BRISIN Recruitment List of Shortlisted Applicants 2019 | How to Check Brisin Recruitment List of Candidates

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BRISIN Recruitment List of Shortlisted Applicants are therefore called for an interview and those who applied for the Job can now check for the list of applicants.

BRISIN Recruitment List

BRISIN Recruitment List 2018

The list of shortlisted candidates for all those who applied for the 2018 was released by the federal government and all applicants can proceed to check for their names in the list of all shortlisted applicants.

Just like the Nigerian Army Dss List, If you are among those shortlisted for the interview, it therefore means that you have been lucky a the interview processes for Brisin recruitment is very simple. It is important that all applicants should check for their names and now if they have been shortlisted or not.

From the information reaching us on BRISIN shortlist pdf, has stated that the BRisin Recruitment List of Shortlisted Applicants is out.

The Basic Registry information System in Nigeria List of all those who have been shortlisted and are ready for interview is out and all those who applied for the Job should proceed to check for the portal to check their names in the list of those picked.

The 2018 Brisin Recruitment application processes was very simple and at such we brought you updates and how to check for the list of applicants and all those who applied for the 2018 Recruitment exercise.

It is one thing to be among the BRISIN shortlisted candidate 2019 and another thing to know how to check the list of shortlisted applicants for this recruitment exercise and thus we will show you how to check for all shortlisted applicants for this.

As a brisin worker that has been shortlisted, you will be in charge of data storage, and information infrastructure available and this recruitment exercise can be classified as a voluntary recruitment because aside from the federal Government, it is also financed by some privates donors who names to pay volunteers.

It is important to get all the basic information and requirements for which applicants where picked and thus the need of this post.  Because those who applied for the FRSC recruitment had their FRSC List of shortlisted applicants in the same way.

Lots of applicants have searched for different means of checking if they have been shortlisted and some have even gone to the head office of Brisn just to check the list.

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What is Brisin and BRISIN Recruitment List of Shortlisted Candidates

This is an important question which need to be answered by us to al those who applied for the scheme. It is important to know that the list of shortlisted applicants for Brisin recruitment has been released and being this, you will learn the Step by step guide on how to check via our post.

Before you know how to check the llist of shortlisted candidates released by  Brisin for all those who have been picked to work with the Basic Registry information system in Nigeria Recruitment.

The BRISIN shortlisted list is available in both pdf and file and also available in and uploaded at the official portal and it is our hallmark to inform you on the List of shortlisted applicants.

Via the BRISIN shortlisted names 2019 we will give you all the names segmented among different states and among different local Government of a particular states.

The BRISIN shortlisted candidates pdf have had lots of those being shortlisted From state and lagos states. These two states were had hires number of applicants and also the highest number of shortlisted applicants.

Via a detail post we will give you information on how to know if you have been shortlisted and how prepare for the interview recruitment examination coming up soon.

All BRISIN shortlisted candidates 2019 should get ready for the interview exercise as they may be called upon at any time fro the interview exercise which will commence soon.

For emphasis sake and for those who don’t know the meaning of Brisin, It is our pleasure to inform you that Brisin means Basic Registry and information system in Nigeria and the major function of the company is to collect, store and distribute data and information for the movement and support of the present economy.

With this post we will inform you on how to check BRISIN shortlisted candidate for checking so that you will be sure that your name is among the BRISIN shortlisted candidate 2019 pdf.

BRISIN Shortlist of Successful Candidate

After the Interview examination and the release of BRISIN recruitment shortlisted candidates, the final Brisin successful candidates will be released in a pdf file consisting of the list for different states.

The aim of Brisin is to bring growth and development across the country by using data of Nigerian citizens and others in the country to come up with a formidable information of its economic activities and to make Nigeria a developed nation.

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This project was introduced by Dermo Impex during the administration of the erstwhile president Chief Olusengun Obasenjo to ensure that the data gotten will be used to share the countries resources and also see a careful and succinct management of these resources.

Nothing was heard from its again until the President  Goodluck Jonathan’s who recently published My Transition hours administration where the technical committee for Brisin Recruitment was inaugurated.

However, for this the Buhari’s Administration through the Federal Government have recruited about 5,000 unemployed to be employed to Work with the Basic Registry information System in Nigeria for effective data collection, regulation, integration and managements for effective economic activities.

BRISIN Recruitment List of Shortlisted Applicants 2018 Portal

However, during the recruitment period, the federal Government experience a shutdown of a particular their application sites and had introduced a new portal for the application.

However, the new application portal can also be used to check the BRISIN Recruitment List of Shortlisted Applicants 2018 to know those shortlisted for the examination.

Dr. Anthony Uwa who happens to be the head of Brisin has been updating the news agencies about the ongoing Brisin Project in the Country especially the recruitment of new workers.

Dr. Uwa however spoke on the BRISIN Recruitment List of Shortlisted Applicants 2018 and the new portal which he said that tha old portal had experience some form of technical issues and will be resolved in a while.

The head of Brisin a commendation on the New portal which can also be used to check those shortlisted for the interview exercise coming up soon.

List of Shortlisted Candidate For BRISIN 2019

The first phase of the programme which is the registration process had been concluded on the 22nd of November 2018. The remaining parts of the programme which is the selection and deployment is yet to commence.

The first batch of application was concluded since on the 22nd Nov and it is expected that by this time all shortlisted applicants must have received a notification to check the list of all those shortlisted.

However, we are privilege to inform you that the selection and deployment of applicants has not yet become and that is why we have written on it to pre inform you about it.

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Those who applied for the Nigerian Prison service can always check for their names on the NPS list of shortlisted applicants to know if they have been shortlisted for this federal Government Jobs

You will get a notification either from us or From Brisin on your mail to notify you if you have been shortlisted for the 2018 Brisin Recruitment.

How to Check BRISIN List of Shortlisted Applicants 2018

Via this post we will notify you once the list of applicants has been released for check. However there are two different ways of checking for the BRISIN Recruitment List of Shortlisted Candidates 2018.

  1. Through email: Which you will be sent a notification to check your name with a congratulatory message. The email supplied during the registration will be used for the sending of shortlisted applicants names.
  2. You can also check your name via the portal.

How to Check:

  • Visit the official New Brisin Portal at
  • Click on check successful applicants at the column box
  • You will be redirected to fresh a page
  • Fill in your application I.D and wait for it to load.
  • You will see a message of congratulations.

In the nutshell shortlisted applicants for Brisin recruitment, is available and applicants will be contacted through SMS

This post was on BRISIN shortlisted 2018 and how you can check the BRISIN Recruitment List of Shortlisted Candidates 2019.

We wants to inform you when the real list is out and at such you will have comment with your email address as you make to share this post in all social media handles.



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    please i am one of the shortlisted candidate that scale through the second stage what is the next thing?

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