Betting sites in Nigeria : Top 50 Betting Companies in Nigeria Online and offline

In this post, we have written on the Betting sites in Nigeria examining the major sport betting sites in Nigeria. Lots of soccer betting sites have folded up for one reason or the other and it is very important that you know how to reach and get to know the right best soccer betting site Nigeria.

Betting sites in Nigeria

Betting sites in Nigeria

In this post, we have written a guide on football betting sites prediction and how to identify top soccer betting sites existing in Nigeria. With this Betting sites in Nigeria, you will be able to know the right betting site prediction to know how to go about betting sites free bets no deposit.

Most of these sites works well on latest infinix products and you can also enjoy visiting most of these sites with Techno phones too. But online sport betting is best enjoyed on with a desktop computer

Do you know that some Betting sites in Nigeria offers soccer bet predictions for free and not only that, and you can get to know. Most betting sites in Nigeria bet on soccer games and thus it is very easy for one to rank such sites among the best sports betting sites available around the world.

There are many best betting prediction sites in Nigeria and most this sport betting site that are legal online sports betting and that is why it is very important that you can bet via online betting sites which is less stressful than going to the physical Betting sites in Nigeria.

online sports betting sites has been renowned and they never fail. It is very convenient for one to sport online and predict games via the various sport betting sites available.

Online Sports Betting Sites

Like there are many online betting sites in india, there are also numerous sport online sites in Nigeria for which one can sport and bet with encountering any problem.

Did you know that most football betting sites in Nigeria is being patronize evn more than the physical store outlet in Nigeria and these makes room for more competition as everyone wants to be the best online betting sites.

In tis guide you will also realized the best site to bet on football games aside from from just watching the matches and vising one site to another, it is interesting to note that most betting sites in Nigeria has grown so well and that they are renowned and known all over the world.

soccer bets predictions is one of the most lucrative betting system which can allow to bet as far as you are connected to the internet.  Football prediction even with the best soccer betting app, you can bet and make good money online even without having any form of doubt.

You can bet money online and make money without stressing yourself, and just by following up some football games and applying same in the soccer betting sites across Nigeria.

Did you know that there are lots of Nigerians claiming to wants to make extra income still go as far as searching for various online soccer betting even in USA.

From our findings, latest betting site which many people have played so much is bet9ja and this online betting and other free betting sites. This post will be a guide on how to access and how to visit and bet on top betting sites in Nigeria.

Did you know that free bets no deposit 2018 exist and that there are various best free bet offers for which you can take and browse for free.

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Betway is one of those very few Betting sites in Nigeria that offers unique and amazing offers for which you can do betway free bet it is amazing to get you informed about this super sport site.

In some countries people like betway matches today and in others, they enjoy betting with bovada. Bovada is a bet sportn sites that exist in Ngeria

Without much ado we Present top 50 online betting sites in Nigeria

Top 50 Betting sites in Nigeria

1.      Bet9ja

There are a lot of sense to bet9ja as one can play games on his/her phone just to print it and wait as you win. With bet 9j, you don’t have to worry about any winning as the company is known for paying every winnings and paying on time.

Betting sites in Nigeria

Betting sites in Nigeria

Everyone has a total trust for this betting company because it has been in existence for a long time and thus it pays its winners and workers every time.

Bet 9ja ranks as one of the top most raked sites in Nigeria because of its greater number of visitors around Nigeria

This is one of the most highest paying betting company in Nigeria as they have high odd and high bonuses. Bet9ja is like the king in betting business in Nigeria and interesting to know is that they have a high customer fan base.

Every street of Nigeria has at least one bet9ja shop if not up to two and three. is one of the Top most visited websites in Nigeria after YouTube and Google and that is to say that they have a ranking of 3rd most visited website in Nigeria.

2.      Naira Bet

After bet9ja, another company that follows directly is the naira and it has been in the betting business for years.

This bet company came to existence and far back 2009 and have a top notch website which is effective. The bet company were the first to talk about online betting, that is taking it to sites and they have their sites ranking 32nd in Nigeria.

This bet company pays early and winners can get their winnings within the interval period of 15 hours and this makes it interesting as winners can also receive their winnings via transfer was the first to be regularized as a bet company and they holds as the first bet company that was first regularized.

3.      BetKing



Another popular Betting sites in Nigeria is the BetKing! Betking is one of the fastest growing betting companies in Nigeria and it is has grown largely within a short period of time.

The sites are now as household name as it has carved a niche for itself as one of the most leading bet websites in Nigeria.

  • There are speculations that within a short period of time, this betting company may over turn bet9ja and it may rank as one of the most leading sites in Nigeria.
  • Like the bet9ja, Betking offers it’s customers both virtual betting even online and another interesting Colour-Colour games, it offers betting in hokey, basketball, tennis rtc in addition to football betting
  • Aside from just betting, the company get to cover major sport event across the world and their customers enjoy high odds on games.
  • When betting on live matches with betking, the odds increases even upto 90 minuets
  • With BetKing, you will enjoy fast payout even on weekends, and it’s customers are given competitive odds
  • 200% welcome bonus for it’s first customers, and first time depositors and they offer amazing bonuses and promos
  • As a betking agents, you are entitle to a 30% commission as an agents compare to other betting companies which offer less than that
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Merrybet is also another leading betting company in Nigeria and it can be trusted because it has paid a reliable number of winners.

