Covenant University School Fees 2021 Academic Session

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Covenant University School Fees 2021

Covenant University happens to have the rank as the best university in Nigeria with incredible modern learning facilities.

The institution is a large one with a good number of students both local and internationally attending it.

This tertiary institution is a Christian institution. It is owned by the Living Faith Church AKA Winners Chapel.

Covenant University came into existence many years back and since then has greatly strived to meet the standard of various international institutions.

Many courses are offered in this institution and anyone can choose any of the courses to offer. To become a student of this institution, you will have to gain admission.

The admission process of this institution is usually not stressful and time-consuming. All you have to do is to meet the admission criteria of the institution.

Once you meet the admission criteria, your admission is very much safe. This university has both national and international stand.

It is upgrading on daily basis with adequate learning facilities. All who are students of this institution will have to pay their school fees.

To pay Covenant University School Fees is very much easy. First of all, you will have to know how much the Covenant University School Fees are.

These school fees are for various courses and anyone can easily pay them as there is a portal for the effective payment of the school fees.

This portal is very much open to all students of this great institution both new and returning students.

With the information in this post, you will know the Covenant University School Fees, the portal for paying the fees and how to pay it.

Read down to see full details of the payment of this fee and do not miss any detail of this information. Missing any detail of this post can make you miss very vital information.

Covenant University School Fees

Covenant University School Fees

Covenant University School Fees for New Students

In Covenant University being a standard school in Nigeria and with the rating as the best has various courses.

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Each course has its own specific school fee amount which all those studying it must pay to have a smooth educational year.

To pay this school fee, you must, first of all, know how much the school fee is and as well as how to pay the school fees.

Once you know the amount of School fee you are to pay for the course you are studying, you will know how much to bargain for it.

It will not be a case where you assume and you then end up seeing that it is higher than the amount that you bargained for.

This has been the case study of some people and they end up not being able to pay the school fee before the academic year runs out.

See the list of Covenant University School Fees for New Students below;

  1. Economics – 937,500
  2. Industrial Relations & Human Resource Management- 937,500
  3. Psychology/Counseling – 977,500
  4. Demography & Social Statistics – 937,500
  5. Engineering Courses – 1,002,500
  6. Computer Science – 977,500
  7. Biochemistry – 984,500
  8. International Relations – 977,500
  9. Industrial Physics/Mathematics – 984,500
  10. Industrial Chemistry – 977,500
  11. Building Technology – 977,500
  12. Management Information Science- 977,500
  13. Estate Management -977,500
  14. Marketing – 937,500
  15. Policy & Strategic Studies – 977,500
  16. Sociology – 937,500
  17. Mass Communication and Advertisement – 977,500
  18. Public Relation – 977,500
  19. Architecture – 977,500
  20. Accounting – 977,500
  21. Banking & Finance – 937,500
  22. Business Administration- 937,500
  23. Political Science – 977,500
  24. English Language – 977,500
  25. Microbiology – 984,500
  26. Biology – 977,500

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Covenant University School Fees Portal

To pay the Covenant University School Fees, you will need to follow certain procedures. This payment is very possible in the bank and also online.

The online payment is to avoid going to queue up in the bank and wait for your turn to pay your school fees.

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Nevertheless, both of them are the same thing. To pay your Covenant University School Fees online, you will have to know the portal for doing so.

After knowing this portal, you will follow some processes to successfully pay your school fees. This portal is very much open to all students of this institution.

Once you get admission into this institution, you are liable to access this portal with ease and easily pay your school fees.

Also, you will be able to perform all other activities of the school still on this same portal. To access this portal, you will first have to know the URL that will lead you to the portal.

Once you get to know about this URL, you will be able to find the site with ease and have access to all its various functions.

Different people perform different activities on this portal every day due to the access they have to the portal.

Old students of the school already know of this portal as they use it every semester to perform various academic activities.

You can be among those who work on this portal and do not waste time performing any academic activity you want to with ease.

The registering of courses and other activities is also very possible in this portal. The official URL that will lead you to this portal is

Use this portal today and perform all your academic activities with this institution.

How to Pay Covenant University School Fees Online

When you gain admission into any institution, there are various activities you will have to carry out. One of these activities is the payment of school fees.

Once you complete the payment of school fees in this institution, you can go forward to perform all academic functions without any disturbance.

Also, you will have a smooth academic year. To pay Covenant University School Fees, you will first of all access the portal for the payment of the school fees.

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Once you access this portal, the payment process will be easy to go about. Only those who have admission to study in this institution can have access to this portal.

Once you have admission to this institution, you definitely have all rights to access this portal as you will have your login details.

The processes you will take for the payment of school fees on this portal are very easy as anyone can easily carry them out.

These processes are possible even with your mobile device as you do not need to get a computer system to carry it out.

To pay Covenant University School Fees online, use the information below;

  • Visit the
  • With your username and password, log in to your dashboard
  • Click on the Application Status in order to print your notification of admission
  • After that, click on “pay fees”
  • At the bottom of the page, click the here to proceed icon
  • Select your payment mode
  • When you are done making payment, you can move on to print out your receipt.

Share this information with all who have admission into this institution. Drop all comments regarding this post in the comment box below.



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