ABUAD School Fees 2020/2021 Afe Babalola University School Fees

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After much persuasion on the right amount of money paid in Afe babalola University, we have decided to get you to inform on this post on Abuad School Fees which shows and states the 2020 School fees schedule for the school.

Abuad school fees for various courses is always asked and after much thought and consideration, we have decided to give you detailed information on the 2020 school fees schedule for Afe babalola University.

ABUAD School Fees

ABUAD School Fees

Knowing the right school fee helps the students or benefactors on how to plan effectively for the school as we have shown you the school fees schedule for different courses which includes Medicine, Law and other numerous courses.

Instead of going to the school portal which you may not find important resources on the school fees schedule for the new semester, then look into this post as we have written all detailed description on the right amount of money paid in the school.

One problem which people don’t know how to solve is the problem of not knowing what amount of money to pay as most people don’t know a detailed description of the school fees from the accommodation fees.

Another problem which stands as a problem in the Abuad is the problem of not knowing the right amount of money to pay for your tuition if such students are not on a fully-funded scholarship[ and hence the seek for detailed information on Abuad School Fees.

Like covenant University School fees, please note that the School fees schedule at Afe Babalola University differs according to the courses.

About Afe Babalola University (ABUAD)

Abua is named after a renowned evangelist babalola who did miraculous work and great things while he was alive as a great prophet of that time. The School was founded by a Fish Farmer and a lawyer, Afe babalola who hails from Ekiti state.

The school is located in a serene area of Ado Ekiti and it is completely furnished with excellent equipment and laboratories for all courses.

Unlike most private Universities, Afe babalola University has major courses in about six different faculties which are Law, Sciences, Engineering, Medicine and Health Sciences, Social and Management sciences.

Abuad was established in 2009 and Afe Babalola is the Chancellor while Prof. Elisabeta Smaranda Olainde is the current Vice-Chancellor of the School. The school has an effective postgraduate school for Masters programmes and others.

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The Question on Abuad School Fees is answered in the table below

Abuad School Fees in Naira For Nigerian Students in Naira for All Courses


CoursesTuitionDevelopment  Levy/ICT FeeLibrary/I.D CardMedical/SportOlevel Result VerificationInstitutional Requirements/Course Registration  FeeLab coat/student handbook /Matriculation GownMattress and Pillow/DamagesTotal
Pre- Medicine2,150,000.00130,000.0016,000.0070,000.0050,500.0050,000.0035,500.0038,000.002,500,000.00














Health Science500,000.00




Social and Management Science500,000.00




Nursing and Medical Science1,000,000.00


















Abua School Fees for International Students in Pounds



In Pounds ( £)

Development Levy/ICT Fee in Pounds ( £)Library/I.D Card  in Pounds ( £)Medical/Sport in Pounds ( £)Olevel Result Verification in Pounds ( £)Institutional Requirements/Course Registration  Fee in Pounds ( £)Lab coat/student handbook /Matriculation GownMattress and Pillow/DamagesTotal

In Pounds ( £)

Pre- Medicine4300260321402110071765000
Health Science1000260321402110071761700
Social and Management Science1000260321402110021761650
Nursing and Medical Science2000260321402110081762710


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The last table on Abuad School Fees shows the full tuition fees and subtotal of Afe Babalola university for international students and students here are to pay in euros.

Please note that this is not a direct conversion of the first table for Abuad School Fees in naira. In the case of the rising and fall of Pounds over naira, there will be a slight adjustment in the fee price for the school.

Students for Art and humanities and Law will not have to pay for the Law coat and professional Uniform while only students of science-related courses will have to pay for Lab coat except for Agric students who pay for professional Uniform.

The school fees schedule also shows a breakdown of all detailed information and items paid for and their price and you should note that the tuition fee is different from any other amount and is compulsory.

Important Notice on Abuad School Fees

All payments should be made in the school or students are to obtained a permit and account details to make payments through any other bank.

Aside from the main total of the above-stated information, students are admonished to make a payment of N20,000 for PTCF to the approved PTCF account details which is 0232403905 payable at Wema Bank and should obtain the payments teller as an evident.

There is a compulsory souvenir payment which student students are to pay to the approved sterling bank account with the account details 0035794201 and should obtain a teller as evidence of payments.

In the case of overpayments or excess payments, such money is not refunded rather such excesses is taken over to the next session.

Students are permitted to make instalment payments for Abuad School fees of 50% only, however, students of other courses are eligible for this except students of MBBS and Law who are expected to make full payments.

Abuad is government, private sector and individual friendly institution and at such scholarships are available for students offered by these bodies.

Afe babalola University encourages excellent and hard work and that is why students are encouraged and awarded with a prize of N500,000 to students with a GPA of 5.00 N200,000 for a GPA of 4.99 to 4.85 and N1OO.000 for students with GPA of 4.85 to 4.85.

Students can are admonished to avoid illegal payments where it has not been stated in the description above.

Final Note on Afe Babalola University (Abuad) School Fees Schedule

In conclusion, please note that the school fees schedule as written above when studied will help you to know the right amount which you are to pay as a student of the school.

Before purchasing the admission form, we do encourage candidates to know what they are going into and one step of knowing what such candidates are going into is when such candidates study effectively preparing for the entrance examination.

The afore mention is not enough as preparing financially for any school also helps such candidates to have a full stay in a school without being faced with complex financial issues.

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Though Abuad is a private university, the school fees are not too exorbitant as the middle class can still afford the school.

The amount charged for tuition is even peanut compare to the quality of education which will be obtained in the school.

You should also take note that the school has an excellent and world-class laboratory for science and medicine, and engineering courses as practical is at its peak. Law students are given an exposure which most private university will not offer to their law students.

We will update this post from time to time on the Abuad School Fees schedule or 2020/2021 as you can check updates from this post continuously on the accredited school fees paid in the school.



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