BB Naija Audition Date 2021 – 6th Edition Auditioning

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 BB Naija Audition Date 2021

Big Brother Naija is one of the reality shows in Nigeria that will soon commence its audition for its 6th edition.

People have started registering for the show online. You can be part of these people today. Just get the form and register for the show.

Big brother Naija is a show organized by MultiChoice Nigeria. MultiChoice is the owner of both the DSTV and GOTV pay TVs.

Many people usually register for this show every passing year but not all end up entering the competition house.

This show is more like a competition. All its participants are to be inside a house where they can do various activities.

This house has rules by which all participants of the show have to abide by. Any default in any of the rules can secure your disqualification from the show.

Some people usually find it difficult to live their lives according to rules and they end up getting disqualified at the beginning stage of the show.

To successfully go through this show, you will have to abide by the rules guiding the show and endure to the end.

Some people even walk out of the show by themselves due to the pressure of the house. This is why all participants must be mentally, emotionally and physically fit before registering for the show.

The BB Naija Audition Date will soon be out and those who are registering will be called upon. Once the BB Naija Audition Date is out, the registration will end.

There are certain requirements that one needs to have before advancing to the audition stage of the show.

These requirements are in this post. With it, you will know what to do in the auditioning and also the BB Naija Audition Date.

You can be the lucky winner today. All you have to do is to fill the registration form, know the BB Naija Audition Date and also follow the house rules.

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More details of the BB Naija Audition are in this post. Read down to have full knowledge regarding them.

BB Naija Audition Date

BB Naija Audition Date

BB Naija Registration

The BB Naija Registration is the first part of the BB Naija show. This part will determine if you will move on to the audition stage.

Not all who register for the BB Naija show usually move on to the auditioning stage. The BB Naija registration is usually an online registration.

Before registering for this show, there are certain requirements that all participants of the show must-have.

These requirements are not much but the main thing is for you to be yourself. The main aim of the BB Naija registration is for you to show them your true self and not a fake personality.

To register for this show, you must purchase the BB Naija registration form. This form ranges between 80, 000 to 100, 000 naira.

Once you purchase this form, you will fill it accurately without making any mistake. Also, you will have to make a two minutes video of yourself.

While making this video, you are not to use any filter or additional video effects. No background music must also be in the video.

In this video, you are to talk mainly about yourself boldly stating your Name, email address and contact number.

All participants must end their video with the saying “I will be a good housemate because…”. After fulfilling all requirements of the video, you are safe to upload it in the space for it.

The video must be a standard video clearly showing your face as it may be shown on the television. With these registration tips, you are set to move forward to the audition stage of this show.

BB Naija Audition Date 2021

The BB Naija happens to be one of the biggest reality shows in Nigeria. MultiChoice Nigeria happens to be the host of this show.

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Only citizens of Nigeria can participate in this show. One must also meet the necessary requirement for this show before registering for the show.

Very soon the BB Naija Audition Date will be out and the auditioning process will commence in earnest. Those who are presently filling the registration form will be called upon.

They will have to go through certain questions before they can move to the house. The main aim of these questions is to ascertain your main reason for going applying to join the show.

Once you pass this show you will move on to the house stage. Not all who reach this stage usually move on to the next stage.

Some people will drop out due to various reasons only those who are chosen because they are seen fit to handle the pressure of the house.

Through the answers, you give to the questions you are asked, your capability of handling the pressure of the house can easily be determined.

Know the answers you give during the auditioning process of this show as it may end up disqualifying you and your registration fee end up being in vain.

Be alert as the BB Naija Audition Date will be out any time soon. Do not lose focus so as not to miss your own audition when the time comes.

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BB Naija Audition Form

After the BB Naija registration process, the next stage is the BB Naija auditioning. Not all those who register for this show usually move on to this stage.

Very soon, the BB Naija Audition Date will be out and people will start filling the audition form. It is through the audition form that you will get information regarding the audition.

The BB Naija Audition form is free of charge it is not as the registration form where you have to pay money to get.

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Do not allow anyone to deceive you into paying money for the form as scams are everywhere ready to eat from another person’s pocket.

Once you get the BB Naija Audition Form, you will have to fill it. The information you will fill in this form should be the same as the one in the registration form.

If you happen to mix up any of the information, you are liable to face disqualification. When you fill the BB Naija audition form, you will receive information regarding your audition venue and lots more.

Do not miss any information you will receive after filling the audition form as it is liable to come in handy during the audition venue.

Various states have their own BB Naija auditioning venue. You will know yours when the BB Naija Audition Date is out.

With the details in this post, you are liable to successfully go through the BB Naija Audition successfully. Just be your real self during this period and you will stand a chance of winning the show.

Share this post with others and let them start preparing as the BB Naija Audition Date is near. We will like to have your comment regarding this post. A comment box is below for you to drop all your comments and questions.



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