How to Borrow Data From Airtel 2020 – Borrow MB From Airtel

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Days are gone when people don’t know How to Borrow Data From Airtel. Now Subscribers are more familiar with help from the loan when you do not have the money or when you can’t recharge.

When you spend time online, rather than calls, it makes sense that there are choices of borrowing from our airtel sim card.

Underneath is the way to get data Airtel and payback later. You will also find other networks like  MTN, 9mobile and others.

How to Borrow Data From Airtel

How to Borrow Data From Airtel

  Ways to Borrow Airtel MB                      

First of all, you must be qualified to be eligible for certain Airtel loan. Because of your regular recharging  and other requirements below

If you just bought a new SIM card with the mind of borrowing data, then you are out of sheer luck.

Notes these requirements Before you Loan from Airtel

  •   You need to be eligible to borrow .
  •   Be active Airtel subscribers for months, or at least 3 months (90 days).
  •   You can borrow from Airtel that if you recharge to a point that you are given a text to borrow.
  •   Airtel will not accept a new loan request without payment of current loan charges
  •   Note! The cost of the service is 15%, and only the recorded for minus on the next recharge made. For instance,  if you asked for N200 loan,  you are awarded N170 and  N30 payment for airtel loan charges

Major Eligibility and Requirements to Borrow Data

The customer must meet the criteria for the ‘ acquisition of data provided by Airtel

  •     Only customers of prepaid plan can enjoy loan data from Airtel.
  •     You must have registered your card SIM on  Airtel to be eligible for the service borrowing of credit on Airtel.
  •     Only the resources of the customers of Airtel can accept the network data rendered Airtel.
  •     Customers will also be considered based on monthly recharge frequency and spending pattern.
  • If you still have some balance you are yet to repay, you will not be able to borrow data until you fulfil the obligation.
  • You must use at least N100 monthly to be qualified for airtel credit loan service.

Steps to Borrow Data and MB on Airtel             

There are two USSD subscription codes borrow from Airtel. These are * 500 # and * 121 #.                                  

Ways Borrow Airtel data            

Follow these steps to borrow airtel data or MB :

  1. Dial * 500 #
  2. Reply with 3 to select l ‘ option ” Data borrowed ”         
  3. Select one of the loans of data 10 MB, 50 MB and 200 MB
  4. These MB cost 50,100 and 200 Naira respectively
  5. To take a direct loan of ₦ 50 data, for example, dial * 500 * 50 #
  6. Take Note you will receive 85% of the data you apply for, the other 15% withheld as a fee for the service.

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Customers Who can Borrow Airtel Data Bundle

There are some conditions that you must meet to qualify for Data loan  from Airtel :

  1. You must have used your Airtel sim During 3 months or more
  2. Register your sim on the airtel network.
  3. You must have an active airtel number and it is usually recharged regularly
  4. That you have to settle current outstanding debt with airtel and that you are not owing
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If you meet the above list of airtel requirements for data, you can now request for data  by dialling the above codes

How to Borrow Loan Data from Airtel         

If you are asking how to go about this, then there are two ways which are:

  •     With USSD : * 500 # or * 121 #
  •     By calling 14495 and following the prompt instructions

In summary, the two codes to dial are either * 500 # or  * 121 #

Examples of How to borrow data from

To acquire a loan for data on Airtel ng, follow the instructions of the below for each amount:

  • *500*50# for N50 airtime
  • *500*100# for N100 airtime
  • *500*200# for N200 airtime
  • *500*500# for N500 airtime

By the steps above, getting borrowing data on airtel Nigeria is now simple

How to Borrow Data From Airtel

How to Borrow Data From Airtel

Notice on Airtel Nigeria Loan

  1. The interest rate or service fee of 15% applies to all data borrowed on airtel
  2. Confirm your data bundle with an SMS or the system will provide you with an overview of the data bundle and service fee.
  3. Upon confirmation, your data balance will top up with the exact data amount on request and you can confirm this with the prompt SMS from Airtel ng
  4. Airtel will debit the data value and service fee from your next recharge

How to Borrow Data from other Networks

Borrow Data On Glo Network

Glo does not want to be remaining non- given extra subscribers. unlike How to borrow data from Airtel and next, introduce the BorrowMeData service for its users.

How to get in the loan data Glo         

  •     Dial * 321 # to get started.          
  •     Choose the appropriate answer for the directions.
  •     Your allocation of a loan of the data also depends on the size and the frequency of their refills.

 How to Pay Back loan Glo data              

The next time you recharge your line, Glo deducts automatically old credit due. Load more than you should, so you get with something on balance after the deductions.

Keep in mind that the availability of loans and the data depends on its history of use with Glo.

With data coming from Glo BorrowMe, you can continue browsing without getting out of data

The validity period for each Glo data depends on the amount borrowed.           

How To Borrow Data On 9mobile

Just like How to borrow data from Airtel, the following steps below explain how to borrow data on 9mobile network.

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You cannot borrow data directly on 9mobile. You will first borrow airtime and use the airtime to purchase data.

Here is how to borrow data fro 9mobile:

  1. Check if you are eligible for more credit by dialling *665*3# or SMS STATUS to 665.
  2. To borrow data with 9mobile, dial *665*Amount# for example to buy 100 Naira of data, dial *665*100#.
  3. You can also send the data amount of your choice to 665. For example, sending 100 to 665 will get you 85% of ₦100, which is ₦85.
  4. Use the credit on your main balance to purchase any of the 9mobile data plans or the cheapest 9mobile plan out there.
  5. Dial *229# to see the available data options.

How To Borrow MTN Data

What’s the code to data credit from MTN? Follow the steps by step guide below for MTN Xtrabyte.

  • Dial the code USSD *606#  to get options.
  • Send 1 to select the Xtrabytes option for data borrowing.
  • Choose your preferred data bundle.
  • You can borrow 20MB, 50MB, 150MB, 500MB, and others
  • Data borrowing ability on MTN depends on your sim spending history

Frequently Asked Questions on How to Borrow Data from airtel    

What is the code to borrow data on Airtel?

The code to borrow Data on Glo is shown in the post above and as a reminder please use either *500# or  *121# to borrow data.

The code above answers the question; How can I borrow data from Airtel 2020?

How can I borrow data from Airtel without paying back?

This is definitely not possible because once you borrow data from airtel, you are expected to pay back on your next recharge.

There is no possible means of escaping your loan except you discard or damage your sim.

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How can I get 4g Data loan in Airtel?

The 4g Data loan is only available for only those that are using the Airtel 4G network and the loan provided is for 4G network owners.

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If you are using a 4G device, on a 4g phone you are automatically eligible to borrow a 4G airtel data.

How can I get free 1gb data on Airtel?

Please note that whatever value you get for the loan which you have purchased you will have to repay on your next recharge.  Apparently, Airtel data is not free to be it 1GB or 5Gb

Why can’t Airtel borrow airtime?

Because you are not yet eligible to borrow airtime or data yet. In our post on how to How to borrow data from Airtel above, we have stated all the eligibility to be met by users.

One of the requirements is that you must have used your airtel for at least 90 days with a minimum recharge of N500 in months.

Finally, on this post on How to Borrow Data From Airtel, you can now borrow airtel data and enjoy the speed of browsing with ease from dialling the airtel data loan code.

Use the comment below and let us know possible challenges with airtel.



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