The betting company which has a slogan where champions play has paid a good number number of winners and has maintained a good pedigree and that is why it is among the Top 50 Betting sites in Nigeria.

The bet company ranks about 119th in the country and it is famous and widely known.

What makes this sites mighty than others is that with it you can get an instant transfer on winnings and this makes more advantage than other bet companies.

Merry bet has placed itself to be among the Top 50 betting sites in Nigeria as it offers a 100% bonus for customers on their first deposits and the most amazing feature remains that customers can do betting on live matches as there are being viewed.

With merry bet, betting can be more interesting with phones and other devices.

5.     Bet Dey []

Our list will be faulty without also mentioning betdey. This super bet company ever since it’s short period of establishment has grown so fast.



The sites offers an all hours betting and its websites is constantly open for sport betting. His sites offer a Sunday to Sunday bet service.

6.      Winners Bet .

Another betting company that makes the list is winners bet. This post will be incomplete without the mention of this topnotch betting company in Nigeria.

The official sites for this bet company is one side of this bet is that payments is subjected to official confirmation and hence winners will have their payments being delayed for a while.

Betting with winners bet allows you to continue betting till the end of a particular match reasons why it is among top 50 Betting sites in Nigeria, because other betting companies only allows you to bet until the begin of a match.

Just as customers are allowed to bet until the start of a match, odds are change by the officials even without accurate and early knowledge of the customers.

7.      Sure Bet 247 []

Betting sites has its own track which makes it to stand out among others and thus it is important to announced Surebet 247 to be among our list.

Aside from football  betting, sure bet is very known for other bet like car racing, cycling casino, dogs and horse racing as well as roulette.

This sport betting company has offer lots of benefits to all it’s customers.

8.      1xBet

When it comes to a standard betting online in Nigeria, this bet stands out with it’s good online betting sites which is the 1xBet.

With the 1xBet sport betting, you can have unlimited payout and online sport betting is at it’s best as it covers more than 90 sport, with an average number of 4500 markets, with a live betting events of about 2000 and it’s has over Ten thousand sporting activity being stream live.

9.      Lions Bet []


As the names imply, this betting sites is for super humans and that is to say that those who have the liver for betting will find this site interesting.

Even with cheapest android phones, you can access this sites and bet

This site sis not for chicks who are just new in the betting system but for real men. If you think you can then visit their sites at

10.  1960bet []

1960 bet


Another sites worthy of mentioning here to make our numeration of Betting sites in Nigeria is 1960 bet.  Don’t confuse yourself as this bet has not being on existence since 1960’s it is only a name.

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Just like other betting sites, 1960 bets offers betting on other aspect of betting aside from football betting. It is interesting to note that from our experiments, it has an easy to use website with easy navigation.

11.  Naija Bet []

Another sites which also falls on our top list of Betting sites in Nigeria is the Naija Bet. Don’t confuse Naija bet to  be bet9ja the duo are different companies entirely.

Naija bet like bet9ja offers amazing sport betting on different games like tennis, ice hockey, basketball, badminton dashing, cycling and any others.

This sites is not a Job websites in Nigeria, but you can make good money from it and put fortune on your table with just a token many have successfully tried it out and it works for them

The sites has a good ranking in Nigeria according to alexa and that is why it is able to make our list.

12.  1XBET9JA []

1Xbet9ja with it’s funny name is one of the sites making our list of Betting sites in Nigeria and we have mentioned this bet sites to help us make our list effective.

This sites is a wow and it is being ranked as 3778th sites in Nigeria

13.  Fortune Bet []

Just like tge name, you can make fortunes by betting with fortune bet. Even as an agent or a person betting, you can make good amount of money.

14.  Mars Leisure []

Betting sites in Nigeria

Betting sites in Nigeria

Another important betting company worth of mentioning is Mars Leisure bet.  Though this bet is not really known, but it is important to note that they are silently growing and may outshine others in the nearest market.

Their online site which is . is ever fresh to deliver a reliable betting experience

15.  BETWIN9JA []

Another worthy to mention Betcompany in Nigeria is BetWin 9ja this sites has been a remarkable one and that is why our list will be incomplete without the mention of it to make our post on Top 50 Betting sites in Nigeria.

This sits ranks about 8491st in Nigeria and has been so reliable ever since its inception

16.  Billion Naira Bet []

Billion bet has been amazing it the market of sport betting and you can win up to billions of Naira with this bet. Following the steps on how to play bet and win, you can win millions of naira with this online sport betting sites.

Thousands of bettors has already been made self-made millionaires with this betting company and has user friendly sites.

Other Betting sites in Nigeria

  • Bet3659ja
  • Lovingbet
  • 9japredict
  • Championsbet
  • 360bet
  • Betway
  • 888sport
  • Betfair
  • Pinnacle
  • sportybet
  • Betcolony
  • supasport
  • Merrybet
  • Betgood

Hope you are informed about Betting sites in Nigeria and how to know the different betting sites in Nigeria.

Do you have any question or contribution on this post, Please drop it below and we will respond to them. Please share this post to all on social media.



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