NYSC Batch B Registration 2018 Guide and Timetable | How to Register for NYSC 2018

NYSC Batch B Registration 2018 is out as well as it’s mobilization timetable for nysc 2018 Batch B are all out for all those who were not mobilized for the NYSC Bactch A or those who missed the registration for the National Youth service Corps.

NYSC Batch B Registration

NYSC Batch B Registration

Since 2018 began there had been some interruptions on the normal calendar/Timetable for Nysc this occur because of the Non-Academic Staff Union of Universities strike nationwide among federal Universities. In the light of this, nysc Batch B stream 1 2018 should have gone for service before this time.

However, those who took part in the nysc Batch a 2018/2018 were mobilized released from camp and deploy to their respective place of service.

If you are to be mobilized for NYSC Batch B and set for NYSC Batch B Registration, it is of high important that you follow the nysc Batch B 2018 calendar carefully and know the scheduled activities for mobilization of Batch B applicants.

The official NYSC portal remains www.nysc.gov.ng and you can find other information that are not written there here. In this post, we will give you the Nysc registration

NYSC Batch B 2018 timetable and Nysc Batch B Registration

nysc Batch B 2018/2018 timetable for mobilization is out and the timetable will serve as a guide for you to know when you are expected to go for service.

The nysc Batch B stream 2 2018 will  be proceeding for service after the batch B stream 1 have returned. The Nysc timetable also includes the nysc Batch B 2018 calendar and it shows the time and when core members are to embark on service.

Please before proceeding for the NYSC Batch B Registration 2018 , please note that there nysc Batch a 2018 timetable is different from that of Nysc batch B.

Though all registration should be done at nysc portal 2018, but we will endeavor to make sure that you are fully guided on how to embark on the registration that is to say, you will  have a full detail on NYSC Batch B Registration 2018 so as to know how to proceed with the registration.

After doing the NYSC Batch B Registration 2018, another question that stucks is when is Batch B 2018 going to camp?

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The NYSC will be seen on the timetable and this timetable will also serve as nysc Batch B update for you to know the basic things and even when to print the nysc call up letter Batch B stream 2 or stream 1.

The nysc Batch B stream 2 2018 call up letter will be ready before the end of July and according to the timetable, the date of the nysc Batch b 2018 passing out date will be announce and updated latter.

If you are an nysc Batch B 2018 prospective candidates and you don’t have the timetable, then you really should have the nysc Batch b 2018 time table. It is not really all about NYSC Batch B Registration 2018, but you need to know and have the full 2018 nysc calendar which is nysc Batch B 2018 information guide.

How to Register/Process NYSC 2018 Online Registration

The registration process for the National Youth Service Corps NYSC Batch B Registration 2018 is very simple and it requires following a little step by step process as seen in the Nysc Batch A registration.

We have written a complete guide towards NYSC batch B registration and all applicants can follow the guide

  1. The registration portal is nysc.gov.ng. If you don’t wants to go through the site, you can visit the portal directly on www.portal.nysc.gov.ng
  1. The registration procedures are simple and you should follow it to complete your NYSC Batch B Registration 2018
  2. You can print your call up letter when it is time for call up letter printing.

N/B You can do the Registration successfully with the help of a cyber café attendants

NYSC Portal 2018

All NYSC Batch B Registration should be done at the nysc 2018/2019 portal which is open for registration.

The nysc 2018 time table for batch B will tell you when nysc 2018 Batch B will be going for service and when the registration portal will close.  The registration portal for NYSC is one for both nysc Batch B stream 2 and stream 1.

Before you can proceed with the registration, you will first have to follow obtain a login details  for nysc login from which you will be able to access nysc portal login 2018 and even proceed for portal nysc.

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It is the NYSC portal that you will be able to have access to the nysc dashboard portal and the nysc dashboard contains important and basic information about you and your personal data. The portal for nysc 2018 remains open for NYSC Batch B Registration, but might close soon.

NYSC Batch B Registration | how to register for nysc

It is not just accessing the Nysc portal, but how to make use of the 2018 nysc registration portal effectively for nysc registration 2018 and this we will show you on this post.

Before doing your NYSC Batch B Registration 2018, you must have read and understand the nysc registration requirements which will help you for a smooth nysc registration 2018 without any form of challenge.

It is important that you nysc registration 2018 Batch B with the assistant of a cyber café attendants who will help you with the sample of nysc registration form while your information will be uploaded in the main form online.

Though a lot of persons have complained about the nysc online registration 2018 being very difficult, but the truth is that if you start your registration early without waiting for when is nysc registration ending, you will have an hitch free registration.

NYSC 2018 Online Registration for Foreign trained graduates

Nysc also allowed graduates who were trained in foregin based institutions to also be mobilized with NYSC Batch B Registration 2018 for the compulsory National Youth service corps. Foreign based graduates have to make available the following documents.

  1. Their Senior School Certificate result either WASC or NECo and they should posses a minimum of 5 credits at either one or two sittings. It is also equivalent to a GCE O’Level Result with a minimum of 5 credits in any two sittings.
  2. NABTEB result with equivalent of 5 credits in not more than two sittings .
  3. First Degree certificates for University graduates and HND Certificate for Polytechnic
  4. Possess and upload an international traveling passport
  5. Original transcript which is gotten for either first degree or an HND program for poly graduates

NYSC 2018 Online Registration for Nigerian Graduates Trained

  • To register for Nysc batch B registration, all candidates must have a workable phone number and an email address for which you will use for the registration.
  •  Only those whose names appear on the senate list will be mobilized and ensure that your name appear on the senate list as well as your school was on the list before you proceed for the registration.
  • Call up letters will be made available in all schools and incase you want to get the call up letter without visiting your school, you will have to pay N3,000 for the call up letter which you can print it online via Nysc portal
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Hope you have been informed on NYSC Batch B Registration 2018 and how to complete the 2018 Batch B registration for the National Youth service corps.

Currently, the Batch B Online registration and mobilization has not yet begun, once the registration is out, we will do well to inform you via this site.

You can drop your email address at the comment box below and we will notify when the registration starts for the 2018 Batch B mobilization.

Do you have any questions or contributions on this post on NYSC Batch B Registration 2018? Do you have any question about NYsc generally? Please do well to drop it at the coment below and we will give answers to your questions accordingly.


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