Airtel Free Data Code – How To Activate Airtel Free Data 2020

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With Airtel free data code you will be able to access free internet data and enjoy data for free when you dial the code.

Airtel had started giving out free data all its customers and if you have not gotten the airtel free data, it, therefore, means that you have not gotten the code.

With the right code, whi8ch you need to know, you will access all free data and browse the internet for free without having to pay a token for the transaction which you have done.

Airtel Free Data Code

Airtel Free Data Code


Browsing could be fun and free with the airtel data because it happens to be one of the fastest internet networks for free especially in some places in Africa.

Are you tired of buying data?

Then with the airtel code for free browsing, you will access all free data and you will enjoy browsing without any course.

Before you dial the code, you should check to know whether you are eligible for the free browsing and there is code to check data eligibility.

In most cases, you will receive a notification that you are eligible for the free browsing and you will also receive the code to dial to activate the data and start to browse for free.

We are not sure if newly registered lines are eligible for this bonus of browsing for free, but it is always good to dial the code to check if you are eligible for the offer by airtel

Without much ado, read below to activate the Airtel free data code

Airtel Free Data Code 2020

We have realized that this data code is working perfectly well and you can use it to access your internet browser to browse well and you can also use it to chat as it works perfectly with any kind of device.

There are several packages for the free browsing code and you should check how to activate 200 MB, 1Gb, 6Gb and even 30Gb on your mobile phone.

There are several data plans on the Free airtel data plan. It is not ye problem of knowing which is the correct activation code for airtel free browsing but there is always a problem of knowing the activation code.

For this browsing code, there are codes which are selected to give you free data for three days and there is an activation code which works for you to activate the free browsing for only weekends.

The weekend code is only activated on weekends and please uses this activation code for a weekend to activate your free data on airtel.

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One of the most important things to note is the USSD codes for airtel activation of free data code.

Airtel Weekend Plans

  • Open your Text message Folder
  • Type and Send “FREE DATA
  • Send this text to 131
  • Wait for a confirmation text message which confirms if you are eligible.
  • Free Data Code Today for 30GB

The airtel 30Gb plan is active on 4G networks only and you will get a total of 1Gb daily. Follow the prompt instructions below to activate

  1. Ensure that you have a 4G sim or you have upgraded your sim to a 4G network
  2. Enable Volte with your Line and to enable this, use the link to activate and enable it Here
  3. On your Airtel Simcard, you should dial the code 51111
  4. You should hear a voice note stating your eligibility
  5. Within a few seconds, you will receive a confirmation message
  6. You will get 1GB data every day for 30 days.


Airtel 10Gb Data Plan

Under the 0Gb data plan, there are several categories to this and each of this category has a different activation code.

We will give you the three different ways to activate the 10Gb code with the following codes. You will either chose to use the USSD codes or you choose to use your call dialer to activate with Airtel Free Data Code.

The 10GB data for USSD code which gives you 10GB of data is only available for 10 days and once it expires you can activate it again.

While the Airtel Free Data Code with dialer will last for up to 120 days

Airtel Free browsing

Airtel Free Data Code (USSD) for 10GB With USSD

  • On your dial pad, dial *121# on your airtel Sim and allow the code to run
  • You will get a confirmation message stating that your code is active or not
  • Close any pop up that comes up that appears at first.
  • A second pop will come up, click to select 4 in the Menu
  • You will get a pop-up window message giving you information about your phone number
  • On this, you are to respond with Seven and follow the prompt message that appears on your screen
  • Select the Option which gives you 10GB which should be 1
  • You will get a confirmation message stating your offer of 10GB or “Offer not available”
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Airtel 10Gb Free Data with Dialer

  1. On your mobile phone with Airtel, dial the 54321 and call
  2. Allow a call to rig for about 5s after which it will end
  3. Once this call ends, wait for a while
  4. You will get a congratulatory message which gives you free 10Gb of data.

Airtel Free Data Cheat Code 2020

This latest free browsing code method works for activation of Data for free and that’s to say that the free browsing data cheat codes, works well when you activate and swap sim card.

Airtel Free Data cheat codes work for new sim cards and you will a total of 365GB on your newly swap sim when you continue the process for up to a year.

Each 30GB GB you receive last for one year if you continue to dial the code to get the data

Here is how to activate the Airtel Free Data Cheat Code 2020

  1. Get down your airtel number and ensure that you have your sim pack too
  2. Remove the sim from your phone
  3. Get to any nearby airtel office in your City
  4. Asked for a sim swap and within 10 to 15 minutes, you will be able to swap your sim
  5. Insert you newly activate 4G airtel sim on your phone
  6. After 45 Minutes, Call 51111 on your newly activated sim card
  7. You will get an instant message of 30Gb valid for 30 days
  8. You can repeat this process once the data expires.

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Airtel Free Data Code 3G

The Airtel Free data plan for 3G works perfectly on any new sim card and by clicking on the prompt instructions below, you will enjoy this free data bundle easily for 3Gb on your phone.

There are two ways to activate this data balance and one of the ways is to recharge consistently and get you will get an SMS for a bonus.

You will get an SMS when you dial *479# which states your eligibility for this package.

How to Check your Airtel Free Data Code Balance

  1. Open your dialer on your phone with airtel sim
  2. Dial *140# and send
  3. You will get a message soon stating your data balance details
  4. You can also dial *123#
  5. follow the prompt instructions to check your data balance

Requirements to Activate Free Data on Airtel for 1GB, 30GB, 3GB

  • A 4G Airtel Sim card
  • An active mobile phone preferably a smartphone
  • Your Active airtel proxy and APN internet configuration
  • Airtel free data code
  • A free message space on your phone for SMS
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Conclusion on Airtel Free Data Code for 2020

Conclusively, you will not be charged any amount of money when you check whether you are eligible for the airtel free browsing cheat.

In the case of not knowing whether you are eligible, thy code which you are to dial to check is on the post and you will know if you are eligible for the free browsing.

We had earlier thought the airtel offer of browsing for free is a promo done until we realized that anybody can active the Airtel free data code that if you are eligible for the offer. We have given you the code to check for eligibility.

We are not sure how long an eligible sim will browse, but we can assure you that one can browse with the airtel free browsing code for long.

Airtel is one of the best networks to take advantage and they have decided to co0mpesate their loyal customers by giving out free data to customers.

The airtel free data is very common and known in this season where persons are suffering and observing lockdown as a result of the spread of COVID 19. Just like the airtel double data code

There is no restriction on what you can use the data for as you can use the airtel data to watch videos, chat as it works on all social media channels and browsers.

With airtel, you can enjoy the best of browsing with the free browsing code for airtel.

If you have a question or a contribution to make, kindly do it via the comment box below.



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