Airtel Data Plans and Subscription Codes 2020 | Airtel Monthly, Weekend and Night Plans

Airtel Data Plans for Android, Blackberry and Iphones

In 2019, airtel data Plans saw the need to update its current plans giving out certain plans for all its users. If you an airtel user, you will need this subscription plans whether you are using blackberry, you have to know the airtel data plan for blackberry or you want to subscribe to your airtel line and browse with in you need airtel data plan for iphone.

There are many individuals who prefer to use browse with their Pc and of course they need a modem for browsing and there is need to know the latest airtel data plans for modem which this article will cover.

Airtel Data Plans
Airtel Data Plans

It has come to our notice that many airtel Users prefer to use and subscribe to the airtel 1.5gb for 1000 Airtel Data Plans and in this article, you will learn how to subscribe to different airtel plans like different plans like the Airtel Monthly Data Plans for Android phones and all other data plans included in the Airtel Data Plans

In this article, you will see and know the airtel subscription code for 200 subscription and know several airtel subscription cheat

Airtel 1500 data plan for android and Blackberry

The airtel 1500 naira data plan for android and blackberry comes in two folds ; the airtel blackberry subscription 1500 and the airtel 2.5gb

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In the airtel blackberry subscription you will be given 3,5gb of data valid for 1 months. Howvwer, airtel blackberry subscription code for 1500 works in all devices both androids blackberry iphones or modem.

airtel blackberry 10 subscription was very popular among the Users of blackberry however, the subscription code sometimes does not work any longer on airtel as airtel as open other subscription packages.

To activate the airtel blackberry 3gb for 1500 simply dial this code to activate

Dial *435# and you will migrate to the airtel blackberry plan of 3gb valid for one month

airtel bb subscription on android code will be reveal in this article and we have written detailed analysis on this topic showing you a step by step guide on how to check this subscription on android all this is contain in this article.

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Subscription Packages on Airtel

Airtel Data Plans Amount Validity Period Activation codes
25MB (5MB DAILY) N100 5 days *401#
50MB N100 24 hours *410#
200MB N200 3 days *412#
350MB N300 7 days *417#
750MB N500 14 days *418#
3GB (for Blackberry only) N1,000 30 days *431#
3GB N1,500 30 days *435#
3.5GB N2,000 30 days *437#
5GB N2,500 30 days *437*1#
7GB N3500 30 days *438#
9GB N4,000 30 days *438*1#
200MB N525 7 days *440*17#
40MB N100 1 day *440*18#
1.5GB N1,000 30 days *496#
250 MB N300 25 days *885*1#



Airtel Unlimited Data Plans

Airtel Data Plans has also released for browsing which last for 3o days The plan is called Airtel Unlimited and it is suitable for Cyber shops such as Cyber Cafés and companies who uses the web services for their daily activities.

Data Plans and Subscription Codes
Data Plans and Subscription Codes

The airtel Unlimited data bundle is as follows

  1. Unlimited 10.

The Unlimited 10 airtel Unlimited data bundle last for the period of 30 days with just N10,000 naira you can migrate to the Unlimited 10 and Stay cool with this data offer

To migrate simply dial *462*10# However, this Unlimited data plan has a fair usage policy which applies after using 40GB of data

  1. Airtel Unlimited 15.

The airtel Unlimited 15 is also another unlimited data plan which is billed for N15,000 only and it is valid for 30 days. That is to say that you can browse nonstop for a period of 30 days

In order to migrate to this bundle, just dial *462*15# However, this Unlimited data plan has a fair usage policy which applies after using 65GB of data

  1. Airtel Unlimited 20

The airtel unlimited 20 also allows you to browse excessively for the validity period of 1 months, that is 30 days. According to its name airtel Unlimited 20, this data Plan can be purchase for N20,000 only

To activate this data offer dial *462*20# However, this Unlimited data plan has a fair usage policy which applies after using 100GB of data

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What is Fair Usage Policy?

The fair usage policy of Airtel Data Plans in airtel Nigeria Maintains that the browsing rate and speed will be reduced after using the specified data given by airtel according to your subscription code.

The fair usage policy does not implies that the network will no longer work or that you will run out of data, so please be guided.

With the airtel unlimited data mentioned above, you have the freedom to browse non stop for the duration of 30 days without any interruption using its router or Mifi.

 Airtel Data Plans and Activation Codes

Data Activation Codes Validity Period Amount
30MB *410# 1 day , 24hrs N100
100MB *412# 3 days N200
80MB *417# 7 days N300
750MB *418# 14 days (2 weeks) N500
1.5GB *496# 30 days (one month) N1000
3.5GB *437# 30 days (one month) N2000
 5GB *437*1# 30 days (one month) N2500
7GB *438# 30 days (one month) N3500
9GB *438*1# 30 days (one month) N4000
12GB *452# 30 days (one month) N5000
24GB *460# 30 days (one month) N8000


Airtel Data Plans and Airtel Mega Plans and Subscription Codes

Airtel Mega Plans also allows you to enjoy browsing with a higher bundle browsing with the the Airtel Mega plans.

There are different types of Mega Plans as seen in this post. The airtel Mega Plans allows you to browse the internet for different validity period and not just the 30 days Validly Period

  1. Airtel Mega 5 plan

The airtel Mega 5 plans is valid for the period of 30 days and a 10GBB data will be allocated to you for N5,000 To subscribe to this bundle, simply dial *452#

  1. Airtel Mega 8 Plan

With N8,000 you will be given 16GB of data valid for 30 days. To activate the airtel Mega 8 plan dial *460# and you are ready to browse.

  1. Airtel Mega 36

Accordingly, the Airtel Mega 36 bundled gives you 50GB of data for the price of N36,000 thousand naira only to activate this bundle, dial the activation code of *406# and you are good to browse with the Airtel Mega 36.

  1. Airtel Mega 70

With N70,000 , you can subscribe to the Airtel Mega 70 plan which will give you 100GB of data valid for 365 days (1 year). The activation code for this bundle is *407#

  1. Mega 136
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The airtel Mega 136 offers 200GB of data for the period of 365 days. To subscribe to this bundle, dial the code *408# however, you will be charge N136,000 for this data bundle.

How to check airtel bb data balance and other Airtel Data Plans  Balance

In this article we have also written on how to check airtel bb data balance with easy and straight forward method compiled for you to check how to check your data balance

The guide which will show you in this article will teach you how to activate airtel blackberry plans no matter the plans and subscription code. This article has serve as a focus to checking your data plans, not just knowing how to migrate to this subscription plan but also knowing how to check your balance.

Generally, how to check airtel data plan in airtel is by dialing the the code *140# and then send it after which you will receive an sms which contains your data balance.

Airtel Night Plans and Subscription Codes

Airtel Night plans varies depending on the type of tariff that you have migrated to, but generally we have;

  • To migrate to airtel general night plan, you will be charge N1,000 and will be allowed to surf the internet for the period of 12am to 5:59 am dial *481*2#
  • To migrate to Airtel smart trybe night browsing which allows you to use upto 1.5GB, 500MB and 1GB for her night plan. To activate this bundle, you will be required to migrate to airtel Smart Trybe by dialing *312#
  • After migrating to the tariff plan, you will be able to activate different data bundle on the airtel trybe by dialing *312# again.

Airtel Weekend Bundle and Activation Codes

Please Share this Post written on airtel data Plans; you can also read 9mobile data Plans and subscription code

Data Offer Validity Period Activation Code Amount
200MB 12am Saturday to 11.59pm Sunday *472# N200
500MB 12am Saturday to 11.59pm Sunday *473#  N500

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