EFCC Salary Structure in Nigeria and Ranks 2020

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This is yet another post which gives you the necessary information on EFCC Salary Structure in Nigeria and their ranks according to the salary structure.

The ongoing EFCC recruitment will make for the release of the full EFCC shortlisted candidates and hence, we just decided to give you the necessary information on the updated salary structure obtained from EFCC.

We have written to give you updates on the updated salary structure according to the salary increment that occur in 2019.

EFCC Salary Structure in Nigeria and Ranks

EFCC Salary Structure in Nigeria and Ranks

For all those that have desiring to know the right amount of money which is paid for working with EFFC, then you will find this post useful for updated information on EFCC.

The economic and financial crimes commission is one of the few federal government crime agency that pays a good amount to their workers.

Candidates are paid well because of the nature of the job and thus, they are all informed about the salary structure.

Our post on Police ranks and Salary was widely read, and we decided to let you to know how to access this salary structure and hence this post on EFCC salary structure.

Nigeria Economic and Financial crime commission had recently increased the salary of its workers and we just decide to let you know the updated salary structure and not just that but the ranks too.

About Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC)

EFCC which means the economic and financial crime commission is a Nigerian governmental nonmilitary organization with the sole aim of fighting financial crimes ranging from internet fraud, money embezzlement, money laundry and other related financial offenses.

Since its inception, the agency has recorded a hallmark of certain achievement according to the stated out principles and its functions.

The agency has recorded success in fighting and hunting down dreaded politicians who are involve in one crime or the other.

EFFC was established according to the act of parliaments for the full implementation and a total war against crime.

The agency has it national office in Abuja and other zonal offices across Nigeria and has the main mission to rid Nigeria and Nigerians of all crimes involving finances and even economic crimes and partners in the international war against money laundering.

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Economic and Financial Crime commission has been recognized internationally as one of the best Agency which has fought various financial crimes in the Country.

EFCC has recorded the probing of some prominent politicians of high caliber that are linked to fraudulent act being investigated and probe.

EFCC Salary Increment on EFCC Salary Structure in Nigeria

There had been a salary increment in 2019 and this salary increment affected all facet of the Economic and financial crime commission workers as their salary increased in a great way.

The new minimum wage implementation had also favour the increase of salary paid in EFCC as staff was paid a good amount of money as a salary increase.

The new salary scheme had favour lots of staff especially the newly recruit of the Economic and financial crime commission.

This salary increase led to the writing of this post on EFCC Salary Structure in Nigeria and Ranks so to know the new minimum salary of EFCC.

You will see the complete salary from our post and the 2020 rank for EFCC. If you were told that the old amount for the EFCC salary, please disregard it as the Federal Government had increase the salary structure of the agency.

The New salary increment was also implemented for Independent Corrupt Practices Commission, ICPC as workers now earn more than ever

Full EFCC Salary Scale and Ranking Structure

Now here we have the full salary scale for EFCC below according to the different positions.  Check out for

  • Graduate Detective Superintendent –  000.00
  • Detective Assistant –        N150,000.00
  • Detective inspector –        000.00
  • Graduate Assistant                                 –        N158,000.00 to  N201,00.00
  • Deputy Detective Superintendent –    N245,000.00
  • Senior Level Salary –        Depends on the years of experience

The above  EFCC salary scale were given to us by a source who claims not to be mentioned so it is only an estimated salary range of all workers and this shows the estimated salary structure for the economic and Financial crimes commission.

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As one works with the commission, workers’ salary is sure to increase and staff of EFFC is sure to get promoted and to enjoy a better salary.

For the last position which we have stated there in the above post, it actually depends on the years of experience and years of service.

EFFCC belong is a public cooperation just like the ICPC and that’s why the EFCC Salary Structure in Nigeria is not really fixed compare to the civil service alary scheme in Nigeria.

Do well to check out the above for information regarding the updated salary scheme.

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Functions of EFCC

  1. Bank theft and Bank Fraud investigation

The Economic and Financial Crime Commission investigates banks for fraud and see to the fact that theft is being reduced. Any banker is culpable will be instigated and probe according to the law.

In some cases, banks do bite more than what they can chew hence it is the duty of EFCC to investigate and step into any fraudulent cases.

  1. Leading and High monetary Fraud

When it has to do with high and advance fraud involving money, the Economic and Financial Crime commission has a sole duty to probe any culprit.

Once a heavy some of money gets to any bank across Nigeria, EFCC receives the notification and permission to investigate the source of the money to ensure it was not acquired by fraudulent means.

  1. Investigation on the Embezzlement of public funds by Politicians

Some years back, EFCC convicted about 21 Governors of the state for embezzlement and it has since nabbed numerous corrupt politicians for embezzlement of public funds.

Politicians are closely watched by the commission and it has the vecto power to probe any politician who embezzles public funds for personal use.

In 20019, the former minister of petroleum was convicted of possessing about 30 billion dollars’ worth of jewelry in her residence

  1. Cybercrime and Fraud

This has been the hallmark of the commission as lately, the commission has been tooth and neck with all internet fraudsters popularly known as Yahoo boys and this fight continues.

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EFCC So far has arrested numerous internet fraudsters and convicted them for dubbing people online especially their foreign clients

Other functions   

  1. Anti-terrorism financing
  2. Investigation on Money Laundering
  3. All Financial Fraud

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EFCC Salary for Newly Recruit

As a new recruit, you are expecting salary range for EFCC, you should know that as a new recruit, you are expected to earn from N85,000.00 to 145.000.00 as a newly recruit.

However this is subject to change as it is based on the position such applicants applied for newly recruit should expect salary from N85,000.00.

Just like federal Civil service recruitment, EFCC workers should not expect their salaries from the first months and even the second months until the third month where your confirmation letter is now ready for pick up.

As a newly recruit, you may not expect a very big salary but the work might be a bit tasking and herculean deepening on your zone.

Your salary structure depends on your position too as a newly recruit and you are also eligible to other incentives as an officer.

If you have any question or contribution on this post on EFCC Salary Structure and Ranks, do well to let us know by dropping your comment through the official comment box below on our post.



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