Atpays Withdrawal Form, Date, Time and Atpays withdrawal Link

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Atpays Withdrawal Form for withdrawal of money is no available for you which you will use to make all withdrawal from your Atpays account.

Atapys indeed pays all users for activities on the platform and this payment is usually done every Mondays and Thursdays of every week.

You will get all your earnings for activities on the platform and you get paid for earning on Atpay.

Atpays Withdrawal Form

Atpays Withdrawal Form

One of the problems which most people have faced with the atpays platform is withdrawal problems and we are trying our best to fix this withdrawal problem for most people who may be asking questions on how to withdraw their money from Atpays.

Atpays Withdrawal Form is online and you can fill in for the withdrawal through the platform. People have complained of their inability to withdraw from their earnings from the platform. This problem is sole here in this post as we give you detailed information on how to withdraw your earnings from Atpays.

Just Like Chipper cash registration, In most cases, people have complained of not being able to withdraw from the platform and their inability has caused a great threat to the progress of the problem.

This and many other numerous reasons are reasons why we have written a guide with detailed information on Atpays withdrawal

After reading this post, we trust that you will be able to withdraw your money from this platform.

We will also examine various reasons why you have not gotten your first earnings on Atpays giving you ways to correct this and earn via the platform.

Atpays Withdrawal Form and Withdrawal Link

Atpays Withdrawal Form is online on the platform and you can make money from the platform just by following the referral link to withdraw your money online.

Before you proceed to withdraw your money on the platform, one thing which you should take note of is the withdrawal days with atpays, you only get to withdraw on specific days.

Another thing to consider also is how earnings are calculated on the platform and the maximum withdrawal for a user on the platform.

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Atpays withdrawal link is online and please take note that you can withdraw as much as you have worked for on the platform.

Atpays pays users for reading news, making a blog comment as well as performing other major activities on the blog.

Atpays pays for comments as well as sharing of news from to social media pages. Sponsored post has the highest earning point.

Apays is still paying and without the knowledge Atpays Withdrawal Form, you may not know how to get your earnings in your bank.

Atpays Payments Gateways

  • Reading news/Post – N3
  • 5% Referrals/Affiliate bonus –   N1000
  • Sponsored posy on the platform – N200
  • Daily Login – N100
  • Quiz – Cash Prices
  • Affiliate Contest – Cash Prices

One of the things that which is compulsory to earn is the affiliate/Referral earning options, the rest is optional for users including the quiz and the Affiliate contest. You also get a registration bonus once you register an with Atpays

You will be paid directly to your bank account as you meet their requirements. All users smile to the bank every week.

Please take note that you should provide your account details on the platform on your edit profile part. You can provide any bank account unlike NNU Income , there is no special bank for Atpays withdrawal.

Atpays Withdrawal Form

Atpays Withdrawal Form

How to Withdraw on Atpays

  1. Login to your account with your Password and your Username
  2. You can also login to Atpays Account with your email address.
  3. Select on your profile and edit
  4. On the “Account session” confirm that your bank account details are correct
  5. Save and exit while you click on the withdrawal link
  6. You will be redirected to a place where you see the complete Atpays Withdrawal Form
  7. Complete the account and provide your Facebook user I.D for verification.
  8. Submit your information and wait for your credit alert.

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Atpays Withdrawal Days

Atpays is a superb platform and it pays weekly, whereas giftalworld and Racksterly do not pay weekly. On atpays earnings are gotten easily on the platform.

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Atpays pays only on Mondays and Thursdays for users. Users should ensure that they join that they have submitted their withdrawal request with Atpays withdrawal link before they get paid.

All payments request should be made on Monday before 8 am and all facebook I.D provided should be correct for verification.

Aside from the above days, you will not be able to withdrawal your earnings and at such, it will be taken over to the next week.

Did not get Full Payments on Atpays with Atpays Withdrawal Form

You are eligible to earn a complete amount on the platform, but in some cases, your earnings may be slashed badly and you get confused why your Earnings is being deducted.

You may feel that your money is taken without your knowledge and that the platform is a scam. Before you start feeling that way, please note that Atpys takes an earning commission of %40 for maintenance and this %40 usually comes from activities earning.

The %40 deduction usually according to atpays is for maintenance and upgrade of the platform.

I Cannot withdraw from Atpays

Another major problem Atpays members faces is their inability to withdraw or submit their Atpays Withdrawal Form, in this case, there might be several causes, why you are unable to withdraw from the platform.

One of the major reasons why you cannot withdraw is that you only have activities earnings. Atpays pays for both referral earnings as well as activities earning.

Before you withdraw, it is expected that you have referred at least one or two persons to join the platform this in a way helps the platform to grow.

Atpays Withdrawal Information

Your withdrawal form will be available when you have met the requirements of satisfying the requirements of having a minimum of N500 in your wallet as a referral earning and at least N3500 for activities earnings.

You will get your earnings once you have met the requirements for earning on the platform. This is a great platform as it pays for both referral and Non-referral.

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If you have to make a question or contribution on this post-Atpays Withdrawal Form, on why you have not been able to withdraw, please use the comment box below and comment on this post.

For fast withdrawal, we will recommend that you apply for your withdrawal on time so it can get to your bank account on time.

Your earnings are our top Priority and Atpays helps you to earn better straight to your bank account.

Atpays is a simple platform for earnings and these earnings are sent to your account on a weekly bases. We have trashed all problems that are associated with atpays withdrawal to help you to earn better.

One big question on why members are not able to withdraw from their wallet which has been a major problem has been solved here on this post.

We desire that after reading the entire post, you should get all your earnings straight to your account and on time.

If you have still followed our information above without still receiving your payments, please exercise more patience and call their customer care service number after three days.

It does not take time to receive your transaction alert, but 24 to 48 hours once your Atpays Withdrawal Form has been filled and submitted.

Please ask your question with the comment box below and share to social media!



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