Best DSLR Cameras and Price in Nigeria 2020 – Best DSLR 2020

Here is another content showing you how to make a purchase for the best DSLR cameras for 2020 as well as their pricing. 

We decided to consider our viewers to write on this post which will be full information one needs before purchasing Cameras. 

There are indeed lots of cameras but one of the best camera to purchase for is the DSLR camera and we have written a review to explain how to make a purchase for these cameras in Nigeria. 

Best DSLR Cameras and Price
Best DSLR Cameras and Price

Aside from this camera, though other cameras make work easier, only a few can be compared to DSLR cameras and we have since given you detailed information to this post on best DSLR cameras for you. 

In some cases, there re cameras which does not suit certain occasions but with the use of high techie cameras, you can bring the best out in an even with top DSLR cameras. 

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If you have been wondering what price this camera is, then you don’t need then with this post, you will be taken to a word of the camera and their prices so that you know what you are making a purchase. 

We have given you a list of high quality and moderate price DSRL camera below and we have carefully categorized this post to the beginner’s camera, the Enthusiast cameras and the professional camera. 

We wish that photographers, documentarians and others will make the right choice of cameras below. 

Best Dslr Cameras, 2020 And Price In Nigeria

Best Dslr Cameras: Digital single-lens reflex camera, DSLR – an evolution of the film-era SLR is a digital camera that combines the optics and the mechanisms of a single-lens reflex camera with a digital imaging sensor.

According to adorama The reflex design scheme is the primary difference between a DSLR and other digital cameras. In the reflex design, light travels through the lens and then to a mirror that alternates to send the image to either the viewfinder or the image sensor. The viewfinder of a DSLR presents an image that will not differ substantially from what is captured by the camera’s image sensor and displayed by a digital screen.

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However, DSLRs remains the workhorse cameras for many photographers, from beginners to professionals. Paired with a good lens, any modern DSLR is capable of shooting terrific images.

There are several types of DSLR Cameras in Nigeria and the best 2020 models are listed as follows depending on its category (beginners, enthusiast and professionals):

Best Dslr Cameras For Beginners

Beginners will be looking for a low-cost camera that’s easy to use. The best DSLR Cameras in this category include:

  1. Nikon D3500.

It is the perfect camera for beginners, student and anyone on a budget. It is the latest in Nikon’s D3000 series and the best Nikon camera today. It has a brilliant ‘guide’ shooting mode that acts as a fully interactive tutorial on photography delivered via the rear LCD Screen. The D3500 is small, light, cheap and easy to use –all the qualities that will appeal to beginners.

  1. Canon EOS Rebel SL3 / 250D.

This is the best DSLR for beginners willing to learn and experiment with new techniques. It is also good in live view mode as a mirror less camera. It has a simple guided user interface for learners and it can be switched to standard setup when confident and want to be in control. It has a vari-angle touchscreen on the back and a sensor with Canon’s Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology, so the autofocus in live view is snappy.

Best Dslr Cameras Enthusiasts

Enthusiasts will want a powerful all-round camera that offers many of the tools of pro cameras but without the cost. The DSLRs in this category include:

  1. Canon 90D

This is the best Canon camera for enthusiasts and it has groundbreaking specs that no other camera in this category can match. It has megapixels of 32.5MP which is the highest yet for an APS-C camera. Its image quality cannot be compared to its 10fps continuous shooting capability and its uncropped 4K video capture. It has limited buffer capacity and losing detail by ISO 1600.

  1. Nikon D7500
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It’s cheaper and the equivalent of Canon 90D. It has a slightly faster 8fps continuous shooting speed, a proven 51-point auto focus system and the ability to capture 4K video. It has a tilting rear screen rather than the fully-articulated design on Canon 90D AND RELIES ON slower contrast AF in live view mode. Its build is lightweight.

  1. Canon EOS 6D Mark II

It’s a new model with impressive features and packs a lot of upgrades. It has a megapixel sensor of 26.2MP and 3.2in vari-angle touchscreen with 1,040,000 dots. The live view autofocus is very fast and effective.

Best DSLR Cameras and Price in Nigeria 2020
Best DSLR Cameras and Price in Nigeria 2020

Best Dslr Cameras Professional

Professionals will be looking at image quality, features, durability and dependability. The DSLRs in this category includes:

  1. Nikon D850

It has a mighty resolving power, pro-grade build but still compact, fairly noisy at very high ISO settings and vertical grip is an optional add-on. It has the megapixel resolution of 45.7MP. It has high-tech metering and autofocus modules as well as an upgraded autofocus system with 153 instead of 53 points. It can capture images at 7 frames per second – or 9fps with the optional MB-D18 battery grip. Its amazing video features also makes it one of the best 4K camera choices.

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  1. Pentax k-1 Mark II

It has a solid, dependable with tough, weather-sealed construction, pedestrian continuous drive speed, relatively low 670-shot battery life. It has highly effective sensor-shift image stabilization system that works with a nay attached lens. Its 5-axis image stabilizer can work in trick modes to deliver anti-aliasing correction, an increase in fine detail and texture based on Pixel shift through multiple exposures and an Astrotracer mode to avoid stars appearing to streak through the sky.

  1. Canon EOS 5D Mark IV
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It is regarded as the best camera for filmmaking by many users. It is robust, versatile and reliable. It has a perky autofocus performance in live view and video modes. It has a noise-free image quality at very high ISO setting, clean and a reasonable high megapixel of 30.4MP. It has a full-frame sensor, pentaprism viewfinder and 3.2in touchscreen.

The Conclusion

After giving you the Best DSLR Cameras and Price in Nigeria, you should be able to make the right choice in considering what camera is best for you. 

Of course, you cannot purchase everything but you should get the best of the camera based on the review that you have seen. 

There is a different purpose for which you can use your camera and each of this purpose is achieved according to the various cameras which you are making a purchase for and how it will work for you.

From the price list above, you should always consider quality when making choices of Best DSLR Cameras. 

If you have been wondering what store to make a purchase, please worry less as can make a purchase of any of these cameras online and not necessarily go offline for purchase. There are various DSLR Camera stores online for purchase. 

The above list is not by personal observation, but with rigorous research, we have come up with a compiled list of best Best DSLR Cameras for you to purchase in 2020. 

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If you want to make any contribution on this post or have a question to ask concerning any of the camera’s above, you can make your comment via the comment box below. 

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