Airtel Night Plan 2021 Code Balance and Night Bundles

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Airtel night plan 2021 Code – airtel night plan code and how to check airtel night plan balance 

Browsing has been an issue for most persons in Africa and even Nigeria and one of the ways to solve data problem is to activate the airtel night plan bundle which gives you sufficient data to use all through the night.

Airtel as one of the largest communication networks in Nigeria and it is also known for its sufficient data and internet service provision as it allows subscribers to choose from different data bundles no matter the status of their income.

Airtel Night Plan 2021

Airtel Night Plan 2021

The smartphone network can also be seen as the best network in Nigeria as about 40% of internet users in Nigeria are subscribers of the Airtel network of which the reason is very clear.

Airtel which can be seen as the destination of data users provides its subscribers with quality, quantity and affordable data bundles and adequate internet service which is different purposes like voice calls and also watching videos online.

Airtel night data bundle happens to be one of the best data plans as at now. The different night plans are here to enable subscribers to choose that which they can afford

Airtel Night Plan Code 2020

The Airtel network is also popular for its wide range of various internet packages which we categorise into daily, weekly, monthly and yearly data bundles.

It enables customers to enjoy different internet services throughout the night available at N1000 for three hours for a duration between 12 am and 5:59 am. And can also enjoy night 120 at N1000 only using *481*2#

Airtel Hourly MidNight Plan

This data bundle allows subscribers to browse, download and do other internet-oriented services for two hours steady with unlimited data for ₦1000. To get the best of this bundle you need to have enough space that will enable sufficient downloading without any form of hindrance.

Airtel SmartTRYBE Night Plan

This data bundle is perfect for those who are on the TRYBE prepaid plan as they will be able to swiftly migrate to the tariff and enjoy this data bundle without any obstacle.

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The data bundle allows subscribers to enjoy 1.5GB at a cost of #200 and 500MB for #25 between 12 am-5 am but to enable the adequate use of this bundle you must be on the SmartTRYBE prepaid package to enjoy this bundle.

Steps to Subscribe the Airtel 1.5GB night data plan

  • Make sure you recharge your sim with a minimum of N200
  • After recharging, dial *312#
  • When you dial the code, you will receive a notification containing all the data bundles. Type and send number 3 (Airtel night plans)
  • When you send it you will also receive another notification containing all the night plans. Select 1.5GB by typing and sending 2
  • It is important to take note that this data bundle is valid for just one night and between 12 am-5 am.

How to Activate the Airtel 1GB and N25 for 250MB

  1. Subscribers should first move to the Airtel SmartTRYBE by dialling *312# and when a notification is being sent to you press and reply 1
  2. When you move to the SmartTRYBE simply dial*312#
  3. You will receive another notification then you simply type and send 1 which represents the 250MB for N25
  4. After the number two process, another notification will drop into your phone. Type and send 2 which represent 1GB for N500
  5. Note that this data bundle is valid only between 12 am-5 am

This data bundle was formerly N200 for 1.5GB and N25 for 500MB but there is a reduction in the data and leaving the price tag to remain the same thereby becoming 250MB for N25 and no more the usual 500MB

How to Subscribe for the Airtel 500MB Night data bundle

  • Make sure that at least N25 is in your Airtel line
  • Dial *312# and send
  • You will receive a notification containing all the data bundles type and send number 3 which signifies Airtel night plans
  • Airtel will send another notification after sending it.
  • Then choose the 500MB data bundle by typing and sending 1
  • It is important to note that this bundle is valid only for one night and between 12 am-5 am
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Code for Airtel Night Plan

Subscribers of the SmartTrybe tariff plan can browse in the night at a very low price as it is just one of the many features of this tariff.

One can get up to 500MB for as low as N25 for only one night between the space of 12 am-5 am and 1.5GB for N200 on the same space of time using *312# as the Airtel night plan code.

One can also subscribe for the SmartTrybe and if you are an old subscriber, you can have access to the menu that permits subscribers to choose from the many benefits accompanied with this plan by selecting number three which signifies.

Airtel Midnight plans and then proceed to choose either the 500MB by sending 1 0r 1.5GB by sending 2 and get the data for browsing the net in the night.

Airtel has now changed the former 1hour forN100 and 2hours for N200 unlimited browsing services with 1GB for N500 with a 1week validity period and N200 for 200MB together with a 30 minutes weekend calls.

This offer is in addition to 15MB for 7days with the recharge of the only N200family and friendsYou don’t need to activate this code

This SmartTRYBE call offers charges 11k/s (N6.60k/min) for national calls only. Not like

This bundle is best used when there is the constant power supply in a particular locality as it will encourage you to sleep all day and just take a sachet of coffee to keep awake throughout the night to enjoy this spectacular Airtel bundle.

How to check Airtel night plan balance

For subscribers to check their Airtel night data bundle balance the usual *140# is not useful as it enables subscribers to check their main data balances.

The process of checking the Airtel night data bundle is very simple as subscribers only need to go to their phone settings, go to data usage and set their time to begin from 12am and they will see their total data balance for only the Airtel night data bundle.

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Direct SMS Code for All Airtel Data Plans

The direct SMS code for all Airtel night data plans functions on all the Airtel data plan package even on android systems but does not work for Blackberry subscriptions. Subscribers can also see their data balances by just sending “status” to 141.

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For it is important to note that when sending the “status” it should not be with the quotation symbol.

With the airtel night plan 2021 Code, browsing is easy and simple and you can enjoy the best of data bundle and browsing.

Airtel offers the best code for night plans and you can enjoy the best of code for 2021 and without having many issues your data plans.

By following the above steps browsing convenient for you all through the night and with the night plans, you can browse, stream, download and watch live programmes.

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