Create Email Address – Steps to Create an Active Email Address

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Create Email Address

Nowadays, everyone needs an email address to gain access to certain privileges. Students cannot register for an external exam without an email.

Many times, people usually pay money for others to Create Email Address for them. This is usually because they lack the knowledge of doing so.

Create Email Address is a very easy task. The requirements are simple to get and also, it does not have such procedures.

There are various mail sites in the world today. Many people use different mail sites to create an email for themselves.

Some of these mail sites end up not performing their task accurately. People usually Create Email Address for different purposes.

Some Create Email Address for business and some for their self – use. Creating an email address can be done with any mobile device.

Many do not know this and for this reason, cannot create one for themselves. With this post, you will know how to Create Email Address for yourself and also for your businesses.

The procedures are in this post. Also, you will know the various email sites we have. The knowledge of these sites will help you to choose the one you want to have an email address with.

To know more about how to Create Email Address read down. As long as creating an email address is concerned, this post will guide you.

If you want to get the full knowledge of creating a functional email that you will use for years, do not miss any detail of this post.

Create Email Address

Create Email Address

Types of Emails

In the world today, there are various types of email accounts. These various email accounts fall under each type of email.

The classification of these email accounts by types depends on how they operate. Some are can only be accessed on the internet while some operate outside the web.

The various types of emails are below;


Webmail is one of the two types of emails. It is an internet-based form of email as you can only have access to it on the internet.

This email does not exist on the computer or any of your internet accessing devices but on the cloud.

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It is not an installed email application that you can get your mail from wherever you want but one that you must access and manage from the internet.

Email accounts under the web email include; Google mail popularly known as Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and America Online (AOL).

To access any webmail from a mail app on your mobile device, you can use your webmail provider. The webmail provider will in turn use one of the three email protocols.

Email Clients

There are various software applications that one can use to manage emails he or she sends or receives.

These software applications are called Email Clients. These applications are usually installed on the computer.

They have the capability to access your email using the aids of a remote email server. Some of the Email Clients are; Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird and Apple Mail.

To access this type of email from the web rather than using the Client’s computer application is possible. All you will do is use any email protocol.

With the email protocol, you can use the software application in your system to log in to your email from the web using any of the email protocols.

Email Protocols

Email protocols are systems that retrieve emails of persons. They can fetch the email accounts of an email client on the internet.

Email Protocols also fetches webmail accounts on mobile apps. These are the three main types of email protocols.

Using any of these email protocols, you can bring your account from the internet to your mobile app or access your webmail from your system software application.


POP is an abbreviation that stands for the Post Office Protocol. This email protocol is mainly for those who have just one email account and one email client.

POP3 is the latest version of the Post office protocol. With it you can easily access your email when you are not in the internet. This email protocol also requires less internet bandwidth to function properly.


The Exchange email protocol is a Microsoft email protocol. It is similar to the IMAP email protocol and allows its users to access their email in the internet with various devices at the same time.

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To enable it to function properly, you will have to have tasks, calendars and contact information in the email address.

Exchange Protocol is mainly for organizations that have employees that share different information and comes together rarely.


IMAP is also an abbreviation that stands for the Internet Mail Access Protocol. It is one of the oldest email protocols that are present today.

The latest version of the IMAP is the IMAP4. This email protocol cannot download email to offline email clients as the POP does.

To access and manage your email using this email protocol, you will have to remain online. People who have more than one email account and access them from multiple devices or locations are the ones to use this email protocol.

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Types of Email Accounts

There are various types of Email accounts in the world today. These email accounts have special features and perform the same features.

Nevertheless, each of these email accounts also has its own special features which make them be compared to each other.

Before you Create Email Address, you will, first of all, know the type of email address you want to create and the email account that is best for it.

Many people do not know these and so end up choosing the wrong email accounts for various email addresses they create.

In this section of this post, we will not see all the email accounts in the world but those that are termed the best among others.

These email accounts are known for the normal sending and receiving of mails but it also has its various advantages it adds to its users.

All email accounts have those who are specifically to use it. Before you Create Email Address with any of these email accounts, know who it is really meant for.

The best email accounts we have in the world today are below;

  • Google mail (Gmail) – for constant Google users
  • Yahoo! Mail – for those who send and receive email attachments mostly
  • Zoho – for starting a business and also managing small businesses
  • com – for small businesses and self-employers
  • ProtonMail – for sending and receiving sensitive information.
  • iCloud Mail – for users of MAC who want to display everything on one system
  • GMX Mail – for those who want multiple emails with one inbox
  • Mozilla Thunderbird – for those who want to have a simple and customizable email inbox.
  • Yandex Mail – for those who want free email with additional storage capabilities
  • America Online (AOL) – for those that communicate frequently with email
  • Outlook – for those that use various platforms to connect with others
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How to Create Email Address

The processes of creating an email address are very simple. With the above email accounts, you can easily Create Email Address for free.

All you will have to do is to follow the necessary steps you are to take. Also, the type of email you will create also matters.

When creating an email address, you will have to use the email account that suits the purpose of your email address.

To successfully Create Email Address, search for the email account in your browser, choose to create a new account.

You will see an option stating for business or for self. Choose the purpose you want. After following other steps, you will agree to the terms and condition of the email account.

Share this information with others as they can also learn how to Create Email Address. Drop all comments regarding this post in the comment box below.



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