2019 WAEC GCE Mathematics Questions and Answers for GCE Objective and Theory 2019

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This is a post written on 2019 WAEC GCE Mathematics Questions and Answers to show you the complete 2019 WAEC GCE Math Questions and answers for 2019.

2019 WAEC GCE Mathematics Questions and Answers

2019 WAEC GCE Mathematics Questions and Answers

You should read the GCE questions and answers on your post and from this post, you will have the gce past questions on mathematics.

Like we wrote on the Waec Agric Questions and Answers, You will have the entire quotations and answers for  Waec GCE and this questions will help in answering while sitting for the WAEC GCE and after this you will have a very good Waec  result.

waec gce mathematics 2019 questions and answers is out and it is of essence that you study and effectively prepare for the examination that is forth coming and this questions will he;p you in scoring high in your examination

Please pay attention to this complete guide on gce 2019 mathematics questions and answers compile for all students and this examination can help candidates to have a good and pretty score in their examination.

The essence of this post is to give the updated waec questions and answers on mathematics 2019 before the examination commences and having to be aware of this questions and answers will help you to be able and effectively pass the examination.

We have not only written on 2019 WAEC GCE Mathematics Questions, but you will have a well solved waec gce mathematics answers 2019 for both OBJ and theory.

Both OBJ and theory answers are given in this and you should ensure that the answers are correct by checking on the questions an d trying to provide the answers to the answers personally

waec questions and answers on mathematics 2019

This waec 2019 mathematics theory questions gives you an insight on how you can answer the 2019 questions when you will be writing the exams that is forth coming.

You should study the waec questions and answers on mathematics 2019 and be convenience with the format which the examination takes and this will help you to effectively prepare for the WAEC GCE examination.

For the purpose of certainty, you ca  obtain the maths past papers o level with answers pdf and also prepare for the examination has it comes.

We have discovered that most current examination questions and answers are sourced from o level mathematics past papers and hence the need to carefully and effectively study the past questions and answers. If you are writing waec GCE Physics, please study the past quetions effectively as most of the quetions are sourced from the

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We have provided the necessary answers that will help you to solve the problem for WAEC GCE and the answers to most questions can be easily answered in this post.

We have brought the full maths past papers 2019 that makes effective examination preparation.

You can also obtain the waec gce past questions pdf download which you will also need to use to confirm and you will see lots of qutions being repeated.

We know that readers are solely out to getwaec gce mathematics answers 2019 to different questions that will be asked din the examination and we thought of not making only 2019 WAEC GCE Mathematics Questions available, but you will also have the full answer to the questions that have been asked.

You need to get to know the waec 2019 mathematics questions pdf and the possible step of answering the questions and that’s why this post gives you the necessary waec mathematics past questions and answers pdf.

Please do well to solve this question for yourself and see that the answers provided are correctly provided and it is worthy to pay attention to waec 2019 mathematics theory questions and you should also look into the answers through studying of some years important years of waec past questions on mathematics.

Most of the questions that you will find in this post is some repeated waec past questions 2019 that made up the compiled and the full waec questions.

Please do well to cross check the answers provide to the waec 2019 mathematics theory questions pdf  in this post.

2019 waec mathematics answers for Objectives

We have provided 2019 waec mathematics theory answer and the questions which we have given you and we wants you to have the questions and answers and there is need to check the waec maths questions and answers for you.

The waec 2019 mathematics answers and the wassce 2019 questions for objective questions have been made available for you.

Please take note of the theory questions and both answers in the 2019 WAEC GCE Mathematics Questions.

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You will have the wassce 2019 core maths questions and answers and especially the Objectives questions.

This question is basically the questions and the theory questions from number 1 to number 50 and each of these questions are correctly provided by examiners and please do well to share this 2019 WAEC GCE Mathematics Questions for persons who are also writing this examination.


2019 WAEC GCE Mathematics Questions wassce2019 questions and answers


  1. Simplify, without using tables or calculator


1.31/3 ÷ 11/4 – 4/9;

2.2 + √96 – 4 (√6 -1)2 and express your answer in the form m + n√6 where m and  are real numbers.


Question 2 in  2019 WAEC GCE Mathematics Questions and Answers


Solve the equation  4x-1




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From a shop, Kofi bought 2 singlets and 3 shirts

for GH¢31.00 while Kwasi bought 3 singlets and


shirts for GH¢29.00.  How much will Yaw


pay for one singlet and one

shirt he bought from the

same shop?

2019 WAEC GCE Mathematics Questions

2019 WAEC GCE Mathematics Questions

Question 3 for 2019 WAEC GCE Mathematics Questions and Answers

The probability that a malaria patient (M) survives when administered with a newly discovered drug is 0.27 and the probability that a thyphoid patient (T) survives when injected with another newly discovered drug is 0.85. What is the probability that

Please do well to also check out for the WAEC English GCE Questions and answers 2019

Question 4

A sector of angle 135° is removed from a thin circular metal sheet of radius 40cm.


It is then folded with the straight edges coinciding to form a right circular cone. Calculate the:


base radius of the cone, correct to two decimal places

greatest volume of liquid which the cone can hold, leaving your answer

correct to the nearest cm3.   (Take p = 22/7)

Question 6


(a)   By how much is 110002 greater than or les than 1112 x 112?


(b)   A shopkeeper has in stock 20 televisions set percent. He sells 18 of them at a profit of 15 percent and the remaining two at a loss of 5 percentage. Find his profit on the 20 sets.


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The report also stated that although majority of the candidates attempted part (a) of the question and performed well in it, it was observed that majority of them converted first to base ten, solved it and converted back to base 2. Very few candidates were reported to have worked in base 2.  1112 = 112 = 101012.

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110002 – 101012 = 112.

2019 WAEC GCE Mathematics Questions and Answers

In part (b), majority of the candidates were reported to have found the question quite challenging. They were expected to show that if p is the cost price of a television set, then the total sales for 18 sets = 115 x 18p =


20.7p. Similarly, total 100 sales for 2 sets = 95/100 x 2p = 1.9p. Therefore total sales on the 20 sets x 20.7p + 1.9p = 22.6p. Total cost price on the 20 sets = 20p. Hence, percentage profit


=  22.6p 20p

100  =  13%.




Question 9 for 2019 WAEC GCE Mathematics Questions and Answers


In the diagram, a ladder LN 10m long, rests on a wall 4.5m high such that 2.5m of it projects beyond the wall.


1.Calculate, correct to one decimal place, the angle which the ladder makes with the ground.

2.How high above the ground is the upper end of the ladder?

If the foot of the ladder is moved by 2m further away from the wall, calculate, correct to the nearest degree, the angle which the ladder makes with the ground.

Those that sourced for quetions on our site in 2018 had a very good waec 2018 Result Please most of the Questions here may be wrong and thus we urge you to download the actual 2019 WAEC GCE Mathematics Questions and Answers. Please share this post to all!



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