Carbon Loan Customer Care Number Contact and Carbon Phone Number

Here is another post which gives you the full description and necessary information on the 2020 Carbon Loan Customer Care Number and the right phone number and email address to use and contact carbon.

The rise and the popularity of carbon loan is something which have been understood and we can categorically tell you that since the rise of this loan, we have witness that this loan company offers extreme and the best loan for users.

Loan services offered by carbon is been scored high as those that have received their various loans have no complaints of any sort except for few issues when it comes to disbursing the loan.

Carbon Loan Customer Care Number
Carbon Loan Customer Care Number

Aside from loan disbursement, other issues arises from completing the form and the disapproval of different loans  and this problems needs some solutions and thus this post on Carbon Loan Customer Care Number.

As seen in Opay Customer care number, In the case of not being able to reach out to carbon via their customer care phone number, we have also made available the carbon email address for you just to reach out to the customer care service and resolve your complaints.

Carbon loan App Download

If you are just reading this post for the first time and you don’t really know much about carbon, then you will have to first download the app.

Carbon app is not only for loan as it offers other varieties services like airtime and bill payments as well as carbon Subscription for TV and data.

Once the app has been installed on your device, proceed to the app and open the app and process any transaction whether loans or you may want to proceed with airtime purchase.

The app is available on playstore and with just a quick touch your application can be successfully downloaded.

In most cases, another importance of having the customer care support number is in the case of emergency and the case of seeing that app download works the other way round and you should reach out to the carbon team.

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The app is easy to use and very easy to download and it works with data which means that you need to be connected to the internet to enjoy carbon app.

You will be required about less than 2 MB to complete the download for your phone, or tablets. For iphone users, carbon app is also available for on the apple store.

Carbon Loan Website and Carbon Loan Customer Care Number

You can also check Carbon website instead of checking out for their services only on the app. Their website will give you a direct guide on how to call and reach out to the customer care team and relate your issues.

Crabon website is secure and reliable and there is no need to be afraid of anything as your details are safe on the carbon app.

The website is open and always on but you will have to download carbon app for different transaction as this makes usability very easy.

Carbon has a major competitor Migo, Okash and fairmoney, though there are other loan website, but the three mentioned are the major competitors of carbon and you can download the app.

For a better functionality, we will recommend that you download the app and use for different services rather than just moving around the website without getting a better functionality.

The website is creatively design with purple and white color all through the website and there is also a brief description of different services offered by carbon app.

Carbon Loan Interest rate

The interest rate offered by carbon is based on the actual amount customers are given as there is no specific interest rate for carbon app .

There is no need to call through the Carbon Loan Customer Care Number when you want to know more about carbon app loan or the interest rate given to customers by carbon.

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In most of online loans like Migo, fairmoney, kiakia loan, we can still say that carbon app offers for the best interest for all her customers and in most cases, customers only pay five percent interests’ rate and it most cases they pay zero percent interest rate.

Carbon gives 5 to 10% interest rate base on the amount of money which you are requesting for. In the case of joining and registering for carbon for the first time during a promo season, you may be given up to 2 percent interest rate for the loan taken.

The loan interest depends on the days which will take you to refund your loans and the higher the days of return and repayments, the higher your interest rate which you may have to pay back.

In summary, here is the interest rate according to the amount

  1. N10,000 loan and below requires 5% percent interest rate for a lo period of 15 to 30 days
  2. N20,000 loan offer to N11,000 requires 10% interest rate
  3. N50, 000 to N30,000 Loan offer requires 15% interest rate
  4. N50, 00 and above requires about

Carbon Loan Customer Care Number and Phone number

The phone number to be used for Carbon contact is here and this email will help you to contact carbon and relate your problems to carbon.

We have given you the Carbon details and this detail helps you and instead of just being unable to contact carbon, you should call their customer care line via the phone number.

When contacting carbon, you can either call their phone number or you can send a mail to their customer care line and get the fastest response as soon as possible.

The best way for reaching out to the customer care service is for you to reach out to their customer care line on the phone number which is 01-460 9945 or the second line on 01-631 1215.

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Another recommended way to reach out to carbon Loan Customer Care is through the mail and this simple just by sending a mail with your report and concern to [email protected] and within a short time; you can get a mail and a notification of your mail with a quick reply from carbon.

The above information is the only recommended way which you can contact carbon through their phone numbers and their mail.

If you r4eally have any serious complaints and you can’t reach out to carbon, you can reach out by dropping a comment via the comment box below and we will relate your situation to carbon.

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Carbon Loan USSD code

Carbon has made it easy for all financial transaction to be easily achievable and even with no neck breaking requirements, you can reach out to carbon and obtain their best loans offer and it is sent straight to your bank account.

Since this is an online process, there is no news or any information available that there exists a Carbon loan USSD code as all transactions with Carbon Company is done through their mobile application that can be done on playstore.

Since there is exist for loan unlike the migo loan, then there exists no USSD code for Carbon Loan Customer Care contact details as all contact is being made to the approved and the above customer care number.

In summary, carbon remains the best online financial gateway to complete all online transactions whether you are a students, worker, and business man or salary earner.

The best loans are offered by carbon through their customer care number.

If you have any question to ask or contribution to make on this post on carbon, do well to drop it through the comment box below.

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