Fairmoney Customer Care Line and Phone Number

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The rise of fairmoney money has brought about many of its customers looking for fairmoney customer care line.

Nut just fairmoney but numerous online loans have spread in Nigeria hence we just have to bring to you a series on how to contact different loans app through their customer care line.

Fairmoney is not an exception has it offers loans to Nigeria through their app and those who have not had the fairmoney app and need instant money to sole their daily needs, need to therefore download the app through the google playstore.

Not only faurmoney, but different loan company exist providing loan services to clients and the rise of most of this online loans is what we can’t really tell.

Fairmoney Customer Care Line

Fairmoney Customer Care Line

In our previous post, we have tried as much as possible to give you all detail description on the fairmoney loan and all which can help you to download and burrow money from the app and in this post, we will let you know all fairmoney customer care line and contact details with a detailed email address.

Fairmoney USSD Code

Unlike other loans like carbon, fairmoey has an approve USSD code and you can use this code to complete various kinds of transaction here.

We have not just given you the application, but you can use the code too to complete your loans and we have given you the detailed code for you to use and complete any kind of transaction with the code.

The approved code is dependent on the line which you are using and whether you are using airtel, MTN, or Glo you can use codes to complete your fairmoney transaction.

It’s one thing to know the code and another thing to be able to use this code as it is and complete your transaction just like you are using the fairmoney app.

From what we have seen the official, fairmoney code for you is *322*6# and by dialing the code, and following the prompt instructions, you can simply complete your loan transaction.

This USSD code is fast and easy for those that don’t have access to it and we just wanted you to know this USSD so you don’t contact fairmoney on their fairmoney customer care line and ask for a USSD code.

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Fairmoney Apk

The fairmoney App is an interesting app that can be downloaded on playstore or any online store and it is just incredible and if you don’t download this app, it is awful.

We want you to download fairmoney app and in the case of having any complaints, you can reach out to the customer care line and get any kind of issues resolve through the app that we have provided.

The download link to download this app on google playstore is just here on this post and before even complaining about any form, you should check that your application was properly installed.

On the application you will have to register with your phone number and you will get a confirmation message through an OTP code sent to your registered phone number.

You will not be asked for any kind of further details upon registration except you chose to process any kind of fairmoney services like airtime and loan service.

The Fairmoney app is one of the fastest app on playstore aside from being one of the fastest app, it is apparently easy to use.

Some customers and other users of the app may find it difficult to process with some certain processes on the app and hence we have given you the right number to call Fairmoney Customer Care line and get through on your questions about the app and its functionality.

Fairmoney Contact and Fairmoney Customer care line

Just like we did to okash customer care line, we will not hesitate to also let you know about the fairmoney customer care line as this information is necessary to help you to contact fairmoney and relate your issues as you use the app.

The Fairmoney Customer Care line and phone numbers are always on and reaching is very easy. You can read more about fairmoney and used their frequently asked questions to quickly give yourself the answer you have been looking for.

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We will advise that you reach out to the right customer care line and get all your issues rectify without stressing yourself much.

The contact details and phone number which you are to call and resolve your issues is 016316097. You can also send a mail to the customer’s care mail address on help@fairmoney.ng.

What is important to note is that unlike other loans, you can’t just contact or call fairmoney Customer Care line at any time but rather the particular time for which you can reach out to fairmoeny is between 9am to 5pm and this is done every Mondays to Fridays.

To ensure that you on the right line, please confirm the phone number before dialing on the send call.

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Fairmoney Interest Rate

The interest rate of fairmoney has also been a concern which requires an inquiries and the customer phone number.

But instead of dialing a call or sending a mail on inquiries on their approved interest rate, then you should rely here to get updates on the approved interest rate for fairmoney’s loan.

We have realized the one question usually asked is the right interest rate because persons are certainly afraid to pick a loan they might not be able to repay.

Since fairmoney gives loans ranging from N1,500 to N500.000 online, with a duration of 4 to 26 weeks of expected payments, then we have also realized that loans are given for the interest rate of %10 to 30% for the above mentioned duration.

However, the above mentioned duration is based on the loan amount and that is to say the higher your loan amount, the higher the interest rate attached to a loan.

The interest rate is also based on the duration of your repayments and if you pay your loan early enough, you will get a slashed on the interest rate for repayments.

Direct messages to can also be sent to Fairmoney on facebook

Fairmoney Office Address

People have actually looked for the Fairmoney’s office to visit in Lagos or in any other part. Since fairomeoney is an online platform, we will recommend that instead of visiting the fairmoney office you should rather use the Fairmoney Customer Care line and email address to reach out to fairmoney on any complaints.

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Fairmoney app can be downloaded and it is very easy to use just with your data connected to your phone you will have the fairmoney app within a twinkle.

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Just know that Fairmoney has an office in Lagos and it is either in Ikeja or Ipaja in Lagos but we are not certain of the actual location for which we can find fairmoney office in Lagos or Abuja.

We want to assure you that fairmoney’s app is super safe an %100 legit for any kind of online transaction and you may not necessary have to visit the office in Lagos to undertake a business transaction.

The best thing is to check on the app online, follow them for updates on their facebook page or you can call the fairmoney customer care if any issues arise.

If you have any question or contribution on this post on Fairmoney Customer Care phone number and mail, please drop it at the comment box below.

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