Check CAC Registration Status 2021 – How to Check RC Status

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Check CAC Registration Status 2021

The CAC is an initial for the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria. This body helps to register companies present in Nigeria under the government.

Due to the formation of companies in Nigeria, the government set up this body to ensure the registration of each company.

This body inspects the formation, management and even the closing downs of companies in Nigeria.

It has a duty to keep records of all Nigerian companies so as to give an account when the time is due.

Many may not see any need for this body but it has really helped the government to know the companies in Nigeria. This has also made it easy for the government to know the kind of business predominant in Nigeria.

The Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) has a job to be a standard company registering body known worldwide. This body is still progressing towards this vision.

If anyone wants to open a company of business firm in Nigeria, registration must first be done with the Corporate Affairs Commission.

Also, if you have a company and you want to receive a loan or grants from the government you cannot have access to it unless you have been registered with CAC.

Once you register with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), you will be given a certificate. This certificate shows that you are a legal standing Nigerian company.

With this certificate, you can also access all loans or grants that the government will give to companies to help themselves.

You can register your company with the Corporate Affairs Commission today. The steps are in this post.

The ways to also Check CAC Registration Status are in this post and other details you need to know about this commission.

This post will give you all the necessary details about the Corporate Affairs Commission and even its features and duties it performs.

Check CAC Registration Status

Check CAC Registration Status

Formation of CAC

The law of registering companies in Nigeria was not part of the Nigerian constitution. This law was introduced into Nigerian law by the English law that was received.

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This law has been through various changes. It was first known as the Companies ordinance in 1912, The Companies Ordinance 1922, The Companies Act I968 and to the Companies Allied Matters Act, 1990 which is now 2004.

Before the Corporate Affairs Commission came into existence, the registering and administration of companies was conducted by the Registrar of Companies.

This Registrar was in the Corporate Affairs Division of the Ministry of Trade. Both the organization and staffing of company members was done by both the Ministry of Trade and the Ministry of Justice.

The company registry generated revenue for the government but had several faults. Some of this fault was due to inadequate funds and facilities to carry out their operation.

Due to this act, the Nigerian Law Reform staged a law reform Programme in 1987. In this reforming programme, it was agreed that a special body should be erected.

This special body is to conduct matters concerning the administration of Nigerian companies. In this deliberation, the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) was established.

This body was established by a section1 of the rule Companies Allied Matters Act4. This body now administrates company matters.

The body can also acquire and dispose of all sorts of properties for its purpose to be met. It can also sue offenders and can also be sued if found offensive.

Thus, the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) came to be. The company is more efficient than the companies’ registrar as it has adequate facilities to function properly.

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Functions of CAC

Many have heard of the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) but do not know its functions. This governmental body has many functions.

It does not only register companies but also ensures the day to day efficiency of Nigerian companies. The functions of this body are unique and more specified from that of the Companies Registrar.

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In this section of this post we will educate you on several functions that this body carries out. Nevertheless, all its functions are mainly regarding Nigerian companies.

The different administrative functions it carries out are in this section of this post.

Below are the functions of the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC);

  • Administering the act be regulating and supervising the incorporation, management, formation and even the closing down of Nigerian companies.
  • To create a registry for companies and offices in all the Nigerian states so as to aid the easy functioning of this body as it discharges its duties in all the states present in Nigeria.
  • The Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) digs deep into all the affairs of Nigerian companies and also into the interest of its shareholders and the masses if the need arises.
  • To fully implement acts that will fully establish its purpose as in the Act.
  • The Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) is charged with the responsibility of registering businesses and incorporated trustees with the government.

CAC Registration Process

To Check CAC Registration Status, one must first register in the Corporate Affairs Commission e-Registration platform.

The registration process is just like any other registration process. You will need your personal information and other documents for complete registration.

Anyone that wants to register their company’s name with the government can access the CAC e-Registration portal.

You don’t need to go to any office to register your company with the government. You can do it yourself with the steps you will see in this section.

For a smooth and easy registration of your Company’s name with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), follow the steps below;

  • Open an account in the CAC e-Registration Portal
  • When you are through with the account opening, check for the available company’s name.
  • Reserve your company’s name by filling in all the necessary details required of you.
  • Lastly, Register your company by inputting your Company’s name availability code in the space provided for it.

After following these steps and registering your company’s name with CACS, you can now go forth to Check CACS Registration Status.

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How to Check CAC Registration Status

When you have successfully registered your company’s name with CACS, you can now go forth to Check CAC Registration Status.

One can do this through your account with the CAC e-Registration portal. This account will enable you to know your stand with the Corporate Affairs Commission.

The processes that will guide you to Check CAC Registration Status are below;

  • Go to the official CAC website
  • Fill the form that you will see accurately
  • Input your company’s name in the given area without Plc., limited or ltd.
  • Fill in your company’s name either part or full
  • Click on the search button
  • Finally, click on submit.

If your company exists, you will get information bearing the company’s details. If it does not exist you will receive an empty reply.

Moreover, if the company has other companies bearing a similar name to its own then you will have to search for the exact company.

This post contains every important detail about the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

How to Check CAC Registration Status and other information about CAC are here. Share it with others and let them know that they can register their company with CAC from home.

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