicants should not be involved in any other employment projects.
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Federal Teachers recruitment portal

The application portal is open and we urge candidates who are eligible for this recruitment to visit the application portal and apply for the recruitment.

To apply for this recruitment do well to visit the portal and fill in your basic information to login. Upon login to the portal, you should begin your application by filling in your relevant details.

Please do not supply your details to any fake website that claims to be the approved website for the Nigerian Federal Teachers recruitment for NCE.

Please ensure that you have followed the application link which is the right application portal to apply for the recruitment.

Nationwide recruitment will only last for two weeks that is from the 10th to the 24th of September 2020  and we are not sure if the portal will be extended.

How to Apply for UBEC Recruitment

  1. Visit the official federal teacher’s recruitment portal and process your application
  2. Register and fill in your email address and proceed to the next page
  3. Logi to start processing your application
  4. Ensure you complete and fill in all relevant columns of the biodata
  5. Upload the necessary documents required of you in a Jpeg format
  6. Review your application and click on “SUBMIT” to submit your application

The guide above shows how to apply for the Federal Teachers recruitment through the Federal Teachers Recruitment Portal UBEC Application Portal which has been stated here in this post.

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All application information which candidates should know is enshrined in this post above and by following the key interactions, applying for the Federal Universal Basic education recruitment through federal teachers recruitment portal is important.

Please note that applicants will be invited for an interview examination which will come up in October and all shortlisted candidates are to make it to the recruitment interview to go further.

You will receive a notification regarding the list of shortlisted candidates through your mail and by following your mail you will know when to go for the interview screening exercise.

One important tool which you can use to pass the UBEC examination with flying colours is the use and in-depth study of the Federal Teachers recruitment past questions and answers.

Unlike other recruitment such as airforce please note that the recruitment process will be abrupt and candidates will start working once school have resumed.

If there is need tho contribute or you want to ask a question on federal teachers recruitment application portal, then do well to drop it through the application portal.

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